My OC's((Will update as I think of them...))

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Well, this is kind of a WIP, some things may change as I write the story further, but here are the basics.

Name: Farsight

Title: The Dreamweaver

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Stallion

Age((All in Human years)): Physically: 24 Actually: 33

Current Romantic Relationships: Aqua(Fiancee), Clover(Fiancee)

Spoiler: show

Cutie Mark: Three golden Horseshoes surrounding a blue orb.
Spoiler: show

Personality((This OC is my Ponysona, or how I would like to be.)):
Spoiler: show
            Kind of a loner, but you wouldn't think so if you knew him, he tends to keep to himself in most situations. He loves to be with his friends and take part in their personal adventures. He is also a kind spirit, going out of his way to help those that he does not know if he feels they need it. This is how he makes most of his friends. He also takes his friend's advice very seriously, but if he feels that it is too criticizing or he feels the pony is telling him something he thinks he knows already, he may become snappy. He also has a very soft heart, falling for mares quickly, while his silver tongue makes them fall for him. An unknowing believer in Polyamory, all this usually gets him in trouble, since most ponies believe in Monoamory.

Spoiler: show
        He knows the basics of Unicorn magic, having been taught by Twilight and Rarity, although he couldn't master all the spells Twi tried to teach him. He also became versed in Dreamweaving once he had formal training from Princess Luna.

Spoiler: What is Dreamweaving? • show
Dreamweaving is a class of magic that uses the near limit-less stores of Dream energy that reside within the Dreamworld. It can be very powerful, and very dangerous. There are two sides to it, much like light and dark magic, one is Dreams(Obviously) and the other is Nightmares. A Dreamweaver can use either indiscriminately, but most use one or the other by personal choice, usually forbidding themselves from using the unchosen side. One main spell that a true Dreamwalker(a word used synonymously with Dreamweaver) can use is Dream Gateway, which is the act of opening the fabric of a reality and stepping into the Dreamworld physically. As said, only true Dreamwalkers can do this, and those are very few now of days.


Background((Most of this is covered in his story, but I'll try to summarize the important parts here)):
Spoiler: show

        Farsight was first found in a cave 3 days travel from the Equestrian Laboratories ((Existing in this reality)). The main reason he was found is because his entry into the realm of Equestria caused a magical anomaly. Princess Ludus ((A friend's OC, the Princess of Technology, he has his own story for her.)) and Twilight Sparkle were sent to investigate under direction from Princess Celestia. He was found to be suffering from Amnesia, and at first could not remember anything, including how to walk. Some memories were left intact and modified, such as speech. After being brought back to the labs, both Twilight and Farsight travel to Ponyville, where his training in magic begins, although he started near the lab itself while waiting for the train that would take them to Ponyville to arrive.
         At this point, he meets the other members of the Mane 6. He then spends a few months ((Will only be discussed shortly in the story itself)) where he learns the finer intricacies of Magic. He also seems to have incredibly good lucky, averting small disasters in the nick of time, and winning games of chance quite often, to the displeasure of Rainbow Dash(She hates losing, after all). During his training, he meets Princess Luna for the first time, the one that brought him from his reality to Equestria, to help with the dreams and nightmares of all ponies. Although it is known that Luna could take care of them on her own, she has learned that two, or more, are definitely better than one.

        After his formal training in the power and magic of Dreams, he begins to explore the other paths of the same magic. This leads to him finding the ability to enter Dreams physically, ripping small tears in reality to open gateways to the Dreamworld. This brings with it grave consequences, but also avenues of exploration not seen before. While in the Dreamworld, he learns that he can enter other realities, tracing the lines of magic to points that he can open gateways.

       During a jaunt into one of the many realms of Equestria, one that is ruled by Eternal Night, he ends up being captured by an alter ego of the beloved Princess Luna, known as King Luna((Another "OC" of a friend... Not really OC, but meh.)). This King Luna then begins a campaign to expand his kingdom to Farsight's reality. One major difference, and why King Luna was able to take over this realm is due to the fact that the Mane 6 do not exist there, and the Elements of Harmony were still unusable.

      To make a long story short, King Luna is defeated by the Mane 6 and the Elements of Harmony while he besieges Canterlot back in the "normal" reality. This leads him to become a now benevolent King, although he has a strange dislike for trees now. After all this craziness, Farsight is instructed use extreme caution when moving between realities, and that Princess Luna would be overseeing his other trips into the Dreamworld and beyond. This led to his commission to explore, learn, and report all that he saw in the different realities he visited.

Spoiler: What has happened since Farsight arrived in this 'reality'?(GIANT TEXT WALL!!!) • show

         Farsight first arrived in Ponyville near the market and was greeted by a water balloon fight with a certain pegasus. He also was checking the reality out, to make sure it wasn't corrupted by evil... Like all but a few of the realities he had visited in his 12 year sojourn through the Dreamworld. He soon began making friends in this reality, and would enter the Dreamworld at the end of each day, seeking refuge there... Until something began blocking his magic.
       As it turned out, a Lord of Nightmares decided to invade the area of the Dreamworld around said reality and blocking Farsight from using his Dreamweaving spells. This led to Farsight seeking help from a friend of his, Physics Shift, and his friends wife, Irina, but what ended up happening was the entrapment and torture of the two. Ironically, the wife took it a lot easier than husband. Farsight had to make his way to Canterlot, and to Princess Luna, before it was too late, and he luckily did. With her help, Farsight was able to defeat the Nightmare Lord and to take his next step in Dreamweaving, namely the absorbstion of a piece of the Nightmare Lord.

