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    Spoiler: Randam Saiko • show

    [quote]"Adventure calls to everypony, no matter what obstacles are in the way. All you have to do is answer it."[/quote]

    Name: Randam Saiko
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Future Asylum Patient Paranormal Traveler
    Likes: Ghosts, Supernaturals, Stories, Free food, Black Magic & Voodoo Magic, Sharing Experiences
    Dislikes: Fakes, White Magic, Light-related spells, Soup Ladles, Boredom, Delays, Crossroads
    Traits: Psychotic, Curious, Eager, Carefree, cautious Reckless
    Bio: He used to live a simple life just as every other pony did. Attend school, get a job, and so on. Nothing really ever happened where he lived. He was given an assignment one day from his teacher, a project on the paranormal. He decided to hit the library to research on ghosts. At first, he studied them just for class, but as he progressed deeper into his studies, he became more curious and it eventually turned into a hobby. Throughout his research, he came upon many stories, but the one ghost story that caught his attention was a special event known as "The Opening." The event happened only once every 3 years. A portal to the ghost world known as The Limbo Hole, would open via an ancient tree located in a forest, which luckily wasn't too far from where he lived and was only a few days away. He then met up with a group of ponies who also wanted to see the portal for themselves. They waited many long hours that night, exchanging stories and trying to scare each other. Eventually, the temperature in the forest drastically dropped and the group knew that the portal was opening. They trotted and scattered about as fast as they could, trying to find the portal. Randam was the only one out of all of them to actually find it. He tried to call the others to tell them where it is, but he became impatient. Over whelmed by the desire to see the ghost world, he carelessly stuck his head in hoping to see wonders. Throughout his months of research, one fact that he didn't know was that The Limbo Hole was rumored to drive any pony who peered inside it into insanity. His cutie mark changed from a plain black pen into a black spiral and his once blue eyes faded red.
    The night ended and everypony went home, all but one leaving in disappointment. When Randam got home, he couldn't control himself. He had a taste of supernatural adventure, and he wanted another meal. He became hungry for adventure, a way to escape his boring life, a new life of excitement. He wanted to savor every moment of his adventures, so he carried around with him a travel journal to record everything he's done, from stories he heard to life threatening moments; never forgetting one memory. After he said goodbye to all of his friends, he left his village in search for the unknown and the unseen that could possibly get him killed.

    [Spoiler=Follower (Saiko's POV)]Week 2, day 3 after leaving the village:
    So far, I've only encountered a few creature and an angry old stallion. While I was passing a town, some random pony came up to me with a flyer for some kind of ceremony for a group called "The Holy Followers." The flyer read, "Praise Celestia for all she does for us. Come join in the festivities to celebrate the glory of the light![/li][/list]" Interesting name they have. Hopefully they have free food there so I wouldn't have to pay for lunch today. With my very low budget and non-existent income, I decided to attend it. The building was flooded with ponies and I immediately noticed their enormous serving table. I just rushed to it and began stuffing myself. While I was eating, one of the group members told every guest to line up and put on some strange red scarf. A pony who I presume is their leader went up to the front of the room and asked that we all be "Blessed," whatever that means. They asked me to stand in a bowl of water and then the leader began talking  blabbering on about something. Anyways, he eventually finished and casted a spell. All of a sudden, an enormous flash of light came out of nowhere and my hooves and eyes felt like they were burning. I jumped out of the water after the light faded and I couldn't see anything. The leader began to shout things like "Evil! Tainted! Corrupted!" I panicked and teleported out into a nearby forest. I eventually passed out sometime after fleeing the structure. When I woke up, I was in an eye doctor's office. The orthodontist who took me in gave me a pair of glasses and asked what was wrong with my hooves. When I looked at them, they turned white and as hard as rocks. I don't know the exact details but I am never going to another gathering like that. The next day, I went to the library to to some research to find out what happened to me. The blessing they gave me was a white magic warding spell that was suppose to protect me from the evils of the world. But because of what I did a few weeks ago, it must have backfired. Their so called "Holy Magic" blinded my eyes and scorched my hooves. Never again am I going to trust them, even if they have a free buffet. But I won't let these small conditions ruin my life. This isn't going to stop me from living the way I want.

