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Original Characters / Jewel Vaunte
2014 Jul 27, 00:39:42
Welp, it's been quite a long time since my last OC! I almost forgot how hard it is to create hair on characters! Feel free to leave any comment, ask any questions, or point out any improvement! I'm pretty sure I didn't get everything I had in my mind during conception of this OC. I probably will be editing it a few more times until I'm happy.

"Could you face away... or just not breathe so hard? I don't want to get my mane damaged."

Meet Jewel Vaunte, an Earth Pony mare who is well known for her performances at the Equestria Pony Show.

The Perfect Strider
Jewel Vaunte has been raised and continuously trained to participate in the Equestria Pony Show since the beginning of her upbringing. It is an annual competition held in Manehatten where the most elegant of ponies from around Equestria face off for the coveted Perfect Pony Trophy. They are judged and scored based on their visual appeal, posture, and ability to complete a series of progressively more difficult hurdles. Her strongest subject within the competition has always been her trot, placing 1st every year in that category. They call her "The Perfect Strider", a title she seems indifferent about.

Trophy Daughter
As the daughter of the boastful high class socialite, Vintage Vaunte, Jewel has lived a very pampered and sheltered life. However, she has little freedom and her father takes credit for all her accomplishments. As a result, she has become compulsively obedient, but unable to operate without instruction. As her entire life revolves around the Pony Show, she is constantly worrying about her self image and how others perceive her, as expressed by that perpetual expression of anxiety she wears on her face. She also has become slightly paranoid about anything that could possibly tarnish her "perfect" appearance, such as rain, physical contact, and cracks in the sidewalk.

Her Brothers
While her interactions with her father are strictly in preperation for the next year's Pony Show, she has two brothers who give her the affection she sorely lacked otherwise. She has developed a strong attatchment to her brothers which borderlines dependancy on them for mental stability. Recently, though, her brothers enlisted in the Royal Guard branch in Manehatten and were taken away for training. How would poor Jewel react?

Her Role
Jewel Vaunte participates in an isolated sub-story which will make an appearance in the Honest to Goodness timeline, most likely duing Pinkie Pie's story arc, since she visits Jewel's hometown of Manehatten. Desperate for somepony to give her personal attention, Jewel ran away from her father and is wandering the streets of Manehatten aimlessly with the intent of reuniting with her brothers. She will have to discover who she really is after some trials and tribulations, with the aid of (most likely) Pinkie Pie.
One day, Rainbow Dash decided to hold a contest to find the second fastest Pegasus in Equestria for fun; certainly not to scout out for potential competition. She posted posters for the contest all over the corners of Equestria and every place in between. Rainbow Dash made it clear on the posters that she would be the only judge. She would have to cut all ties with friends and family and judge the contestants solely based on their speed... and of course their coolness.

This contest lasts one week.

The rules are simple:
-Each user is allowed to submit up to three Pegasi.
-Each entry should list the Pegasus's name, picture (optional), and a single sentence related to the Pegasus. Nothing more.
-Each entry should be in spoiler tags so other users don't accidentally see your entry too early.
-No submission should in any way contain or imply anything about Rainbow Dash.
-No submission should be edited after being posted. If you think up a new entry after the first post, submit that in a new post.
-You may look at other submissions after you've submitted your initial ponies.

Note: This is simply an exercise to encourage users to think up creative "fast themed" pony names while the open servers are going. There is no reward, the winner will be picked on a dartboard, figuratively speaking. Don't be concerned if your pony's name has already been submitted by another user. I asked for them to be hidden so you wouldn't be discouraged from posting a duplicate, so long as you thought up the name, it's fine to submit it.

Remember: Don't reference Rainbow Dash. No mentioning her at all. Don't even look at her; she has shades on and is impossible to recognize now. Ignore the rainbow colored mane and tail!

My Examples:

Spoiler: show
Name: Fast Forward
(picture eventually)
"I make the other ponies look like they're moving in slow motion."

Spoiler: show
Name: Flying Colors
(picture eventually)
She excels in everything she does, as long as it's "Speed".

Spoiler: show
Name: Quick Silver
(picture eventually)
"My body doesn't actually blur, you just blinked and missed me altogether."

Good luck, everypony!
Original Characters / Lucidity
2014 Feb 02, 15:46:40

"What would a daylover like you know about Princess Luna?"

Lucidity is a Unicorn mare from Canterlot who is currently a student at Luna's School for Gifted Ponies.

Her Mane
Before you know anything more about her, be warned never to talk about her mane in her presence. She does not like the way her mane looks and she does not like anypony who mentions it. However, she doesn't want to change it, for some reason. She issues a warning to first time offenders and is likely to punt repeat offenders over the horizon.

Her Cutie Mark
Lucidity's cutie mark is a dream catcher, representing her special talent to have lucid dreams. This means she can consciously become aware that she is dreaming while dreaming and manipulate her dreams to her liking. However, she is unsure what use her special talent can be. Word of Lucidity's talent reached Princess Luna and Luna extended an invitation to her to be a student a student at Luna's School for Gifted Ponies. Ever since accepting the invitation, Lucidity has been working diligently to discover the extent of her abilities and how they could possibly be useful outside her own dreams.

During her stay in the school, Lucidity has grown extremely attached to Princess Luna. On the other hoof, she has fostered a disdain for ponies who follow Princess Celestia and endlessly sing her praises. She has often been caught using the phrase "daylover" when referring to such ponies, although she has been repeatedly scolded for using such terminology. As almost all ponies outside the school are daylovers, she is more often than not seen in a generally foul mood. She does seem to lighten up considerably if you say something good about Luna, though.

