What would you like to see in a MLP visual novel?

Started by Prof. Gyrescope, 2016 Apr 02, 12:22:20

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Prof. Gyrescope

Hello everypony. With a group of friends, we want to do a little visual novel of mlp, but we canĀ“t decide what to do  X3 so... let's ask the fandom :D  (I think visual novel qualifies as some kind of video game, if this post is in the wrong category, sorry u_u, its my first one)

What kind of story would you like to see in a novel?
-romantic, adventure, a dark one,etc.

What characters would you like to see in the novel?
-only the mane six, some background ponies, a new character created specially for the occassion,etc

Where the story will take place?
-some locations inside Equestria or maybe a new invented region

This are basic questions, if you have others ideas just comment and I'll be happy to listen to them. :)


I'd personally enjoy seeing something located in Ponyville. Maybe something like a slice-of-life/psychological thriller story involving the main six.
What is this 'happiness' others speak of

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