    Spoiler: Blank Light • show

    [quote]Always follow your own light when approached by darkness.[/quote]

    Name: Blank Light
    Gender: Male
    Age: 101
    Occupation: Guide
    Likes: Sleeping, New faces, Discovering new places, Tricks, Relaxation
    Dislikes: Being forced, Storms, Loud noises
    Traits: Casual, Warm-Hearted, Playful

    Blank Light isn't a normal "pony."  He's originally from the ghost world, a place that's surprisingly not as different from the world of Equestria. Well....aside from everyone being able to float and well, being dead of course. Back in his world, his original form was merely a ball of smoke and lights, but with spaghetti like arms. He used to work as a tour guide in a museum. Day by day, he would take his tour group through an exhibit all about a world known as "Equestria." Legend said that it was inhabited by peaceful four legged creatures known as "Ponies." Although he had to repeat and inform his groups every time about these creatures, he never really believed in them himself. He thought it was all legend and nothing else. "Ridiculous and strange" were his opinions on ponies. About a week before his 101th birthdead-day, a coworker went up to him and sadly told him that the museum was going to shut down due to budget cuts. He then had to go job hunting and on the way to his new job, a strange white hole appeared in front of him. Baffled by it, he carefully investigated the unusual hole. Believing it to be a portal to his new job since it appeared in front of him, he passed through it.
    When he got to the other side of it, he felt strange. He couldn't feel his arms. When he tried to move, he could feel not 2 limbs, but 6; 4 legs and 2 wings (Left and Right). At first he panicked and without control of anything, crashed into trees. After a while, he calmed down and tried to find out what the hay was going on. He was now a pegasus in Equestria. When he realized this, he thought he went crazy and its all a dream or something. But he was wrong, it was real of course. He frantically tried to search for the same portal he entered/exited, but it had already closed.
    But what was most strange was the fact that he turned into a pony. Back in his old job, he was told that when a spirit enters Equestria, they would retain their form. So why didn't he? After a whole night of failure looking for the portal, he gave up and decided to start a new life in the same woods where he first entered through. It was his 101th, so he thought, "why not?" He's been (un)living in the ghost world for 100 years. "These pony creatures could be just as fun to live with."
    On the 7th night of his arrival, a group of ponies were lost in the thick woods. Feeling worried he flew over to help them. He knew the area well and he guided them out. Ponies got lost in those woods so commonly that it eventually became his night job. One night, a small filly came up to him with a newspaper; "Ghost in the Woods" was the title of an article.  "A new ghost like pegasus living in the woods." It gave him a good laugh; a ghost huh? That gave him the idea to play with wandering ponies by scaring them for a couple of harmless laughs before getting out of the woods. The Ghost in the woods became his new life.
    Once in a while, his spectral like properties will start to appear, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes by accident.

    Spoiler: Sapphire Gem & Ruby Auxinic • show

    [quote]Remember, you are one of a kind, you are irreplaceable.[/quote]

    Names: Sapphire Gem (L) & Ruby Auxinic (R)
    Genders: Female & Male
    Ages: Both 18
    Occupations: Mechanic, Botanist
    Likes: Sports, races, robotics, being with Ruby, Books, experimenting, hiking, Being with Sapphire
    Dislikes: Research, sweets, Physical Labor, being rushed, Being separated from each other, large bodies of water
    Traits: Reliable, Enthusiastic, Cheerful, Calm, Worrisome at times, Compassionate, Careful
    The twins grew up in in the city of Manehattan. Gem had always excelled in physical attributes and athletics, compared to her brother, who was more focused on literature and had a gift for caring for plants. At an early age, Gem had an interest in robots and electronics, while Auxinic was more interested in books and herbs. At about age 16, their family was going broke, so both of them had to get jobs to help pay the bills. Gem had training at a mechanic's shop and Auxinic helped at the local nursery. although both of them had very different interests, strangely they both know exactly what the other was thinking. Whenever they were both together, they would always finish each other's sentences. This really creeped out most of their friends, who prefer that they be separated when being near them.  The twins usually found it funny how they'd possibly do that. They never planned any of the words they would say. It's was a mystery to every pony how they did it, including themselves. They both had dreams of creating their own works out of their hobbies. Gem always wanted to become an engineer in the military, constructing robots and other machinery, while Auxinic wanted to become a doctor for a small village, creating and discovering cures and making medicine. They both signed up to attended schools to help their dreams become a reality. But one day, their mother dropped a massive secret on them that changed their very existence. Destroyed by the news, they both fled their home,  denying every word of what she said. They searched all of Equestria to find evidence that what their mother was telling them was a complete lie, but when they found hard evidence, what she said became the truth. One of the siblings lost their mind and tried to revoke their own existence. The other managed to stop them and helped them regain their desire to keep moving. "No matter what, you're still you, and don't ever forget that. It doesn't matter where you came from because you are real, you exist, you're right here , and don't you ever dare say otherwise!"
    They eventually returned home, continuing their lives... pretending as if they never knew of what happened that day they were born.

