Post your Steam ID's here!

Started by Ozzy, 2012 Mar 19, 13:05:48

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Valy Wave

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My Steamname is: Valy Wave

My Steam-id seems to be "choro75"
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2013 Dec 21, 12:54:36 #81 Last Edit: 2013 Dec 21, 12:59:18 by Pipkin sec I honestly forgot the name beside your location is actually supposed to be your real name...
Then I forgot to censor that one word...sigh

Paint derped and didn't let me use the brush or pencil.... :o


I'm Sir Jared on Steam. c:
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Just... Puynsi ovO

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Here's mine just in case -

I'm on this site's and forum's steam group so you guys can easily find me.
3DS Friend Code: 2363-5641-1771
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Not sure why I'm bothering to post this here, but whatever.

A link to my tumblr above!
Tiger's OC page. Should re-do it...


Just search for Cerasza. I'll be the only result. (Original?  O:)

I don't really play TF2 or most other F2P games, though I don't mind Alien Swarm. If you catch me online, I'll play -almost- any games we've got in common if I'm not planning on playing with someone else already.

Also, if you want to add me, make sure to leave a comment. I don't add randoms unless I have friends or groups in common with them.


Here's mine:

hopefully there's a few active gamer bronies around that actually chat...  lol


Here's mine

I don't have many friends on steam, so it'd be nice to have some more!


My Steam username is Windosoft Microws 6.9.

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well if anyone wants to go ahead and add me.
note I did try to access LoE via steam by adding it to my games list as a non-Steam game, but I didn't have enough connectivity to actually play with Steam saying I was ingame.
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im just a guy who likes ponies and internet spaceships  LONG LIVE THE LUNAR REPUBLIC

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Eh, what the heck)) Add me if ya want to chat or play together)) ^ ^

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