Her Role
Lucidity is going to make an appearance in the story "Honest to Goodness: The Eyes of Twilight Sparkle" as a supporting character. In the story, Lucidity is tasked by Luna to help investigate the epidemic as a representative of the school, a role she wears proudly. Unfortunately, the pony she is assigned to assist happens to be the most critically acclaimed daylover in all of Equestria; the former personal protégé of Princess Celestia turned superstar, Princess Twilight Sparkle. I wonder how that will turn out.
Original Characters / Sunshine Paradise
2013 Aug 31, 03:58:51

Meet Sunshine Paradise, one of Equestria's most hospitable ponies!

Her father is the head of The Glittering Horizon, a popular beach resort near Los Pegasus. She quickly picked up on the trade of charm and charisma, practically becoming the company mascot at a very early age. She works as the receptionist, greeting customers and tending to their needs, wearing her patent pending smile. But her skills are not only limited to resorts! She can also be a receptionist at a dentist office or a candy store... or any place that has room for a receptionist, for that matter! Her bubbly and cheery demeanor can brighten any room and can miraculously attract customers!

Due to being a naturally gifted hostess raised in the resort business, she quickly discovered her special talent and cutie mark! She earned a pair of leaves as a cutie mark as a result of her first tip she earned for welcoming some guests to her father's resort! Interestingly enough, she wasn't actually employeed and was just watching her father work and so happened to welcome the right guests! They lavished praise on her cuteness and supposedly decided to spoil the little mare with some bits, being the filthy rich show off ponies they were. Still, it was the beginning of Sunshine's rise to popularity!

Most that know her really have nothing bad to say about her. She might be a little manipulative if she really wants something, but doesn't that just come with the territory of being charming? Her lovely voice and adorable appearance may have become the very reason some come to the resort nowadays! Of course, she doesn't mind all the attention, but never does she gloat over it. Her loyalties are with her father and his approval is all she really craves. Of course, with all the business she has been earning for the company, he has approval for her to spare!

Spoiler: show
This is a background character, not designed to be developed any further than this. She holds the role of being a universal receptionist in any story that requires one.
Original Characters / MLP Supports
2013 Jul 25, 20:03:44
I was thinking of a fun character development activity for our OCs to do with each other. It is based off of the Fire Emblem support system, since I am having fun playing Fire Emblem: Awakening. One thing Fire Emblem normally does well is character development while they support with one another. Supporting is just basically talking to one another and learning about each other while putting up with the other's character flaws. I find the process fascinating and even with characters I wasn't originally interested in, they became so much more appealing after watching them interact with another character.

This is known as chemistry.

A character can only develop so much without getting help from another. They could possibly even learn about themselves! So I thought to myself to make a topic that encourages authors to explore their character by having them "support" with another character, be it another OC or even a character from the show. Of course, it's best if the two characters have something that would connect them together so they have something to talk about. Maybe they have the same hobby, or conflicting personalities, or maybe one of them has a secret crush on the other.

Characters generally support in levels: C, B, and A. That means they have three different discussions with each other, with each progressive one normally having some relation to the previous one(s). With each support, they become more understanding of each other, and by the time they finish with an A level support, they have become much closer friends. There is a secret 4th level of support known as S Supports, but any pair with an S Support will propose to and marry each other by the end 99% of the time.

Anyways, you should have fun with this, and get to know your characters a bit more in the process! To help give a bit of understanding, be sure to label the characters that are supporting, as well as maybe a single sentence that would best describe them. The subject of the support can be almost anything imaginable! You can find examples of supports in Fire Emblem in all sort of Youtube videos, but I will be giving a few examples myself, since that's partially why I made this topic. ;)

Gracie Sky (young version): A simple minded Pegasus with a love of discovery.

Terra Rose: A sarcastic and defensive Unicorn who wants to be able to grow plants.

Spoiler: Gracie Sky / Terra Rose C level support • show
Gracie: Hi Terra!
Terra: Oh, hey there, Gracie.
Gracie: Wow! That's a pretty flower you have there! Did you grow it yourself?
Terra: What do you think?
Gracie: I'm pretty sure you didn't because you're a Unicorn!
Terra: You sound like you knew all along! Why even ask?!
Gracie: Because this is your flower pot! See? It has your cutie mark on it!
Terra: Maybe I bought the flower and put it in my pot.
Gracie: Oh? Who did you buy the flower from? I'll go buy one there too!
Terra: Tsk, I didn't say I bought it, I only brought up the possibility.
Gracie: So you didn't buy it? Where did you get it from, then?
Terra: Wh-why do you want to know so badly?! It's just a flower!
Gracie: Because that's gotta be the tastiest looking flower I've ever seen!
Terra: What?! You want... you want to eat it?! Stay away from the flower!
Gracie: Terra! Wait up! I just wanted to know where you got it!