    Spoiler: The Truth • show

    On the day of one of the twin's birth, one of them was born in a hospital. Although it was a miracle to the doctors and nurses who delivered the foal, their mother was disappointed . She was hoping that her child was the other gender. After she was admitted out of the hospital with her new foal, she quickly went into her house, closing everything that allowed vision into her home. She was a gifted unicorn with many spells. However, the spells she knew, were not for the weak-hearted. She knew of a special potion that if used correctly, could change the gender of a pony. The same day, she slaved to create the potion and took her new born foal to the mirror pond. She poured the potion into it, tainting the pond, and she dipped her foal in it. From the pond came out another new born foal with the exact colors and race, but the foal was the right gender that the mother wanted. Not denying the birth of her original foal, she took them both home. She raised both of them normally, but she kept the truth hidden from them for many years. Throughout those 18 years, the twins lived, growing attached to each other and refusing to leave one another behind.
    One lived a real life. One was an artificial life. One was born in a hospital bed. One was born from a tainted pond. One had the original thoughts and sentences. The other only connected the words.

    Now tell me, who is who?
    Spoiler: Final Verdict • show

    [quote]The guilty will know suffering.[/quote]
    Name: Final Verdict
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Lawyer & Investigator
    Likes: Research, Domination, Power, Intimidation, Family
    Dislikes: Weakness, Criminals, Losing, Mercy, 2nd chances, Risks, Chaos
    Traits: Proud, Highly-Held, Dominant, Efficient, Intellectual, Confident

    Verdict was born into a high family in Canterlot. He is the eldest of 3 siblings. He was gifted with extreme intellect and analytic abilities. He grew up believing in justice and as he progressed through his life/ He makes a living off being a lawyer. Throughout the years, he gained power and reputation in many courtrooms and climbed in power. He trampled on every necessary soul that went against his road to power. He had never lost a case and has sent hundreds of criminals to justice, savoring every victory he claims. He absolutely loves to verbally attack every pony he sees as an enemy, regardless of who they are. If they were against him, he would always fire away, word after word, slowly destroying their confidence, their self-esteem, their sanity. Just manipulating the words and the emotions of others for pleasure was so entertaining. The feeling of control and psychological torment was just too enjoyable for him. His morals are completely unethical and sympathetic-less as he enjoys seeing the guilty descend into the pits of their own foul acts while his own power and reputation within Canterlot ascends to greater heights. Even the innocent may fall victim to his cruel psychological games if he sees them as a threat or nuisance.

    Spoiler: Mold Spinner • show

    [quote]The only barriers that stop you from happiness are more mental than physical.[/quote]

    Name: Mold Spinner
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Ceramics Sculptor/[glow=black,2,300]Ruthless Survivalist[/glow]
    Likes: Pottery, Clay, Spending time with family, Tea
    Dislikes: Horror Movies, Jump Scares, Seeing his work destroyed , Lectures
    Traits: Hard working, Passionate, Compassionate, Dedicated, Thoughtful, [glow=black,2,300]Instinct-Driven, Emotionless[/glow]

