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Nicknames:Star Stallion,SS,Zeek,Zeeky
Age:24 1/4 (Although he looks extremely young for his age,looking around 19.)
Build:Decently above average.
Strength in Muscle:Powerful
Strength in Flying:Very fast
Strength in Magic:Intermediate
Special Magic:"Star Magic"(It is something that causes things to illuminate,and if it hits a pony,it causes a surge of happiness to go through them.Though if used in a strong variety,it can scorch things at a dangerous temperature.Creates large amounts of light.This magic also gives slight control over the stars,allowing them to illuminate brighter,and it causes a 'ding' sound every time.Zeekar uses this sometimes for music,and the 'ding' sound and tune can be leveled mattering on how hard hes concentrating or how little.Many other uses. Permanent Transformation Side Effect. This is a side effect that can only happen to Zeekar,where there is a very low chance that if he uses a appearance alteration spell on himself,it can become permanent unless removed by surgery or another spell.He can keep transformations up as long as he pleases,due to the fact he has a surprisingly large amount of mana,but at the cost of his personality,as it shifts his attitude usually.Example:Dragon=Snobby and rude(Surprisingly,this is his most prefered form of transformation,or a Hybrid of Pony and Dragon sometimes.),unlike Zeekar since he is a mixture of feelings. Problem Feeling: Self explanatory.
Talents: Mixture of multiple talents.Only likes a few,such as Violin,Singing,Fighting,etc.
Mane Color/length:Black,with grayish-white edging.Short
Tail Color/length:Black,with a grayish-white. stripe going all the way through the middle.Medium.
Eye color:Dark red.
Usual Expression:Calm.
Coat Color:Nearly grayish-white,but when in the sun,he seems bright white.
Cutie Mark:Two spiked black wings with a sword in the middle.
Clothing:Long black robe covering his rump and cutie mark,and ending with a small collar at the neck.Has a hood.
Wingspan:Large.(Covering almost his entire torso sides)
Wing Power:16.3
Height=Slightly above average
Skills/Attributes:Talented flyer,fast reflexes,fast thinker when under pressure,good fighter,traveler.
Baddies(Bad attributes):Easily distracted,only does two goals at a time an no more,hard headed,VERY shy,VERY quiet,easily angered.
Personality:Very calm,quiet,and keeps to his own.Though is know to be charming and kind to ponys he feels comfortable with,and tends to talk a lot when he gets started.Likes to stay away from ponys,due to the fact he is extremely shy.Mainly around Mares.
Cutiemark means:Mystery.(As in he is unpredictable.His talent is multiple,and randomly accures.It could be sword play,then drawing,then who knows what.)
Current Location:Ponyville.
Colors Attitudes and traits(and possible abilities and enhancement):
Dark Red: Attitudes:Anger,bravery,wrath. Traits: Strength and agility.
Red: Attitudes:Competitive,strange,attention grabbing. Traits: Strength,quiet,focused.
Yellow: Attitudes:Joyful,energetic,sporty,kind. Traits: Agility,speed,open hearted.
Dull Yellow: Attitudes:Jealous,cautious,sickened. Traits:Slow.
Green: Attitudes:Happy,nature,free heart. Traits:Good with magic involving nature.Capable of talking to animals.
Aqua: Attitudes:Kind,respectful,quiet Traits:Good at healing magic.
Brown: Attitudes:Agony,patience. Traits: Becomes extremely good at lifting things.Causes his body to slightly grow and become more bulky.
Black: Wrath,Death,Enraged. Traits: Uncontrollable,nicknamed Kalan,capable of controlling the shadows and other types of darkness.MASSIVE strength boost and energy (Around 6 tons of strength).Tends to use Zeekar's shadow as a vessel.Chance to put a symbol in Zeekars' left eye,which increases his power even more,but puts massive strain on his body,and nearly has no control what so ever.At this point,Kalan has taken over.
(There are many more,but I wont make an entire list.)
White: Hope, focus. Traits: Similar to Kalan, but he has full control. This makes him see things before they happen usually, and increases his focus and strength tenfold. However, this has a small chance of stopping his heart for a split second, and force him to pass out.
Currently known magic:Basics,Star(<-Main Lesser->),Ice,Fire,Dark,Water and Healing

Personal Items:Family Blade.A sharp,long sword,made of white gems,and the handle made out of one large black gem,and white cloth.The sheath is made of a black steel-like metal,and white cloth.The blade of the sword is made entirely of a black gem,which allows it to slide out at a quick and silent strike.Its surprisingly sturdy.When focused with Transformation magic,it can turn into a different weapon for a short time. Saddle Bag. The bag he carries with him is completely black.It contains simple things,like apples,medical supplies,etc.Scarf.Average scarf.Grey

