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Started by Lord of Madness, 2012 Mar 19, 21:11:02

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Lord of Madness

2012 Mar 19, 21:11:02 Last Edit: 2013 Feb 07, 04:17:10 by Lord of Madness

Name/Alias: Zinrax, The Lord of Madness, Madness, Lord
Sex: Stallion
Age: 25
Species: Unicorn
Voice: Very raspy at times
Pelt Color: Red and Black
Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Black and white. very clean
Eye Color:Amber
Cutie Mark: A duel colored butterfly that represents his passion for magic.
Physique:His body appears weak in fact he is actually too physically weak to walk. He usually shows his power through his minds magical ability rather his body
Personality: Delightfully Twisted
Origin: A Noble family he does not quite remember in precise detail.
Home/Residence: He lives in an previously abandoned house. He has done slight work on it making it into a house and tea shop, but it appears very old. As if antique. Giving it an antique tea shop feeling.
Occupation: Tea shop owner.
Likes: His friends in the darkness. Magic of any kind, tea and cheese. Pegasus wings because they remind him of his mother. New friends, Bob the Table.
Family: Rich parents. He has no clue where they are, but still believes they will return for him.
Affiliations/friends:His friends in the darkness, He also blindly believes everyone he meets is his friend no matter what.
Enemies/Rivals: Ponies that look like him, things or ponies that try to shine light directly into his eyes, ponies that run towards  him too quickly. Anyone that insults his Friends in the Darkness.
Clothing and Accessories: A very tattered blindfold. pots and pans he sometimes likes to wear as a hat. A Hiding bucket.
Talent and Cutiemark Meaning: - He obtained it through a dream about an Archarcane butterfly. It shows his passion for the magical arts.
True Weakness: His friends in the darkness, He believes they are his friends in every single way that anyone could be. Usually hurting them or insulting or even contradicting that belief can leave him disoriented and lost in thought about them. He could become enraged and drop all strategy in his reasoning.

Though most of the time he acts spastic and occasionally without sense, the self-proclaimed Lord of Madness is very outgoing, and has a fun-loving personality.  His training as a child causes him to act somewhat stiffly or aristocratic from time to time, but he usually can barely contain himself around most people, and treats even strangers as if they were best of friends without consideration of personal space.

Aside from these eccentricities, Madness also has a habit of occasionally talking to his "Friends" in public, especially when near shaded or darkened areas.  He also finds it the very concept of change comforting, and will move objects into odd locations.

As a final quirk, and one which seems to disturb others most, the pony is known for entering rage-filled rants over the smallest slight and apologizing for kind gestures on occasion.  He himself is often surprised by these events, but perhaps one day he might be healed of the shadows of his past.

Born into a wealthy family, it was apparent from birth that something was different about him.  Despite his incredible intelligence, there always seemed to be something holding him back.  Perhaps a factor which contributed to this were his extremely sensitive eyes, which forced him to wear a blindfold for the most of his childhood and isolated him from the world of light.

As was tradition in the house he was born into, he was not given a name until he passed the one-year mark.  Until that time, he was simply called "Little Lord".  Alone and unable to live normally, he took to spending most of his time wandering the mansion and talking to his "Friends in the Darkness".  After a few months of this, the maids and servants began realizing how serious his condition was, and feared him.  Some even called him Zinrax, an ancient word which in their tongue meant Insanity and Madness.  Though certainly the little lord was intelligent enough to know the insulting intent of the name, he found great pleasure in the sound, and decided to add it to his title.

His parents, of course, despised this new development, but as he would answer to nothing else besides Lord of Madness or Lord Zinrax, they never gave him a proper name.  To compensate, they taught him, by force if necessary, to act as a pony of his status was expected to, though his condition was debilitating and he was much slower than most of his peers in learning his place.  No matter how much they pressed, he would ramble about how his "Friends" very much disliked it, and wished him to learn all there was to know of magic.

Upon hearing this, his parents became afraid, for they feared what somepony such as he might do with such knowledge.  They forbade him from learning magic, but it seemed this only drove him to learn more.  It began to seem that his "Friends" were much more than simple imaginings of a foal, for though his condition usually kept him from learning easily, the young lord attained his understanding of magic with marvelous rapidity.

As he grew in knowledge and power as well as his eponymous Madness, his parents became increasingly afraid, especially of his leaving the house.  They were proud of where they stood among their peers; their family had always done whatever was necessary to maintain its position and get what it wanted, and now they felt that such a foal as Madness, with such a mental condition, was a disgrace to their bloodline.

Eventually, the young lord could not be contained.  He refused to stay in his room, sending the entire house into chaos from time to time when his "Friends" told him to do so.  In the end, his parents decided he was too much, and had him secretly removed in his sleep to an abandoned building in Ponyville.

What became of those two may never be known.  Zinrax awoke to find himself in the rundown house, but did not seem to mind at all: his "Friends" in the darkness seemed to prefer it here, especially when he discovered the collection of tomes and texts in the building's basement.  He began spending his days reading every single book he could find on magic, Most of the time shut off from the outside world.

