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Teal Turken

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Spoiler: Teal • show
General Information
Height-3 feet 4 inches
Cutie Mark-Water drop showing Teal's love for the water.
Likes-Water, swimming, being helpful, playing, Strawberries
Dislikes-slugs and snails, mean ponies, ghosts and all undead, others being hurt/injured
Personality-Cheerful, fearful, slightly paranoid, caring
Other-Teal has been swimming for so long he has developed a natural skill that lets him find water by feeling the moisture in the air through his ears.
Teal has gained the powers of the element of love, allowing him to make anything he can think of in cloud crafting. He can also boost any abilities of his friends by focusing his love energy towards them.
Teal shares half of a heart with a water dragon by the name of Vault (Sonyablademaster). Therefore he lives as long as she does, 1000 years. He can feel what she feels and vice versa.

Spoiler: Image of the Element of Love made by Lusterless Nova-NEW VERSION! • show

Teal can craft entire buildings of cloud or even armor with his soul element but only with the element.

Teal grew up in cloudsdale with his parents. At a young age his wings matured to adult size allowing him to fly but his flying skills were quite hazardous. He would often crash into things while flying, making all the other fillies and colts laugh at him. One day his parents took him on a trip to the surface to a lakeside town. There he found his love for water and earned his cutie mark. The years after got better and better for him, learning to fly, making friends, and finally moving into his own home on the surface in Ponyville, to be closer to larger bodies of water.

Spoiler: Photos of Teal • show

Spoiler: Hershel Ingot • show
General Information
Name-Hershel Ingot
Height-3 feet 6 inches
Cutie Mark-Hammer representing his talent for construction
Likes-Fine crafts, fast food
Dislikes-Being Stalled, ponies who are afraid of silly things, laziness
Personality-Strong, loyal, brash, slightly insensitive
OtherIs Teal's father and Creampuff's husband.

Spoiler: Photo of Hershel (Other Artist) • show

Spoiler: Creampuff Delight • show
General Information
Name-Creampuff Delight
Height-3 feet 4 inches
Cutie Mark-Mixing bowl and spoon representing Creampuff's talents and love for baking.
Likes-Generosity, cuteness, sweets
Dislikes-Cruelty, combat/fighting
Personality-Sweet, loving, caring, defensive, protective
OtherIs mother to Teal and wife to Hershel.

Spoiler: Photo of Creampuff (By Ethereal Nebula) • show

Spoiler: Other image in case that one seems off to you • show

Spoiler: Sheeby • show
General Information
Height-3 feet 4 inches
Cutie Mark-Colored CDs showing her love and talent for CD and Vinyl crafting.
Likes-Fun, parties, getting her way
Personality-Kind, polite, touchy (as in doesn't like to be insulted)
OtherIs Teal's unicorn Cousin.

Spoiler: Photo of Sheeby (By Ethereal Nebula) • show

Spoiler: Cosmos • show
General Information
Height-2 feet 10 inches
Cutie Mark-Blue Galaxy representing his astrological magical abilities.
Likes-Nighttime, peace, kindness
Dislikes-Evil, being ignored
Personality-Subtle, straightforward, obedient, positive, silent
OtherCosmos was an earth pony that made a wish and became an alicorn. Read the bio for the full story.