Sword picture:
Spoiler: show

General description:
Zeekar is a decently calm pony.He enjoys staying completely quiet,even when it annoys others.He is mainly seen at night,nearly always gazing at stars.They are his absolute FAVORITE things to watch.He enjoys flying at extreme speeds,which is why people occasionally see him at day time,flying.He has a mellow,deep yet calming voice.His horn is a little larger then the average unicorn,and he keeps it under his mane as much as possible.He as said multiple times he wished he was a regular pegasus,as he only likes flying,not so much of a magic pony..He keeps to himself a lot,but when he starts talking,its almost as if he cant stop.He has TERRIBLE memory as well.When flying,there is an ocasional dim sparkle of light that follows behind him,and fades away within 10 seconds to 30 seconds.He simply thinks is just some birth defect or magic.He usually always has his large bag on him at all times,unless he isnt far from his current home.Commonly all thats inside of it is apples,a bag full of bits and maps.This hangs on his left side.On his right side is a sword tied onto him,the hilt being completely black,besides the white diamond shape in the middle,and the blade is all white.He said he says he took it from his father,as it was a family hand-me-down.Though he plans to never use it for combat unless total emergency.For now,he says he has only pulled it from its completely black sheath only once,just to look at it,and has never again opened it.The sheath and blade length is about as long as Zeekar's torso,so it is a average type of sword.(Resemblance of it is sort of like a Katana,but less curved,and more straight,only having a slight curve.)He is VERY secretive.He likes to keep his past as unknown as mentally and physically possible.He is quite strong,and able to lift quite alot of weight.Hes very accustomed to labor. He is a large book reader as well.Hes very tolerant when it comes to pain.Although Zeekar generaly doesnt like using Magic besides Levitation,he does know quite a bit of spells and tricks. He is capable of using Fire and Ice as some extent. He will most commonly use Ice,since the shining of ice reminds him of the stars.When under starlight,his coat seems pitch white,and shines brightly.His eyes sparkle,matching the stars.He usually never frowns when he is under the stars,they make him fill with joy.This is why he is sometimes called Star Stallion.Due to Zeekar being bulky,he is a talented fighter.He trains occasionally on trees.He prefers to fight close combats rather then magic,but will use magic if he has to.He is decent as multiple types of magic,such as Summoning,illusions,elements,levitation,etc.Though he usually only uses illusions and levitation,and on occasions Summoning when hes lonely.He only uses Illusions when he likes joking around with people. Zeekar underestimates himself nearly all the time,so hes constantly depressed and has a low amount of confidence.

Zeekar was a traveler,even when he was a colt.When he was first born,the first thing he did was a small magic trick.His parents weren't able to explain what it was.They described it as sparkles,sort of like stars.His horn shout out a tiny beam that turned into a tiny explosion,spreading white and black sparkles everywhere.They still have no clue on what cause this,or how it was done.Moving on. He got his cutiemark relatively quickly,after training how to fly with the farm lands best flying pegasus,a farmer named Ariel.In which so,he was a colt when he achieved his cutiemark.Its training was casual,but at a young age,it was difficult for him.After learning himself a flying technique he calls the "Fallen Star",were he flys up,and closes his wings to his side tightly,causing him to pick up massive speed as he falls,and shoots forward when he nears the ground by spreading his wings.At this point,it flashed into his flank as soon as he stopped.Though he didnt quite understand why a sword was in the middle of the wings,but he took it as a sign of his large passion for speed,adventure,and fighting.He nearly instantly knew that he needed to be fast.But he had more than just one dream.He knew his parents,but abandoned them from their lack of parental experience.Jackle,the father,was a unicorn,and Peleti,a Alicorn,but hid that away,and acted as a Pegasus.He occasionally heard storys of thier visits with specific people of the higher up,but he could never get names down.They always whispered excitingly and jokingly.But he could swear they were speaking of either the guards...or the princess...He only assumed they got it from their wealth and being able to attend nearly all balls and party's.Maybe they usually brushed this detail off.And nearly never has mentioned it to anyone,only his old farmer friends when he was a colt.As in,he was nearly ignored.Once he got his cutiemark and was able to fly,he made his way out of his parents home,and lived his own life of adventure.On his travels,he has committed theft in-order to keep going,as he has lost his supplies from forgetting about them multiple times.These charges are pressed in few other towns,but he doesnt expect other towns to suspect these crimes.Once he discovered Ponyville,he decided he should settle down there.For now.He is unsure when he will leave again.And so,from this point forward,this history can only continue as he goes on...