One day, he encountered a legend about a very magical species of butterflies with red and blue wings; it was said that the entire life of each member of this species revolved around magic: the more one understood of magic, the longer one lived.  Now as the story goes, one particular butterfly grew in its knowledge of magic, and continued growing, until the ages passed it by untouched, and it continued living on and on, for over a thousand years.

The young Madness found this mythical creature an inspiration for his insatiable thirst for and love of magic, and he made it a goal to satisfy his "Friends" in the darkness by attaining the very knowledge the Butterfly gained.  It was during a particularly passionate time of his life that he saw that very butterfly in his dreams, and when he awoke, he found to his surprise and joy that he had gained an image of it as his cutie mark.

Now, he did not truly confine himself entirely to the darkness; in fact, quite contrary to the will of his "Friends" he would often venture out of his house when not reading.  Still, he never was able to socialize with strangers well, being after all only a few years old at the time of his abandonment.

Most who glimpsed his young form in his colthood assumed that his parents lived in the house with him, and politely asked every now and then why said parents had never introduced themselves.  To this, and the question of why none have ever seen them, the young Madness would always smile widely and reply, "I'll ask them when I see them again."  Of course, those that did not make such assumptions took pity on the blindfolded orphan, and commonly gave him gifts such as cheeses and teas.  Eventually, the young Madness came to favor such items, and associated them with a deeply intimate friendship.  Interestingly, his growing love of tea was what inevitably prompted him to learn how to grow and prepare it himself, in his own unique manner.

His "Friends", it seems, did not approve of this turn of events at all, and the tasks they demanded of him increased in length and difficulty.  The colt, however, only ventured out more and more often, sometimes to spy on popular ponies with strong relationships and learn how to make friends, sometimes simply to try out the lessons learned.  Slowly but surely, the young Madness gained true, physical friends among the ponies of the town, and to the dismay of his old "Friends" in the Darkness he fixed up the living room of the house into a makeshift tea shop.

As the years passed, his shop grew in popularity among his new friends.  As always, the Lord of Madness continues to study magic diligently, but he always finds time to run the shop and study tea from time to time.

Though his past is tragic and some of his secrets dark, this eccentric pony is always ready greet somepony new with a smile on his face.

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Nala Valor

*hug madness cuz he's so cool*
You're the best pony in tha world!

Thunder Jet

Welcome Ba-ba-a-a-a-

Lord of Madness

i hope you all enjoy the insanity!!!


We all need some Madness to cheer us up every once in a while. ^-^

Lord of Madness

HURRAY!!!! ill cheer you all up... by... er... uiiuuummm.. raglefragle?

Thunder Jet

Puppet Strings

Quote from: Nickel Valor on 2012 Mar 19, 21:13:25
*hug madness cuz he's so cool*
You're the best pony in tha world!

*Hugs Nova and Madness in a mildly awkward way*

Yay! Everything's returning to normal! ...Which is vaguely ironic, considering that the return of the personification of insanity itself, Madness is a sign of renewed normalcy  ^-^
Awww, Im gonna have to rewrite my OC backstories... oh, and look what's back: Im a Twilight/Fluttershy/Rarity hybrid, mostly Twi!


*once everyone is done hugging, Tiger hugs Madness* "Great to be back!" she said. "'Cept for Nova of course..." Tiger said to herself.

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Lord of Madness

hmmm.... ima keep ma eye on you tiger... *but hugz anyway*

Lord of Shadows

You've gotten quite sane lately.

The time does not work well for you, old friend.
"Lord of Shadows is my name. Devour my heart to calm my flame."
I am being made of Lilith ? and Morgul ?

Lord of Madness

*turns your head into a cabbage* NOW your a burrito... but look out.. the trees have haberdasheries with extra anomonons... and on that note... i have sadly been sick lately... it causes ma Madness to recede within me for protection... i think somewhere in my appendix  ovO


Haha! Love your OC,

Thanks for the drawings Sugarcup!

The Wandering Magus

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Lord of Madness

MADNESS HAS been revised!!! iv taken all the best traits over the time ive been on EO and LoE to make him what you and I both love him to be!


You like messing up rooms? You're not coming into my room then  :I

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Lord of Madness

he going to come in your room... have a party... and that willl somehow clean the room... then... he will eat the covers on yer bed  ovO


Quote from: Lord of Madness on 2012 Mar 28, 06:51:20
he going to come in your room... have a party... and that willl somehow clean the room... then... he will eat the covers on yer bed  ovO


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The Wandering Magus

i'm getting the idea the best way to deal with the oc is to ignore or accept anything and everything ...it... does, especially within the oc's place of power.  Of course, within one's own place of power one can choose not to accept the actions and strangeness, but without massive reality-warping abilities or powers that would prove untenable at best
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Lord of Madness

somepony sounds Logical! too bad Madesses full potential can be realized without the Manawell

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