Cosmos used to be an ordinary earth pony living a calm life in ponyville. Throughout his childhood he wasn't really appreciated or noticed. He would do his chores, finish his homework, brush his teeth every night.... but his parents didn't care! They would shrug when he made simple gifts for them and ignore him when he told them something important like he got an A on a test. Eventually they started ignoring his entire existence, he no longer received chores, there was no breakfast made for him, and there was no goodbyes or hellos. All he wanted was for them to love him. At the age of 15 he was out watching the stars through a telescope, a little hobby of his. A shooting star shot past and Cosmos made a wish to have the chance to earn his parents love.
One night Cosmos was out watching the stars. He saw a shooting star and made a wish to have the chance to earn his parents love and recognition. He suddenly felt very drowsy and fell asleep outside. He awoke sometime later feeling...different. He sat up and took note that the stars look like words to him, telling him things. He was very confused and he felt some new appendages on his back....wings! He had wings....and a horn! His coat also changed color, from dark brown to black and his mane was very smooth and clean. It became starry and the stars moved along it. He looks up to the night sky hoping the stars will provide an explanation for his transformation. Instead they told him he needed to be prepared for an upcoming opportunity but they didn't say what it was. They taught him how to fly and use his magic, but his magic wasn't like any other unicorn's magic. His magic had stars surround his horn and his spells are all related to the universe such as being able to alter gravity and create nebulas. His training ended at sunrise and the stars told him he was ready. They said he must go home before they vanished in the morning light. Cosmos went home, thinking all he had to do was show off his new powers to his parents but when he got home, he found some kind of wormhole and his parents gone. He entered the wormhole to find them being held captive by some galactic wraith in a sort of void in space. It is revealed there that this wraith was controlling his parents all these years and was planning to use them to steal the elements of harmony at a time when all seemed calm. Cosmos battled the wraith and won but the wraith made one final effort to destroy the ponies and destabilized the void. They only had seconds and Cosmos's parents were trapped by a powerful spell. Cosmos tried to save them but they told him to go before they all were exposed to the vacuum of space. He hesitated but he nodded and he left his parents as they said how much they really cared. The last he sees of his parents is the void collapsing and the wormhole closing

Spoiler: Photo of Cosmos (Pony Creator, edited in mane by me) • show

Spoiler: Zappy the Changeling • show

Height-1 foot 6 inches
Disguise formBrown foal with dark brown mane and tail
Likes-Friends, helping
Dislikes-Cruelty, insults, being feared, his own power, most changelings
Personality-Fearful, jumpy, caring, shy
OtherZappy was born with lightning fused with his magic, empowering it but making it very difficult to control.

Before Zappy was born, his egg got sucked out into a thunderstorm and struck with lightning during the phase of which he develops his horn and magic. It fused with his magical power, imbuing him with lightning powers but like lightning it's very difficult to control and very unpredictable. When the queen discovered his power she tried to make him use it but he ended up killing many other changelings. His very shy, friendly and non violent personality is strange to the changelings and is a very big problem for them all for his mercy on workers and creatures. Zappy had fled from the changeling hive and was welcomed into Ponyville by Lusterless Nova, who took him in. Zappy stayed hidden for a while but eventually was revealed and discovered by other ponies, but they all came to like him for who he is rather than what he is. Other changelings not of Zappy's own had heard of his power and sought him out, finding him in Ponyville. They took him to their queen, who like Zappy's previous queen tried to use his power for personal gain. This time however Zappy used his power to fight back and sent the changelings running, telling them all to never bother him again. He now attends the Ponyville elementary school in the guise of a filly and is learning to better control his magic. As of now, Zappy lives with Jenzy (different user from myself) at his home.

Spoiler: Photo of Zappy (Pony Creator, edited by me) • show

Spoiler: Patchwork, Vick's adopted son • show
General Information
Likes-Loves Corn, playing
Dislikes-Being told he's an earth pony, being taunted/insulted
Personality-Positive nutty, open minded, foolish
OtherHad lost his wings at the age of 3, before he could ever use them. He comes from a foreign kingdom that only had one town and it was razed by dragons. Patch is the only known pony from this lost kingdom to have survived.
Vick (an OC that belongs to Vick McBread) found Patch under the ground, he had tunneled his way away from the dragons. Vick adopted Patch.

Spoiler: Picture of Patchwork (Pony Creator) • show

Spoiler: Shallow Heart the pony loving changeling nurse! • show
General Information
Name-Shallow Heart
Height-3 feet 8 inches
Likes-Ponies, most fluffy animals, power
Dislikes-Hedgehogs, ice cream, cake, claustrophobic
Personality-Sweet, easily insulted
Other-Shallow Heart has a talent in healing magics, most of which are changeling created but she knows one basic healing spell to use on ponies. She uses more common means of healing ponies like medicine and potions if she has any.