Spoiler: Gracie Sky / Terra Rose B level support • show
Gracie: Hi there, Terra! I found you!
Terra: What do you want? You're not here to snack on my flower, are you?
Gracie: No! Of course not! That's your snack, after all.
Terra: It's not a snack! No pony is going to ever going to take a bite out of this flower!
Gracie: Okay! I just wanted to know where I can get my own.
Terra: ... You could only get a flower like this from me.
Gracie: Only from you? What do you mean?
Terra: I'm the only pony who grows this kind of flower. It's a special mix I've been experimenting with.
Gracie: You grow it? But, you're a Unicorn!
Terra: Do you need to keep reminding me?
Gracie: But... you're growing a flower! Oh, wait! I know! Are you an Earth Pony with a horn?
Terra: ... Don't be ridiculous. There's no such thing.
Gracie: Then how are you growing that flower?
Terra: I... I helped grow it.
Gracie: Hmm? What does that mean?
Terra: *sigh* I didn't plant the seed, but I have watered it everyday, given it plenty of sunlight, and protected it from pests and illness. Without my help, this plant wouldn't exist. I helped grow it.
Gracie: Ooooooh! That's amazing! So that makes you a co-grower!
Terra: I... guess?
Gracie: Very impressive! The colors on this flower are so cheerful and the smell is so... so delicious!
Terra: HEY! That's close enough!

Spoiler: Gracie Sky / Terra Rose A level support • show
Terra: Hm? Gracie? What are you doing?
Gracie: Oh! I growing my own flower right here, see? It's the same kind of flower you have except very baby like!
Terra: Oh for the love of Celestia! Where did you get those seeds?!
Gracie: I found that nice Earth Pony who planted them for you and he was happy to plant me a few too!
Terra: Wait... but... do you have ANY idea how to grow flowers?
Gracie: Of course! You told me everything I need to know last time!
Terra: Huh?
Gracie: First step: Water everyday!
Terra: Huh? Wait a second! This thing is flooded! You're drowning it!
Gracie: Second step: Plenty of shade!
Terra: What?! I never said that! I said sunlight! SUNLIGHT!
Gracie: Third step: Protect from pests!
Terra: Gracie! There are bugs all over it!
Gracie: I know! They are so interesting to look at!
Terra: Did you hear anything I told you last time?! You have to keep these things off!
Gracie: But... you said I only need to protect from pests, not bugs!
Terra: ... Gracie... just... give up now. I'll take care of it from here.
Gracie: No! I need to grow it myself!
Terra: Didn't know you had an interest in growing.
Gracie: Well, you did such a good job growing your flower and I want to be just like you!
Terra: What? You do? S-since when?
Gracie: Since I remembered that I can't grow plants either! If that doesn't stop you, it won't stop me, either!
Terra: Hah! Well, if you feel that way, I guess I should help you co-co-grow this, because you're going to need a lot of help...
Gracie: Thanks! I can't wait until this flower blooms! I bet it's going to be just as tasty as yours!
Terra: ... Wait... you're not growing this so you can eat it, are you?
Gracie: Of course! I want to know what it tastes like!
Terra: Ugh! Have you no shame?! I forbid you from eating such a precious treasure!
Gracie: Hey! Terra! That's mine! Come back!
Original Characters / Aurora Sky
2013 Jun 11, 23:34:38

They say a long time ago, there was a Pegasus who was the pride of Cloudsdale. Her name was Aurora Sky and her name is well known amongst all the authority figures and scholars of Cloudsdale to this day.

Not much is known about her childhood, but she was born and raised in Cloudsdale by her parents, who were employed by the Rainbow Factory. As a filly, she didn't have any friends and generally spent most of her time all her time silently in the company of her parents. She attended Cloudsdale Elementary and had been noted on several occasions to be performing far below average on all subjects. She was also known to be distant and inattentive according to her peers. Eventually, it was determined that she possessed an impairing disability, although the nature of this disability was a mystery at the time. Cloudsdale was most known for producing the best athletes in Equestria, putting less emphasis on academics, so they were unsure on how to treat this young mare's problem.

While she had many ponies who looked down upon her, she acquired many sympathizers whom she slowly began warming up to. One special night came the Night of Northern Lights, which was a special occasion for Cloudsdale that occurred once every eleven years. To help celebrate, a party was thrown for the young Aurora Sky, which would of course be her first time attending the Night of Northern Lights. It's difficult to explain what happened with facts, but the experience changed Aurora's life forever. It is as though the spectacle of the Northern Lights along side the positive energy of those who cared about her caused her ability to comprehend to surpass all known limits. She earned her cutie mark that night: three stars from the night sky.

From then on, Aurora Sky became unstoppable in her pursuit on knowledge. Not only did she become a quick learner, but she would more often than not surpass conventional knowledge on the subject. The only thing she continued to struggled with was her physical education. Compared to most Pegasi, she had below average wing power and typically did poor on her flying tests. Her personality was more cheery, but she was still the type to mind her own business at every opportunity.

After graduating from school, Aurora Sky pursued greater knowledge and opened up her own research facility, which was the first one ever in Cloudsdale. Many of the sleeping geniuses in Cloudsdale came forward and assisted Aurora in all the subjects she researched, making quite a name for academics in Cloudsdale and inspiring other Pegasi to pursue a career in science and research. Even the Unicorn researchers from Canterlot began taking notice of her work and were actively trying to recruit her to work for them.

A few years after opening her research facility, Aurora Sky made a breakthrough and diagnosed her own condition, the disability she had as a filly. She named it "Aurora Syndrome" after herself. Throughout her research, she discovered a few other ponies who suffered from the same ailment and was always on the move, visiting these mares and colts. Along the way, she took an assistant in by the name of Dove Elegy; the terms of their first meeting is unknown. She is the only pony to date who has direct access to the results of Aurora Sky's research on the Aurora Syndrome and dutifully protects it.

