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Started by GlassMirror, 2014 Aug 13, 17:02:17

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Guess whose back?
(all the pictures were made by me and others)
His comic is here!

Spoiler: His mark • show

These pictures of Relic are now out of date since he's been through a major transformation, but they are still good to look at.
Spoiler: old pictures • show
Spoiler: Update of Relic (not with the designs) • show

Spoiler: Relic with wings opened (not stretched) • show

Spoiler: Relic with wings open(stretched) • show

Spoiler: Relic anatomy without wings • show

Spoiler: Old pictures. Relic has come a LONG way • show

Spoiler:  thanks SparklestheUnicorn337! • show

Spoiler: From the contest! • show
Spoiler: Vesperal Veil • show
Spoiler: Zephyr Skyes • show

Spoiler: PPBG • show

Spoiler: Jenzy • show

Spoiler: Laebenal • show
Spoiler: EliteAspect • show

Spoiler: Ramisha • show

Name: Relic
Age: Older than Princess Celestia and Luna
Species: Dragon Pony
Mark: A grey and tan tablet

*Ire - An ancient Pegasus who was the queen of Pre-Equestria. She was corrupted by greed and ended up defeated by an Alicorn named Quest, and was sealed into Relic's chains. She was Relic and Platinum's mother.

*Deity - The ancient Dragon king of Pre-Equestria. He was also corrupted by greed and was defeated by Quest. He was sealed into Relic's chains as well. He was the father or Relic and Platinum Oath.

*Platinum Oath - The elder (and ancient) brother of Relic who rebelled against his parents. He worked with Quest in defeated his corrupted parents. He was the one who gave Relic his name and was the one who had put him in the Nevermore forest.

1. Kind
2. Calm
3. Easy going
4. Laid back
5. Lazy
6. Quiet
7. Independent
8. Wise

LIKES: Reading, animals, watching the sky, flying, looking at stars, quietness, exploring the forest, Winter.

DISLIKES: Swimming, loud noises, strong odors, crowded places, the morning times, Summer.

RESIDES: In a place called the Nevermore forest. The place has very slow time, so Relic isn't aware of how long it's been since. It's in it's own world, but it's still pretty much next door to the Everfree forest. The forest is hidden away magically, so no one is able to notice that its actually there. The only way to get to the Nevermore is by a secret passageway. What is the secret passageway? Can't tell you because it's a secret...

*Side note in case you don't get how he got those chains and how ended up where he is now: There was a Pegasus named Quest (Who was made into an Alicorn) who at the time (which was 2000 years ago) sealed the dark powers of Relic's parents into those chains. She also made the decision to seal Relic in the Nevermore so that he wouldn't live as a traitor or a monster.*

Relic was only a baby Dragon Pony when he was sealed in the Nevermore forest. Since he is part dragon, he would have no problem being on his own, and he wouldn't feel lonely since he had the animals around who accepted him. As he grew to be a toddler he always wondered why he was so different from the animals, as far as attitude and personality wise. As a child he was very rowdy, and would usually pull pranks on them. When he was able to breath fire, he would (sometimes) unintentionally burn down trees, and chase squirrels and rabbits around with the idea of searing there fur off their tales. xD

As he grew to a young teenager, he started to grow calm, collected, and more to himself. He would usually hang around the animals only if they wanted him too. Because of his Dragon genes, he had grown to be a Carnivore. Since he stayed a distance away from them, but tried to at least hang around them so he wouldn't feel lonely.

One day, while looking up at the sky on top of a tree, he saw an explosion in the colors of a rainbow. Shocked, he fell from the tree, and into a ditch, where he found old books, scrolls, toys, and journals. Most of them he found were written in multiple languages, and to his amazement, he was able to understand them. Every word or symbol was being deciphered to him like a puzzle, and his mark shaped like a tablet appeared. He read up on what a cutie mark meant and what it meant for his future. Even though he's blind at what his destiny truly holds, he's now aware that there are other beings out there rather than just him...


Updated, and better than ever!


took you long enough glassy! nice update you got here! lol

Gracie Sky

 :I He doesn't eat... ponies, does he?
Character Critique Thread

Have your OC fairly and honestly evaluated!





Their is this hero challenge that I am doing on deviantart, right here:

And i'm entering my OC Relic! :3
Spoiler: show

Maybe you all should vote later on! Wish me luck!


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I must say this O.C is really well made. ^^

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thanks! :3

BTW, bump
Plus another picture of Relic for a contest on DeviantArt
Spoiler: show


I must resist dragging this pony to my throne room and hug it  ovO

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The topic should be more cleaner now :3
Critiques are now welcomed ;)


new update: changed his cutie mark and gave him a darker outlining, while also giving his story some revitalization! :3 His story should be way better.


Back and updated! c:


Augh, how have I never commented on Ancient Relic?!
Honestly, Ancient Relic is one of my favourite OCs on this forum.
Such an interestin' OC, you did a very good job with him.

🎈 Good Vibes 🎈


Well thanks for commenting! xDD
His name is just Relic btw. c:
He's finally perfect (Not that perfect, but good now), so thanks for the comment. Now, I just need pictures of him now. c:

Misty Fly

why is he all red?


2016 May 18, 23:50:37 #17 Last Edit: 2016 May 18, 23:57:07 by GlassMirror
He was all red before in the old pictures. The updated one he isn't red really, but like a dark orange brown something color. xD
But he represents the colors of Autumn. c:

Nameless Whirlwind

Quote from: Misty Fly on 2016 May 18, 01:55:39
why is he all red?

Why isn't she all red? :>

On-Topic: This is one of the most well-developed and unique OCs I've seen so far :D.


Quote from: Nameless Whirlwind on 2016 May 19, 00:02:30
Why isn't she all red? :>

On-Topic: This is one of the most well-developed and unique OCs I've seen so far :D.
Thanks! Took so much time making his story and himself well designed and on point. c:

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