Post your Steam ID's here!

Started by Ozzy, 2012 Mar 19, 13:05:48

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I'd post it, but I don't add anyone I haven't already played a great deal with and already familiar with, or I know well off-Steam.

So instead I'll post the group I'm in, and maybe we'll cross paths in one of its servers.


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I don't often post my Steam ID in the middle of a group of people I don't know.
I can make an exception here.


You can find me here. I made the group (hopefully you can tell) then check out my YouTube.
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That should be right, if not, please leave me a message saying that it is not working.  :P


I am very active on Steam. There isn't one day I am not on.
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Uncertain If I've already submitted mine to this thread. :nod:
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Wow I've got a lot of work do do adding y'all.

Feel free to add me if you haven't already. Be sure to acknowledge yourself as a human though when i accept because i get like 7-23 phishing bots a day adding me asking me for my accou... i mean to trade with me. Hope to play with you all sometime.


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