Although the reasons are unknown, Aurora Sky suddenly disappeared and was never heard from again. The only pony who is aware of what happened to Aurora Sky is her assistant, who has been strictly silent on the matter. Nonetheless, the accomplishments and selflessness of Aurora Sky has been engrained in the proud history of Cloudsdale. Even the surname of Sky is held with great reverence. Dove Elegy is presently continuing her research where her mentor left off.
Original Characters / Bitty Pie
2013 Apr 09, 21:16:02

Not always do you hear about how ponies find themselves alone in orphanages. Sometimes you hear about those times an orphanage finds a home for a young filly and gives her a chance to start a new life. Meet Bitty Pie, an adopted pony.

She was originally dropped off at the orphanage anonymously and given the name Bitty Bites, due to her curious eating habits. After being adopted by the Pie Family, she inherited their surname and became known as Bitty Pie from then on. According to the documents, the Pie Family owns a Rock Farm not too far from Ponyville and make a living moving rocks. However, part of their work force had apparently left them in pursuit of something better, leaving the family one pony less, but the same amount of work. Instead of hiring a farmhand, the family decided to adopt a filly, thus the introduction of Bitty Pie.

Bitty Pie is most known for her perpetual hunger and her endless energy. While she'll eat anything, she prefers confectionary foods, her favorite being pies of any flavor. When she's not eating, she's running up walls, ceilings, and any other surface that permits her to move freely. When engaged in discussion, she is prone to making noises more often than comprehensible words, making it difficult to communicate with her. However, she becomes obsessively obedient and cooperative if she believes her efforts will be rewarded with something delicious.

While she is very difficult to deal with in general, the Pie Family has learned of her weakness of sweets and constantly bribe her with pies to get her to move rocks on the farm, something she does impressively effectively.

Spoiler: show
This is a support character, not designed to possess the amount of development meant for a main character. She'll still get a lot of development, as she is very important in the stories she is involved in.
Original Characters / Professor Barrelroll
2013 Mar 05, 22:36:55

Meet Professor Barrelroll, a researcher in general physics and pony transportation. He lives in Vanhoover, where he conducts his research and tests by himself. He is reletively independant and not well known, although some of his inventions have seen some recognition. Most of his work involves moving parts intended for the various vehicles seen throughout Equestria. Did you know he developed the hydrolics involved in a certain cider carrying train?

Professor Barrelroll grew up with terrible flying abilities due to his underdeveloped wings. While it did bother him, he figured he didn't need it, since his passions were with his mind instead of his wings. He obviously failed school in the flying department, but his acedemics were outstanding. To make up for his lack of ability to fly early in his life, he developed a scooter of sorts to help increase his ground speed. The idea seemed to be a big hit with the other fillies to the point where a company bought the idea from young Barrelroll. The success of his scooter idea made him realize he was really good at applying his mind to develop useful things. In fact, that's how he found his cutie mark, a lightbulb symbolizing his bright mind.

One thing that still plauges Professor Barrelroll is his terminally horrible memory concerning other ponies. He is infamous for forgetting ponies in the span of 2 minutes of being away from them. He might even forget a pony standing right in front of him if his attention is provoked by something mathematical. However, when it comes to data, he never forgets a thing, regardless of how much time has passed or what else occupies his mind. He has been trying to overcome these forgetful tendencies by using pictures of all the ponies that visit him. It doesn't seem to be very effective, though.

Spoiler: show
I swear his picture came out smaller than I thought he would be. Anyways, he is a support character, not designed for the amount of development meant for a main character. He is going to appear in my story soon, so I thought it would be helpful to give a visual and a little information on him beforehand.
Today, I thought I should do something different and open the doors of Pirate Ponies! So far, Pipsqueak is all alone as the only pony we think of when pirates are mentioned. But no more! Here come the Pirates of the Mareibbean!

However, an entire pirate crew is too much of an endeavor for just a single author, so I thought it would be better to get help from all on the forums who are willing to give their most piratey sounding pony names so they can be added to the crew until we got a whole fleet of pirates ready to set their sails for adventure and treasure!

Just like human pirates, there are roles that must be performed by a crew of pirate ponies. These roles should be of great help with figuring out what name you'd like to suggest. The roles include:
-Captain - Leads the crew
-Navigator - Navigates the boat
-Quartermaster - Oversee Captain's orders
-Boatswain - Maintains the boat
-Cooper - Maintains the storage
-Carpenter - Fixes broken stuff
-Doctor - Fixes broken ponies
-Cannonmaster - Fires the Pie Cannons

Note: With the exception of Captain, more than one pony of a role can exist on a ship.

There you have it! Think about the best pirate pony names you can think of and post them down; around 5 would be perfect! If you see that somepony else has taken your idea(s) or you really liked somepony else's idea(s), you can just suggest it again! In fact, the more popular a name is, the more likely they'll be recruited! Try to avoid "ship names" (like Jolly Roger or Black Pearl), since our ships need those names!

Spoiler: My examples • show

Starboard (Navigator)
Salty (Quartermaster)
Swash Buckle (Boatswain)
Peg Leg (Carpenter)
Pinkie Pie (Cannonmaster)
Original Characters / Great Expectations
2013 Jan 07, 23:29:58

"My son takes charge like a true stallion!
My daughter is faithful and demure as any mare should be.
See how perfect my children are?"

Meet Alpha Forte and his younger sister, Charity Altrue. They are the trophy children of one of the most decorated Pegasus commanders in Cloudsdale, Commander Render the "Arrowhead". Their father's success has been the measure by which they have been defined by their entire lives. Commander Render was always focused on being perfect, whether it be work or play, and reached the top with this attitude of supremacy. His strong beliefs in gender roles became all too apparent when he had two children and raised them to be perfect, like him.

