The Great Web Host Migration of 2013

Started by Liska, 2013 Nov 12, 20:55:57

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Get this shiny new Bindle badge by posting here or being online during the Great Web Host Migration of 2013!

Fancy huh? :]


I am here and ready for the Great Web Host Migration of 2013! :3



yay pointless award I want it lol I'm kidding I hope this migration works for y'all


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(sorry Bakasan, chose this image)
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I will gladly accept the bindle. It will help me take some essentials.
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Teal Turken

Why couldn't it be red? It looks like a garbage bag. lol

(Forgive me for having to state that I'm just joking around with this post. Tone of voice is non-existent through text.)


Teal Turken

But stick ball is much for fun to say. x3

Bravo 658

...Ain't that the thing that little kids leaving home in comic strips keep their stuff in?


Night Pony

A stick with stuff. That's an interesting award. lol

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A global pony migration? News like this  should be on equestria daily.


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wuhhuuu a new home


Yay! More awards to make new users jelly! Yes please! :P


im probaly late to the party now but hey ho im happy being able to post again



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Pack all your food and soap for the move.

Emit, you mischievous little...
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