    Spinner was different from his family. Unlike the rest of them, he was born an Earth pony. His parents and siblings were all unicorns. He got his genes from his great grandfather, who was also an Earth pony and the only other Earth pony in his entire family tree. Spinner owns and runs a ceramics shop in Ponyville. He always loved to sculpt with clay and make pottery although his parents preferred that he lived in Canterlot with them and worked in Law like his older brother. They didn't stop him though; they wanted him to be happy. He was always close to his family, visiting them weekly and giving them alot of hoof-made gifts. One day, he saw an advertisement, "Nervous System Patients Wanted. Volunteers receive 1,000 Bits for service" The ad wanted any ordinary pony to volunteer to test out a non-harmful machinery that would help improve reflexes and possibly help promote muscle growth. He decided to volunteer for it. That day, he went into the Mental and Physical Research Facility where he was attached to the machine. He had about 6 cords stuck to his face that would track his brain activity. The doctors tested him by showing him disturbing images and jump scares to see how his brain would react and if any causes a specific reaction impulse to his muscles. The doctor in charge of the test left the room for a while to record the results and data. While the doctor was gone, the machine went haywire. It malfunctioned and started to emit electrical impulses to Spinner's brain, damaging a fraction on it. The doctor managed to return in time to cut the machine off before it did any visible harm. Believing the machine was unstable, they sent Spinner home with compensation. About 3 days after the testing, a robber barged into his store and demanded that Spinner give him all of the money. He was armed only with a dagger. Spinner went to the back of the store to retrieve the rest of the money, but as he walked he turned for a second and noticed that the robber had put the dagger down on the desk for a short second, letting his guard down. Something inside him snapped. It was as if some other pony had taken control of his body. He was mentally there, but not physically. He couldn't move it or say a single word, only watch through the eyes of a hollow body. It was if his body was acting on its own. It started to move slowly back to the robber, grabbing a vase on the way. When it got within melee range, it smashed the pot against the robbers head, knocking him to the ground. The burglar struggled to grab his dagger, but that thing that used to be Spinner wouldn't let him touch it...or even move at all...the burglar was pinned down with extreme force and kept struggling until he was completely out of stamina. When he was too exhausted to move, Spinner took a hold of a clay pot and held it directly above the burglar's head. At that moment, he regained control of his  body and placed the pot aside.
    Horrified at what "he" had done and almost had done, he called the police immediately. He tried to explain what happened, but the police simply disregarded it and simply took the burglar into custody. The next day, he sought medical help from the same doctor 3 days ago. After a close examination, the doctor was amazed but also frightened. The machine caused Spinner to developed a split personality. Because he saw images that caused him fear and messed with his reflexes before the machine malfunctioned, he developed a second personality based off of pure survival and instinct. Whenever he felt deep fear or threatened, the second him will automatically take over his body and try to neutralize the threat.
    Although he has no control of his body during this time, he could still see and hear everything. He can still think in this state. He hates the feeling of it, being trapped in a hollow assault machine. But despite his negative attitude towards his condition, it actually helps him in most situations. He tries to keep it a secret as knowing this information may scare off others.

    [Spoiler=Unclear Mirage]

    QuoteDon't look into the future, create the future.

    Name: Unclear Mirage
    Gender: Female
    Age: 9
    Occupation: Pottery Store Assistant
    Likes: Tea, Spending time with family, Sweets
    Dislikes: Coffee, monsters, authorities, doctors, mirrors, being told wrong, Conflict
    Traits: Childish, Simple Minded, Out-going, Joyful
    Mirage lived in a high class family in Canterlot. She grew up with 2 older brothers, Spinner and Verdict. Unlike either of her brothers, she wasn't born a genius or an artist; She didn't really have any specific talents. She never really got to leave the house much because of her protective mom, but she didn't care. She would always have a tea party with her stuffed animals and sometimes Spinner, while Verdict was always too busy to play with her. At most, he would just greet her as they pass each other. One day, Spinner had to leave home to study for arts school leaving Mirage without anypony to play with. Her father was always at work like Verdict and her mom worked at home, filing paperwork for her company. One day, while wandering the house, she stumbled upon one of her father's spellbooks. She knew how to use spells and she wanted to find one that could help her brother with his progresses so that he would come home sooner. She tried a spell, but it backfired. She did all sorts of things wrong and ended up going into a magical coma.
    Her parents managed to get to her, but she was already in too deep and couldn't wake up. They rushed her to the hospital for any possible treatment but the spell locked her consciousness. She was taken to multiple clinics in hopes that she could be awoken, but none of them could do a thing to wake her up. However, throughout those 4 years, her magic grew. Each day of rest empowered the failed spell into raw magical energy, every single last of it stored into her horn. It seemed like a blessing that was found at the end of the problem, but it wasn't. Mirage doesn't even know about the dangerous magic she controls. At times, when she wanted to have fun or escape her problems, she would use the only spell she knew. She would cast an illusion spell that she thought was a creation spell. The professionals who examined her during her coma state became interested in studying her. They wanted to conduct research on her magical potential and how to harvest it for energy and demanded that her parents surrender her to them; so far as to acquire a warrant for her custody. Her parents disapproved of their demand and aided in their daughter's escape. Mirage casted an illusion of herself for the authorities to take, buying her enough time to escape Canterlot. After escaping Canterlot, she headed to Ponyville, where her older brother Spinner lives. Spinner was informed of the situation and prepared her a room. He openly accepted her into his house and she was more than welcomed to live with him. Technically, she's only lived her life for 5 years and as a result, she doesn't exactly know right from wrong and has a nearly blank slate on beliefs, morals, and even on what her purpose is in the world.[/spoiler]