Alpha Forte is an upfront, confrontational pony who never backs down from anything. Like his father, he works hard to achieve everything he puts his mind to, and even anything along the way. Competitive by nature, he constantly proves his dominance in everything by challenging everypony who threatens his superiority to contests.  Ponies below him in his mind he enjoys constantly belittling, but only it helps improve his image to his peers. His cutie mark was earned when he won a Origami contest with a particularly bitter rival of his. It is the folding of paper, representing his ability to change the world around him to what he deems fit. If it's there for him to take, he will take it. He is a truly perfect stallion.

Charity Altrue is a complaisant pony, known best for her abundant generosity. She never speaks out turn and will always be the first to back down at the slightest sign of resistance. She has very little attachment to her possessions and will readily give them to ponies who are more deserving of them, sometimes even if they don't deserve it at all. Always self conscious of other ponies' opinions of her, she is constantly praising other ponies to try and earn more favor with them. Yes, she also does a lot of charity work. She earned her cutie mark while having an amazingly enjoyable time raking leaves for some neighbors. It is a leaf, representing her compliant nature, ready to comply to the smallest gust of wind. If it's there for her to give, she will give it. She is a truly perfect mare.

But there are rumors... speculations that there are more than meets the eyes about these two perfect children. You can hear whispers that there is a price for perfection.

Spoiler: show
I tried my hand at art for an hour, because Pony Creator just doesn't capture the dynamic these two share with each other. I hope it works...
Original Characters / Delish De Wonder
2012 Dec 11, 20:58:53

Meet Chef Delish De Wonder, an extremely prominent and well respected culinary artist. He hails from Canterlot, where he runs his own restaurant called "House of Wonders". His food is wildly popular amoungst the nobility and tourists who frequent his restaurant. Most of his dishes have French accents to them, although they are better known for their unpredictability. He is quite the experimenter when gets in that creative mood.

Despite his success, he shares the same dream as every chef in Equestria, to discover new and exciting flavors to serve his guests. However, he has come to the conclusion that life in Canterlot only provides for him a limited perspective of the flavor possibilities he can explore. He chose to make his restaurant mobile and leave Canterlot in the pursuit of culinary inspiration and excellence. Perhaps you'll see him, being hauled around inside his restaurant on wheels by a large caravan of workers. Some ponies still question his decision to bring his entire restaurant with him, but he insists he cannot work without it.

Delish De Wonder himself is very proper, especially with customers. He goes to great lengths to ensure the customers are impressed with not only his food, but his presentation, atmosphere, and service. With his peers and employees, he is known to be frank, but strangely wise. He is quick to anger (especially when it comes to food saftey!), but he doesn't lose his temper. However, he's not afraid to hand out punishment with a calm demeanor. His skill with food preparation is top notch. He can slice em and dice em as precisely and swiftly as the best of them! He can eyeball 2 tablespoons of anything! He just knows when that pan has a temperature of 200 degrees fahrenheit! Everywhere he travels, his keen expertise and his enticing concepts of taste continue to amaze his guests.

Most recently, he has come to Ponyville, hearing rumors of a pony with a keen eye for details that rival his. Even if they aren't both chefs, he always respects those who share his passion for breaking boundaries in their trade. He has been told that Ponyville is best known for their friendship ties with each other, which inspired him to dedicate his next culinary invention to "The Taste of Friendship".
Let's find out!

"I do believe you were supposed to come to work at 5:00, not 5:01."

Meet Indignia, the foremost authority of Equestrian Law. Many times, everypony gets along and it's obvious who is in the right. However, this isn't always the case and ponies argue and quarrel about who is right and who is wrong. If they are serious enough about it, Indignia is the final say on what is right or wrong by it's definition. She is the highest authority in the Equestrian courts and passes down judgements on mid to lower cases. Princess Celestia personally handles the most severe or most important of quarrels, although Indignia does help influence her decisions.

When she is not deciding who or what is right or wrong, she is performing her duty as guardian of a very important artifact. This artifact is known as the Cherish Scale, located in the Cherish Observatory atop Canterlot. The scale does nothing but measure the contentment of the Equestrian population. Should there be any significant discontentment across the land, the scale begins tipping, which indications only selected ponies, such as Indignia, can interpret. Her job is to maintain and decipher the readings of the scale, informing Princess Celestia should the signs of unhappiness be forecasted.

Indignia herself is a very black and white pony. There are only facts, everything else is an excuse, a weak justification. She is infamous for her deaf ears on details designed to rationalize against raw facts. She uses this sort of mentality when judging the right from the wrong, based on the Book of Equestrian Law. Most ponies who know or work under her fear her for her unrelentingly strict demeanor. Even in normal conversation, she is very unaccommodating to the concept of viewpoints that conflict with hers, which are based on absolute facts. As a result, is isn't seen smiling much and she doesn't have many acquaintances, just subordinates. Even the other Alicorns avoid speaking to her unless their job requires them to converse with her.

Her cutie mark is a scale, representing Truth and Justice.
Note that the Cherish Scale does not look like her cutie mark.

There you have it, my attempt at an Alicorn OC! Good? Bad? Something missing? Something could be improved? Everything check out? Thanks!
Original Characters / Cocoabean
2012 Nov 10, 19:28:10

Name: Cocoabean
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Cutie Mark: A gust of wind

Hometown: Cocoabean was born and raised in Los Pegasus, where she currently still lives. She resides in Earth Pony Square, under the care of her father.

History: Cocoabean's father is a successful business entrepreneur, while her mother was a pony working under her father. When the two fell in love, she was promoted to his vice executive, although she has no real responsibilities. They had three children, whom the father named after the companies he owned. Cocoabean is the middle child, named after her father's Cocoa Bean factory.

