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Started by WinterPhoenixGaming, 2017 Feb 25, 17:31:21

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So above here I have my girl Triskele but I can't decide which tail looks better.
I've always been a bit biased towards how modern unicorns are portrayed (I'm extremely loyal to the old European designs) but I'm wondering if the bun tail works as well?

Aqua Fire

Well, what design do YOU like most? The bun would be the most common tail in the show, but that's the point! Your oc, is YOUR oc!! You are the one to decide if your oc is one with the crowd, or stands out! But, this is you opinion. If I were you, however, I would choose the seacond tail, like my oc's.


Thank you very much for your reply! I really like the longer, European tail but I've noticed (or perhaps I've just run into the wrong crowd before) that there seems to be a bit of stigma surrounding it due to it never being featured on a unicorn in the show before. ((Of course partly I think that's because you can't really market  brushable tails if you were to make a toy with it))


In my opinion you can make a somehow long tail. Or make a tail with a bow. That's depending from her personality and cutie mark, I think.
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Personally, I prefer the traditonal unicorn tail over just a horse/pony tail. It looks better I think.


I really like the longer tail as well ^^ the choice is up to you, ultimately.  I had no idea there was a stigma around using traditional unicorn tails ^^;


Stigma mostly comes from the lore fanatics of the show xD I've only had about three negative encounters with them regarding her tail so I just some opinions Cx After all the replies I've received I feel confident enough to go with my original choice the longer tail :D

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