    Spoiler: Astrila Angel • show

    [quote]Storms are unpredictable things. Be careful of what they bring or take away. [/quote]
    Name: Astrila Angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Occupation: Mountain Resident
    Likes: Winter, Sweets, Tea, Holidays, Birds, Art
    Dislikes: Hot temperatures, Being alone, Violence, Caves
    Traits: Warm-Hearted, Caring, Resourceful
    Astrila lives in the icy northern mountains of Equestria. She lives in a small 3 bedroom cabin with Closed Chapter. Their home is located a few mountains away from the only town in the  area, so Astrila never really left her house much. Before she met Chapter, she spent most of her life in solitude because of her location and the large amount of snow storms that occur up in the mountains. Unlike most areas where the pegasi control the weather, the climate of where Astrila lives could not be controlled. The clouds refused to move whenever the pegasi tried to move them and they would begin snowing whenever they please. She used to take a 2 day trip (by hooves) to the nearby town to restock on food and supplies, but ever since Chapter came into her life, getting groceries has been his job since he had a daily job in town and could make the trip in 20 minutes by flight. She spends most of her free time reading and exploring & mapping the mountains. Her job in the mountain's community is whenever a traveler is passing by, she would invite them to spend the night in her home since the town was 2 days away. An overnight break area would help attract tourists for the town. She enjoyed the company and stories that she shared with whoever stumbled by.

    Spoiler: Closed Chapter • show

    [quote]You can run as much as you want, but your shadow is always behind you. Don't call me a villain, but don't call me a hero neither. [/quote]
    Name: Closed Chapter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Occupation: Waiter
    Likes: Peace, Tranquility, Honesty, A simple Life, Snow, Hot Chocolate, Second Chances
    Dislikes: Using Force, Guilt, Mushrooms, Personal Questions, Slime,
    Traits: Honest, Cooperative, Hard Working, Empathetic
    Closed Chapter's life is simple and honest. He lives in the icy northern mountains with his roommate and closest friend, Astrila Angel. Chapter works as a waiter for a small restaurant in a town located a few mountains away from where their cabin was located. He originally wasn't born in the mountains and not many ponies in the area knew much about him. He just appeared out of nowhere after a snow storm. Some thought that maybe he was a traveler that got lost in the storm and somehow contracted amnesia, which explains why he doesn't talk about his origins. However, he assures every pony that he indeed does not have amnesia, but he in fact did come to their town after the snowstorm. Whenever a customer asked him where he came from and for any stories from before he came to their town, they would never receive an answer. He never spoke of his past and always dodged the subject of it.
    One day, one of the customers in the restaurant caused a scene and tried to trash the place. He was briefly detained by Chapter, who used what appeared to be anti-personnel combat techniques. After the offender was handed over to the authorities, the customers and even Chapter's boss assaulted him with questions and where he learned the techniques. Even still, he refused to say a single word. Curious, his boss went to Canterlot in order to find any records or files on Chapter, but found nothing at all. Chapter no birth certificate, no ID, no photos, no documents, even his name was never heard of in the archives.  The only ponies who know about Chapter's concealed origins was of course himself and Astrila, who also refused to say a word of it.