Traits: Despite her white collar heredity, Cocoabean loves being physically active, namely running. This preference seems to be occasionally uncontrollable, as though she has difficulty voluntarily standing still. However, she is a very talented runner, one of the most skilled in Los Pegasus. She oftenly finds excuses to run more, such as her contributions to out of town running events like the annual Running of the Leaves in Ponyville, which she wins most of the time. However, her attention span on academic subjects is severely lacking. Subjects that don't catch her interest or she could dismiss as irrelevant facts she tends to forget quickly. When required to do things like sit and study, she more likely than not will spend the time daydreaming (most likely about running).

Cutie Mark: Many predicted that Cocoabean's cutie mark would have something to do with running, seeing how talented and passionate she was about it. However, even after winning races and running marathons, she did not discover what her life's calling was. Her cutie mark was actually discovered some time after her older sister became upset with their father. It was no secret that the two were always at ends and had their disagreements about almost everything. One day, she disappeared along with Cocoabean's younger sister. It turns out she ran away and took the youngest, who was barely over a year old at the time, with her. Scared for the stability of her family, Cocoabean ran after her blindly, not knowing where to even look. She ran for days to every place she could think of until she miraculously chanced upon her. After pleading with her, she convinced her to return to her family, at which point her cutie mark appeared, symbolizing her run to reunite her family. The youngest sister's whereabouts is currently being kept secret by the oldest sister.

Personality: Most ponies that know Cocoabean will attest that her mouth is much like her legs, always on the run. She has a hyper, sometimes invasive personality and won't hesitate expressing her generally uninformed opinion excessively. These behavioral patterns are probably due to her love of things sugar. You name it, if it has sugar and is sweet, she'll love it and graciously devour the item in question, sometimes without permission. Despite the occasional trouble her spontaneous habits cause, she only means the best and is always ready to apologize and help fix her mistakes. She is an easy pony to get along with once you get used to her animated way of talking, seeing how she cannot stand still even while having a conversation. In the event she ever becomes angry or upset, she seems to temporarily become very intelligent while she preaches to the source of her anger about behavioral correction.
Original Characters / Tidal Chariot
2012 Oct 19, 01:02:23

Name: Tidal Chariot
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Cutie Mark: An unknown Shield shape

Hometown: Tidal Chariot was born and raised in Cloudsdale, where she still currently lives.

History: Tidal Chariot's parents are a quiet couple who are employed as ticket receptionists for the various events held by Cloudsdale. Interestingly enough, they are also frequent gamblers of the events they sell tickets for. These gambling habits were what brought them together. Thankfully, Tidal Chariot has not picked up this trait.

Traits: Like her siblings, Tidal Chariot is a very skilled flyer and sometimes prone to aggressiveness while sharing the sky with other Pegasi. Her specialization in flying focuses more on control in the air and less on raw flying speeds. As a demonstration of this, she oftentimes enjoys flying swiftly along the surface of lakes or streams, causing it to part in her wake. Tidal Chariot is well known for her intelligence, especially her tactical prowess.

Cutie Mark: Tidal Chariot's life goal since fillyhood is to become a member of Princess Celstia's Royal Guard. To this extent, most of her endeavors have this objective in mind. She does community service and tries to be as helpful as possible, hoping her deeds will be noticed by the princess. Her cutie mark was earned during one these deeds, namely standing up against a school bully. While Tidal Chariot does not know exactly what the cutie mark represents, she is pretty sure it is a symbol of her willingness to protect. She is certain with a cutie mark like this, she is destined to be in the Royal Guard.

Personality: Tidal Chariot is best described as old fashioned. Her typical demeanor, especially around ponies she does not know, is very tactful and borderline stuffy. Always eager to appear assertive, she shows a civil front with her straight expression that she has become well known for. She does have a more casual side, though, when she talks with ponies she is fond of. On that note, it doesn't take much to earn her favor as she is an easy pony to please. In this state, she is prone to sharing her smarts, moreso in subjects she is more familiar with. She has been known to digress on her knowledge for hours at a time. Strangely, her knowledge pool isn't very large, but what she does know, she knows very well.
Original Characters / Kaleido Heart
2012 Sep 11, 02:24:21

Name: Kaleido Heart
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Cutie Mark: A 5-color diamond shape

Hometown: Kaleido Heart was born and raised in Canterlot by a middle class family that works as a middleman of trade good, primarily gems. She currently is a study subject for several researchers in various Canterlot research organizations.

Emotions: Far and foremost, Kaleido Heart's most prominent feature is how well attuned to emotions she is. Her condition can best be described as seeing the world  as the flow of emotions emitted by ponies around her. It has been confirmed and proven that she is unable sense anything that is not an emotion. In essence, she cannot see, hear, taste, smell, or feel the physical world.  However, her ability to perceive and interpret even the subtlest of emotions tied to everything done by the ponies around her almost compensate for these lack of other senses.

History: From the moment of her birth, Kaleido Heart has been affected by her special condition. She was quickly identified to be having some sort of disability, although for a long time, nopony was able to understand what exactly was wrong with her. Eventually, the ponies from many of the high end research divisions caught wind of her and were interested in studying and diagnosing her condition. Initially, her parents forbade these ponies from using her as some sort of experiment subject. Even though she was different, they still loved her and wanted to protect her. As she grew older, her condition never showed signs of fading away, so her parents reluctantly allowed her to be diagnosed, although they made every effort to oversee such proceedings.