       Sadly, he was still rather naive to being a Dreamwalker, having become lost in the Dreamworld before he could recieve more formal training, and therefore did not know how to control the new, and malicious, personality that now shared his mind. This led to his possession by Xin, the Nightmare Lord, and the entrapment of 7 of Farsight's friends and acquantances in a Realm of Nightmares, all within the very mind of Farsight himself. They somehow managed to overcome their fears, although they all went insane at one point or another, and freed Farsight from his prison. Farsight placed Xin in his own prison, and led his friends back to their sleeping bodies.

        Farsight was traumatized by what he now refers to as just The Incident. Directly after, he told his friends to leave, not wanting to risk another possession right after what had happened, even though he had effectively shackled Xin. He stayed in his house for days, a self-imposed house arrest, until he was certain that Xin would not break free again. He finally left his house, but kept mostly to himself, still shaken by all that had happened, but wanting to at least be outside again. Farsight walked to the park and this led to his meeting of a pegasus mare named Snowy, who helped him recover, slightly, from his inner turmoil. Incidently, he also began to fall for the mare. The only problem was she had a coltfriend, Moonlight Gamer, who had become lost in space-time. Farsight decided to look for him, making a promise to Snowy that he would find the zebra-pegasus.

       His little adventure was cut before it even began, however, when Moon arrived, quite unceremoniously, inside of Ponyville Park, creating a rather large crater. Farsight had also acquired a Keyblade, before Moon had arrived. Meanwhile, Farsight fell for other mares, Aqua, who he had meet much earlier and had a crush on from about the start, Clover, a new comer to Ponyville who fell for him due to his loose silver tongue, Enstramentall, a friend he had made earlier and comforted in a time of grief for her. Unknown to Farsight, he supported Polyamory, which, to most, is looked down on. It did not stop him from how he felt, though, even when Aqua became his marefriend. Farsight and Snowy were still close friends, even with Moon's return, and he began teaching Snowy the basics of Dreamweaving. This, however, led to an incident of a mini-possession of Farsight, even after he had went to Luna for training on how to control Xin, and Farsight kissed Snowy.

       Snowy, who could never keep a secret from her coltfriend, told Moon about this small incident, which sent him into a cold rage. Meanwhile Farsight, who had been researching a spell to cure the blindness that Aqua was suffering from, finally found the mare and attempted the spell. It was a success, bringing vision back to the once-blind mare, but causing Farsight to pass out due to a massive mana exhaustion. He might of even died had he not weaved Dream magic and unicorn magic into one for the spell. As it happened, he woke, still completely exhausted, and the two of them went to have dinner. Moon, who was searching for Farsight, finally found him when Aqua and he entered the Ponyville cafe. This led to a fight, which was interrupted, in which Farsight took upon him the power of Xin. This had changed his personality drastically, as well as certain aspects of his appearance, mainly a red hue to his gray eyes and his magic aura becoming black and flaked with red spots.

       Farsight later met Ice, Flame's twin sister, and began to fall for her as well... But trying to stay faithful to Aqua. He didn't do too well, ending up kissing Ice. This just led to more heart ache on both their parts. Farsight then met another mare, Shadow, after Aqua found out that her parents were dying and leaving town to see them. Shadow attempted to "correct" Farsight of his conceptions, and got him to agree that he needed to marry Aqua. He then went to Canterlot and bought a wedding ring for Aqua, returning with it hanging around his neck on a platinum chain, as a reminder that he was tied to the mare. Unfortunately, a visitor from another realm, a dark version of Moon, ironically named Darkness Gamer, had arrived in Ponyville much earlier. Farsight had a hatred for 'evil' alternate reality beings that had grown in him while he wandered between realms, and their meeting wasn't the best, ending in a fight. Darkness took them to a bubble of shadows, but ended up being trapped there by Farsight, the shadows becoming pure light when Farsight imbued his rapiers with pure Dream energy. He stabbed them into the 'floor' of the realm, thus binding all Darkness to it. After leaving the realm, being completely drained of almost all his energy by the binding spell, he met Aqua, who had returned while he had been trapped, and Clover. They both took him back to his house, with the help of an old and scarred pony that kept himself hooded. There, he proposed to Aqua, and confessed his love for her as well as Clover. Although the concept of bigamy was odd to Aqua, Farsight managed to convince her to let him also take Clover to be his Second-Wife, but first they would have to bond, which is where we are now.

Spoiler: Dreamwalker Culture • show
Many may say that being a Dreamwalker is nothing more than knowing a spell or two more than any other pony.... In this respect, they would be wrong. True, a Dreamwalker knows a different breed of magic, but it's more that just that that sets them apart. They have set up for themselves a very different culture than most, which is based upon how long each lives as well as their principles. Dreamwalkers live for a very long time(If left in Equestria, they will age 3 times slower than any other pony). Most will live to the age of 300 if they never enter the Dreamworld. **WIP, I will continue as I think of more.**
Thanks Soriku for the Pixel Poneh!
My OC's((Only one so far))
"Let me carry your burdens"


I'm missing some details for now, just getting the bare-bones out there now.

Name: Calm Winds

Title: Captain

Race: Earth Pony

Gender: Stallion

Age: 35

Appearance(Still working on this, subject to change): A light green, possibly limegreen, coat and navy blue mane and tail. His eyes are a sky blue. His cutie mark is a mast with a sail, full of wind. Normally wears his 'Captains' hat and long coat, which cover most of his body.

(I'll work on the rest once I get home and have a computer to type with.)
Thanks Soriku for the Pixel Poneh!
My OC's((Only one so far))
"Let me carry your burdens"

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