    Spoiler: Second Sound • show

    [quote]"One's own misfortune may lead to a higher blessing."[/quote]
    Name: Second Sound
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Occupation: Pianist
    Likes: Orchestras, Walking, Traveling, Nature
    Dislikes: Flying, Reading, Crows, Visual Arts, Loud noises
    Traits: Modest, Honest, Irritable, Cheerful, Persistent
    No one can see their future and whether it be good or bad, it is better off not seeing. Some events in life are suppose to happen and following this begins the story of Second Sound. Second Sound was born in the city of Manehattan in a middle-classed family of four, which consisted of his parents, his older brother, and himself. Their family owned a store that rents and sells instruments, with their home being on the second and third floor of it. His brother, Miracle Descendant, was like his hero, the strong and hard-working stallion that was the family's golden statue. His brother was the type to always help out others and follow some crazy dream. His dream was to play and master every instrument possible. Sound always thought that he would never accomplish that since no pony in history has ever done that. "Bet you can't play the biggest instrument ever," Sound teased.
    "Oh really? I bet you I can master the piano in 3 weeks tops," replied Descendant.
    2 weeks past and his brother had just barely mastered the basics. "3 weeks you said?" Sound continued to tease as his brother struggled to play a single song. To prove Sound wrong, Descendant attempted to play Cannon in minor D, but completely fumbled halfway through, striking nearly all of the low keys. "I will learn how to play the piano one day, you go ahead and watch me!" Descendant exclaimed with determination.
    It was in the shroud of dusk when a melody awoken Sound from his slumber. A peaceful Sonata that could slowly awaken the most enraged giant. Sound crept down the stairs and into the store to find Descendant practicing in the middle of the night. "Miracle, it's 2 in the morning....why are you-"
    "It's almost 3 weeks," Miracle Descendant confidently returned as he continued to play his notes. By the rhythm of his song, it sounded as if he had mastered the piano. "See, I told you. If you just pour enough blood, sweat, and tears into it, you can achieve it," He pridefully laughed.
    The moonlighted mood was interrupted by the clattering of wall hung instruments. Brass and wood constantly colliding in an unsettling manner. "...Run!" Miracle shouted. The brothers sprinted for the door, but as they did, rubble from above began to collapse and shower the store.

    Rescue log #52392, Manehattan, 02526, 9801 GoldWell street, September 24 XXXX

    The rescue team reached the site of Gateway Music Store at 10:36 am. A family of 4 was devastated by last night's Earthquake. While the parents were able to escape in time, their sons were trapped in the first floor during the incident. Upon removing the rubble from the site, the 2 sons of the store owners have been discovered and were both sent to the Emergency Room. According to the reports, the elder son, Miracle Descendant, has taken several blows to the head from debris and is placed into a level 4 coma. The younger son, Second Sound, sustained minor bodily injuries. However, due to the intensity of the sounds emitted during the accident, his hearing has been permanently damaged. Miracle has been admitted into the Grand Cross hospital and placed into the hands of the hospital staff. Sound was released earlier today, but has lost his hearing completely.

    After the accident, Sound and his parents settled in a small house not too far from where the accident was. Although they had lost the store, they were able to scavenge several instruments that were still in usable conditions. The recovered items included 3 flutes, 2 wooden guitars, and the piano that Miracle slaved over. Losing his sense of hearing and brother put into a coma, Sound fell into a state of despair. Trying to walk down memory lane, Sound fiddled with the piano and with each note struck, he could feel his wings' feathers react to every sound. "What the...." He continued to strike note after note until something wondrous happened. He sat down, spread his wings open and began to replicate the same motions that Miracle made when he played the piano. Note after note, he could feel the vibrations of his feathers. Although he lost his ears, his wings were able to pick up the shattered glass that were left behind. He could feel the sound being played as if the song was being transferred from his wings to his mind. His sense of touch enhanced and sprouted into his new method of hearing. Just unfold and sprout his wings to catch sound waves and translate it into his mind. He lost every other sense for the moment and merged with the piano. Note after note and song after song he played without brake.
    Through the next 3 weeks, Sound continued to fuse with his divine instrument, perfecting his hoof dancing. By the end of the month, his soul had completely merged with his melodic art. "Hm?....Ah, I this is my destiny..." he rejoiced, staring at his new cutiemark. Over the next several years, he worked in entertainment, playing background music for broadway and operas. Whenever his hooves met with the black and white keys, his mind would bond with the strings and lose everything but his ability to play. Every week, he would visit his brother in the hospital and tell him of his work. Despite both of them being unable to hear each other, the bond got through. "It's just like you said, 3 weeks tops. My blood, sweat, and tears are with you Descendant. Now let's give the theater the grandest music they will ever hear."

    Spoiler: Chemistry Chart • show


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