Cutie Mark: Kaleido Heart's cutie mark was discovered while she was seeing a specialized researcher who took particular interest in her case. She was diagnosed with "Aurora Syndrome", named after the pony who first discovered it. While Kaleido Heart was not the only pony with this condition, she had a far more severe case of it, perhaps so severe that it could be be in a classification of its own. Anyways, this researcher had strong sympathy for Kaleido Heart and spent a great deal of time working with her, trying to figure out a way to allow her to live a normal life. At some point, her work with Kaleido Heart bore fruit and she was able to get her to speak her first english word. As soon as she spoke the word (the word being "Happy"), her cutie mark appeared.

Personality and traits: Kaleido Heart has a very simple and straightforward personality. She is always happy unless there are more dominant emotions around her, in which case, she reflects whatever the dominant emotion is. On the other end of the spectrum, her emotions carry a lot of potency with them, very oftenly rubbing off onto those around her, normally without them noticing. Thanks to the help of a certain researcher, Kaleido Heart has learned a limited method of communicating with other ponies. Before hand, she was unable to express herself due to how hard it was to teach her anything, since most teachers teach with spoken words, which she can't hear, rather than with emotions. However, she miraculously has been taught how to speak single words or short phrases which reflect the essence of the emotion she is currently feeling. For example, if she is feeling happy, she has been taught to express that emotion by saying the word "Happy". This has been a major breakthrough in the research of her.
This is the semi-official Character Critique Thread. I'm Gracie Sky, and I will be hosting this in place of BananaMustang while he is absent. The purpose of this topic is for aspiring authors to have their Original Characters (or OCs for short) looked at and evaluated based on content.

If you have an OC you would like me to look at, I would be more than happy to give you a hopefully fair and constructive opinion on the character(s). Just post whatever information about the character you'd like me to read or post a link that leads to a topic that has such information. I would prefer any links not lead away from this forum, that is my only request.

If you want me to evaluate something specifically or in a specific way, please let me know in the submission. Also, you may send any submissions to me through PMs, but please state if you would like to keep the response within the PMs as well.

This topic is not just limited to me evaluating OCs. If you would like to comment on a particular OC that interests you, by all means feel free to. I'm sure your opinions are also valued by the authors. I would ask that you keep comments somewhat on the positive side, or at least with a positive ring to it. We want to be encouraging and easy to approach, since many newer authors might be a little shy with showing their works off.

Lastly, I was thinking it may be a good idea to showcase some of the more impressive OCs I see, should that happen. Of course, I will ask for permission before showcasing any OC from the author of the character. I'm hoping this will encourage you to do your best, since I believe we as authors seek validation through acknowledgement of our efforts, as they are a reflection of ourselves.


I'm also sticking links to my existing OCs down here for my personal use, since they can't all fit in my signature and I'd like convenient access to them. Feel free to use them as well, if you'd like to see my OCs.

Main Characters:
Gracie Sky
Terra Rose
Kaleido Heart
Tidal Chariot

Supporting Characters:
Indignia (This topic has been locked)
Delish De Wonder
Alpha Forte and Charity Altrue
Professor Barrelroll
Bitty Pie
Aurora Sky
Sunshine Paradise
Jewel Vaunte
Original Characters / Fletchessa
2012 Aug 21, 22:14:50

Name: Fletchessa
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Cutie Mark: A feather within a leaf

Hometown: Fletchessa was born and raised near the base of the mountain of Canterlot, on the boarder of the Everfree Forest. She currently resides at the Splinter Lumber Company, a family owned lumber and wooden goods franchise.

History: Fletchessa was taken in by the head of the Splinter Lumber Company after being delivered to his doorstep as an infant by means unknown. Constantly occupied with his work, the head rarely had much time to properly raise Fletchessa. After a while, he found a volunteer who agreed to act as Fletchessa's caretaker. She was an animal care specialist and Fletchessa treated her as her mother.

Traits: Fletchessa is most known for her excessive attention to details, especially when it comes to working. She was home schooled by her caretaker and has been noted for doing well in math, namely geometry. Growing up on a lumber mill, she has worked a lot with logs, although she hasn't shown to be very strong, at least not by Earth Pony standards. However, Fletchessa tends to get around her physical limitations by using her knowledge of physics to work smarter instead.

Cutie Mark: Fletchessa's cutie mark was discovered quite early in her life. While most who knew her were aware of her attention to details and her skill with woodcarving, her cutie mark was discovered in an unexpected way. She once met a lone Pegasus who was on business, but seemed very down. Fletchessa was unnaturally compelled to help this pony and learned that she was currently on bad terms with a friend. Sympathetic with this stranger, Fletchessa offered her a wooden carving of a feather as sort of a charm. It later turned out that the charm somehow assisted with mending the two friends' relationship. When the Pegasus brought this news to Fletchessa, she felt a rare sensation of happiness. It was at this point, she was granted her cutie mark, representing the mending of friendships.

Personality: Fletchessa's emotions are somewhat subdued, but are also very unstable. She has been known to be very withdrawn at times, but also very perky at others, and even aggressive at times. Her caretaker has hypothesized that personalities are merely a reflection of her influences: her tendency to be alone, the cheery disposition of her caretaker, and the authoritative presence of the company head. In the rare conversations she engages in, she is generally unresponsive; not due to shyness, but because she prefers to only speak what is absolutely necessary. She also has a habit of taking everything literally, causing the responses she manages to give socially awkward at times. Even though she has terminal shyness to other ponies, she also possesses what seems to be an even stronger desire to help those in need.
Original Characters / Gracie Sky
2012 Aug 02, 23:06:55

Name: Gracie Sky
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Cutie Mark: None

Unknowns: It is unknown where Gracie Sky was born. Her earliest memory places her in Canterlot. Gracie Sky was brought to the Dawn's Light 9 years ago by Princess Celestia under classified circumstances. The identity and whereabouts of her parents are also unknown, despite the efforts of the orphanage.