Shade Spring:
Colors: Shade spring is a black coated pony, with a light blue mane that is short,almost exactly like Zeekars but longer,as well as the tail. The mane and tail sparkle dimly and endlessly. His eyes are a VERY bright blue. The pupils are cut like a dragons pupils,but he shows no resemblance to be related to dragons.
Cutie Mark:
Spoiler: show

Race: Unicorn
Age: 22
Build: A little below average.
Height: Average
Strength in Muscle: Average.
Strength in Magic: Extreme.
Running speed: Very Fast. (Around 50.9 mph at max speed)
Agility Rating: Excellent.
Special Abilities: Shade seems to be an extremely good runner. He is also a quick learner to nearly any type of magic,though easily gets confused a lot. He is able to shape shift his body to look like something different for a long period of time,though it consumes his magic slowly.He is beyond what most ponys are capable of being agile,as well as having an EXTREMELY high hoof and eye coordination.He is a master in the ways of Ice Magic and Dragon Ice magic,knowing nearly every spell and every motion needed to use them.Dragon Ice magic is similar to Ice magic,but colder,more flexible,and consumes more energy.Though it can be used in MANY more ways.
Usual Expression: Dull and calm.
Clothing: Shade has a very long scarf around his neck and a hooded cloak. The scarf is blue,and has a black fire design at the ends. The scarfs length nearly touches the floor if it hangs around his neck without wrapping.
Job: Usually performs stunts using snow,ice,and water for tips,that usually include a lot of juggling and flips.
Common personality:Rude,shy,thoughtful,greedy.

Pets: Ice Dragon. Name:Breez. (Pronounced Breeze)

Equipment: Shade carries a large water jug on his right side,and a small saddle bag on the left. He has a dagger tied to his right front leg,its blade is silver white,the handle is black.There are multiple ice blue crystals inside the dagger,but the largest one has a dagger symbol inside it.He has a long straight sword hanging on his right side next to the water jug,its sheath and blade extremely slick and hard to grasp.The handle is made of a black leather like material,and the blade looks as if it would be completely made of ice,though water is floating inside it,like a bottle.The area between the handle and sword breaks into black winglike structures.These structures can be taken off of the sword,and used as actual mechanical wings,powered by magic.

Sword appearance:
Spoiler: show

Dagger appearance:
Spoiler: show

Personal Items: Ice Dragon Dagger-This dagger,the one tied to his right front leg holds a summon able blue dragon that is his companion. The dragon is capable of changing its size and age appearance,though usually stays at a child form. Ice Scarf-Just a nickname he gave the scarf.He found it hanging on a tree when he was wondering Baltimare. It had icicles hanging off the ends,since he found it in winter. Burning Book-A book Shade found at a store. It held spells of nothing but ice,so it confused him why it was called Burning Book. The book is incomplete,and came with a black feathered quill. On very rare occasions,the book will open,and the quill will right a spell down on its own. How this is done is currently unknown.

General Description:
Shade is a very strange pony. He is VERY quiet.He responds with nods and small words at most.He likes to read anything he can get his hooves on.He keeps his hood up as much as he possibly can.He is surprisingly a charmer when he gets talkative,if he wants to be.He uses magic for almost everything he does,and the magic usually involves water. His stare tends to scare a lot of ponys off,due to the fact that every time he looks at somepony,they get a cold uneasy feeling. The atmosphere around him is cold,but his body is always warm,and seems to never be effected by cold climates. Although Shade is a very cold and dark pony,he likes to make things brighter and fresher as he passes by. It is hard for him to do so,since his main magic involves water and ice,but he knows many spells that help things grow.He specifically likes to clean water,and watch roses bloom.He is VERY agile,and prefers to travel my rooftop.Shade is very mellow,but can be easily pleased.Within moments he could  be sad,then happy.Shade is a criminal. He has stolen many objects,though mainly food and books. He has been accounted for one supposed "murder."

Ponys believe Shade Spring came from a cave inside of Foal Mountain, at the top to be exact.After recent investigation,there were signs of MANY books being discovered at the mountain,laying everywhere at the top.Another rumor is that his cutie mark resembles his passion to learn and discover,and that his talent is to perfect magic.In which so,they think Shade Spring was a type of teacher,though they cant figure out what he actually taught. There were sightings of Shade Spring at Baltimare,Manehattan,and Apple loosa,all of which he was either on a roof,in the air doing some kind of stunt,or on the street. The now most recent sighting is here at Ponyville.What is he doing here? I guess we will have to figure out. But hopefully,we can capture him. His ways of theft and havoc must come to an end. We cannot forget what happened at Baltimare...that poor colt...We must catch him.Quickly.   