Spoiler: Sanny the tiny pony • show
Name- Sanny
Age- 14
Cutie Mark: None
Bio: None
Other:  Sanny herself has no idea where she came from, though she thinks that she was born from the trees that she takes shelter in. Until recently, she had never encountered a normal sized pony in her life. She hasn't yet worked up the courage to speak to anypony, but she has made numerous trips into Ponyville just to explore. It's only thanks to the tree sap she survives on that she can resist being stepped on, kicked and even squished or eaten alive. She has a terrible distaste for the former.
Spoiler: Appearance: Stands just 1 inch tall, usually has some dirt on her. (That's not what the brown spots on her are) • show

Spoiler: Star Rune • show
Name-Star Rune
Race-Earth Pony
Height-3 feet, 2 inches ~ He's a little on the short side for a pony.
Dislikes-Insects and Arachnids, vegetables, wide open spaces, loud crowded areas/parties
Personality-Courageous, polite, optimistic
Other- Star Rune uses scrolls to conduct magic, particularly wards and banishments. He is a member of an organization assigned with the never ending task of protecting the world of the living and the afterlife from angry spirits, demons and other abnormal, paranormal and otherworldly entities.

Spoiler: Picture of Star Rune • show

Night Pony

So Teal doesn't like undead?Interesting...

I want to thank all of the artist that have drawn my OCs.
Night Shine and Moon Violet

Teal Turken

Quote from: Night Pony on 2012 Jun 01, 08:38:58
So Teal doesn't like undead?Interesting...

Oh yeah. With how many bad run ins with the undead he's had he won't be joining there fan club anytime soon.


I think I've told you this before, but Sheeby is so cute. She's probably my favorite OC appearance wise. :D
[Avatar drawn by Dusky Hues; Thank you!]

Teal Turken

Well Teal usually sees them get summoned and I don't remember you saying they looked ghostly, I pictured them as sort of arcane looking but real. :\

Teal Turken

Going to be adding a new character to the list very soon. :3
I'm going to introduce him in RP when I get the chance.

Teal Turken

Added Zappy the Changeling to the list of my OCs with bio.


i like the idea of Cosmos... seems like a nice pony
Rub some bacon on it.

Teal Turken

He is! I just hardly find chances to use him. He's VERY OP, ton of things about him I have not posted about.

Fluffy Cloud

I don't know why I didn't comment on this before! I like you OCs! Just too lazy to make a "This is 100% Fluffy Coud approved."

Teal Turken

Thanks Fluffy Cloud! ^-^

Added Patchwork to the list of OCs


Really good OC'S i liked them all :D, i love your style of drawing their eyes they look so nice :3
Remember everyone is unique, just like you <3


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Bumping the post.
What?I don't think you can post bumping the post just to post.

Teal Turken

Quote from: julian on 2012 Jul 23, 12:26:49
Really good OC'S i liked them all :D, i love your style of drawing their eyes they look so nice :3

Well the only one here I can take credit for creating is Zappy. All the other drawings are by other artists. I should probably have it say who drew which picture. But thanks for the complements!


Aw oops,. . . X3
still the character's are really good they all have great personalities :D
i can't wait to see you in a roleplay :3

Remember everyone is unique, just like you <3

Teal Turken

I'm in plenty of RPs. I'm thinking of opening my own jump in again, it worked well but then I discovered how to kill it in one day. x3
Don't try to do to a short "mini" plot kids, it won't be as speedy as you think it will be. :I


i see i just saw there are forums roleplays.. i think i should explore all about the forums before posting things  >.<
I was meaning about when the game is released it will be so fun to roleplay :D
and yes i see about jump-in roleplays and all, im kinda newbie about roleplay  :I
Remember everyone is unique, just like you <3


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if teal likes being helpfull then maybe he could join THC (The Helpers Clan)  :D  http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=3865.0  :3
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Awesome O.C'S! i have 3 pony O.C's X3 [glow=red,2,300]HeHe[/glow]

Spoiler: show
I think your main O.C is epic :3


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