Rumors: Gracie Sky has been the center of some controversy due to her mysterious origins. It has been stated that Gracie Sky came flying from space as a divine messenger and possesses untapped powers. Custody of Gracie Sky has been occasionally fought over by the Mayor of Ponyville as well as the Commander of Cloudsdale. Princess Celestia has attempted to dismiss these absurd claims, as well as making sure Gracie Sky was kept in the Dawn's Light. There has been no proof supporting this rumor.

History: Gracie Sky has been raised for her entire life in memory at the Dawn's Hope, which is one of Princess Celestia's privately funded orphanages in Canterlot. Her life there has been notably stable and sheltered. Being somewhat more timid than most of the fillies there, she was often the victim of teasing, although she doesn't seem to be aware that she's being teased.

Traits: Gracie Sky is still under the process of being educated and evaluated on her capabilities as a Pegasus. Her flying skills seem to be average, compared to her peers. She's extremely bright and imaginative, although it's difficult to get her to focus on her studies. In fact, half of the time, nopony knows where she is due to her perpetual curiosity. This habit is best described as her desire to follow and study the first thing to catch her attention, until her attention is drawn by something she finds even more interesting. Sometimes this puts her in somewhat dangerous and troublesome situations, as attested by her caretakers. At other times, it causes a chain reaction of events that miraculously end up being very positive. The only predictable thing about the results of her curiosity are their unpredictability.

Personality: Gracie Sky can be described as introverted. She tends to keep to herself when given the freedom to, although she can be friendly when spoken to. Her demeanor in general can be described as cheery and naive, rarely, if ever, showing anger. She's typically very reserved and polite in conversation, until her curiosity is sparked by whoever she's talking to. If she finds something about the other pony fascinating, she will expressively bring it up, regardless of potentially being rude. When confronted with conflict, she normally backs down or becomes apologetic if she thinks she is causing trouble.
I'm normally not a fan of Pokemon spinoffs, but this one has a little promise in it. There's a large emphasis on strategy, which I'm all for, and there's plenty of random elements on most maps to encourage either player to reconsider their tactics midway through.

I could almost sympathize with the characters in the game, if only the story were more revolved around them. I know more about Noganaba than I know about everyone else put together, including myself. Noganaba this, Noganaba that, after every kingdom I seem to conquer where the rest of us are only the center of attention right before I conquer them.

But then again... Eevee is my absolute favorite Pokemon, so it being the centerpoint Pokemon in this game sold it to me from the beginning.

Warning: Gets repetative very fast if you choose not to Delegate. Nobody really cares about the Non-Warlord Warriors, so leave them to raise your money for you, even though you probably won't need the money if you're good. I haven't beaten Noganaba yet, so I'm sure there's a lot the game has to offer that I haven't seen yet.
Original Characters / Terra Rose
2012 Jun 23, 18:33:16

Name: Terra Rose
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Cutie Mark: A cross carrot and celery

Hometown: Terra Rose was born and raised in Manehatten, where she still currently lives. She lives in the Vegetable Fresh Farm, one of Equestria's main producers of carrots, celery, and potatoes.

History: Terra Rose's father is an Earth Pony and the current owner of Vegetable Fresh Farm and her mother is a Unicorn and Florist from Canterlot. The father also has a hobby of growing flowers on his farm, which he also sells. This was the medium that eventually led to her parents' marriage. Because the father couldn't move the farm up to Canterlot, the mother moved her Florist shop down to the farm.

Traits: Terra Rose has taken after her mother in appearance, but after her father in her work ethic. She loves to help her father on the farm with planting and growing plants. She only received a basic education, making her academically inferior to most other Unicorns. However, Terra Rose has developed a lot of strength and endurance that is not typical for a Unicorn from working on the farm so much. She has earned some notoriety from participating in many Equestrian rodeos and other physical competitions.

Cutie Mark: Terra Rose acquired her cutie mark early in her life, as she had a deep fascination with watching her father grow crops. However, Terra Rose soon realized that she possessed a physical limitation due to being a Unicorn and could not grow crops herself because growing food was well known for being something that only Earth Ponies could do. However, while Terra Rose could not bypass such a limitation, she did go to great extents to find ways to help with growing crops. She developed an improved irrigation spell, a fertilizer that is particularly good for vegetables, and a few other helpful things. In return for her love of growing and her determination, she was granted her cutie mark.

Personality: Many have considered Terra Rose to be just like that of the rose she was named after, beautiful but sharp.  Her tongue is just as sharp as a thorn and she is generally blunt and crude with strangers who try talking with her. Protecting her own interests is her top priority, and she uses her wit and sarcasm to deter ponies she is suspicious of. Despite her education level, she is a very intelligent mare who can be overwhelming to speak with at times. With ponies she is more familiar with, she is still very forward and opinionated, making her rather stubborn on most subjects. She has also been known to lightly flirt with the colts if she thinks it will be beneficial to her. However, the few friends she does have attested that Terra Rose has one of those days where she can actually be sweet... in a very indirect way.
Are they serious?  :l

... I secretly hope they are!  :3
They all look so much more Japanese then they do in the game!