Spoiler: show

Name: Kera
Age:Varies (Currently 17)
Height: VERY tall
Body size/weight: VERY large
Mane:Orange and red.
Tail:Orange and red.
Armor:Dark red.
Eyes:Bright red.

Eye Pattern: Kera's eyes are like dragons eyes,but in a sunburst like look.

General Appearance:
Spoiler: show

Strength in Muscle: VERY high
Strength in Magic: Slightly below average when calm.
Running Speed: Extremely fast (Nearly 60 mph at full sprint.)
Special Magic/Abilities: Kera has a unique piece of equipment which allows him to summon fire and use it to his disposal. This fire can not be set out by wind or cold,but can be by water. The fire does not burn Kera,but can hurt him in large quantities. These two pieces of equipment are the two very heavy and large red stone rings around his front bottom legs. Kera is able to use this fire to also create a protective armor of flames around him,but cant move when having it on,or else he will injure himself. Finally,he uses the fire to add effect when hes flying by setting his back hoofs on fire, and can also consume other types of fire.He has the ability to adapt to most climates,and his current area.Including its cultures,languages,etc.Very good at herbs,mainly when it involves healing.Is capable of withstanding heats that are close to the sun's temperature,but cannot stand the cold very well.
Main Abilities: He is able to change his age at any time with the rings magic,though this does not stop his real age,which is 17.Fire Control.
Runes Abilities: Control Fire,Age Changing Abilities,and Strength increasing capabilities.
Usual Expressions: Angry,calm,annoyed,happy.
Clothing: Kera wears a thick red armor around him,even on his wings there is armor.He also has a short scarf wrapped around his neck,the ends on fire.
Personality: Very rude but kind at heart,mainly to mares.Unless they annoy him.

Equipment: Hooked Scorch: A devilish blade reaching 5"6 feet long.It has a large hook on it that Kera uses for grabbing things. This sword is able to control the fire Kera uses more easily then Kera can use with his hooves and mouth.
Rage Rune Rings: The rings around Kera's front legs are runes capable of casting magic,specifically fire magic, from anywhere on Kera's body.They cannot be removed unless broken or the leg is cut off.They are extremely heavy.
Flame Armor: Self explanatory.

Sword appearance:
Spoiler: show

Kera did not have a family.He had no mother,no father,and no siblings.He was not born regularly like a average pony.Instead,he was birthed from a fire,the fire of two blazing runes that were created by an unknown being.They took mind of their own,and created a fire that gave life,and what came out,was Kera.Kera does not know of this event,nor shale he ever know,for the runes will not allow it.They are permanently linked to him,whether they are removed or not. Their next creation,a sword,a sword capable of controlling the massive fires the runes produce.Kera trained on his own,it was the only thing he was capable of doing.The runes took care of him,raised him.He does not know of the darkness,and the light,that these two runes possess.And he may never know,but if he discovers their true identity and powers...then it will not be a good sign for wherever he may be...

Midnight Breeze


I think it was more of: When he was a filly.

At least for me.. A filly is a female foal... X3
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Quote from: Seriack on 2013 Mar 26, 18:46:57
I think it was more of: When he was a filly.

At least for me.. A filly is a female foal... X3

I litteraly just now realised this.I blame my friend on skype for getting Filly stuck in my head.XD
FIXED.Sorry for that.Im going to totally get revenge on my friend.(AKA her name RP name is Zokolot.But she doesnt go to this forum v.v....)


One does not simply be an alicorn, but I think I like this backstory.  :] The special talent isn't clear to me, though. A little more info?  X3
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Quote from: Enstramentall on 2013 Mar 26, 21:47:33
One does not simply be an alicorn, but I think I like this backstory.  :] The special talent isn't clear to me, though. A little more info?  X3



oh, he's cool :]

But one question, was he born an alicorn? or did he just get obtain it?

other than that, his backstory was pretty sad how his parents didn't care for him >A<

But good story, keep at it!


Quote from: GlassMirror on 2013 Mar 26, 22:10:39
oh, he's cool :]

But one question, was he born an alicorn? or did he just get obtain it?

other than that, his backstory was pretty sad how his parents didn't care for him >A<

But good story, keep at it!

I was just changing it when I saw your post.So sorry.XD.

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