The Servers are now Closed!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Jan 27, 00:10:45

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Hello, everyone!

The Open Server Weekend has ended and the servers are now closed.

We hope you all enjoyed playing our game! We all had a lot of fun and learned a lot from you that will come in useful for future updates!

If you still want to submit screenshots, videos or fanart, feel free to post in this thread here:

Thanks again, all!


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WOW,  had a blast! Great job getting the servers stable! i believe that this was a great success, and I met even more ponies to chat with!

As always, feel free to add me here on the forums, or PM me if you'd like my Skype to apply for the LoE:GoE!  :D

Signing off, Dee Jay

Good Times XD: (wonder if Crimson Blaze ever posted the whole thing...?)

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This week-end was great ! I really enjoyed to discover the Crystal kingdom and the Olympic Stadium. The new version of ponyville is very good too ! And congratulations to the team for been able to resolve the servers problem we encountered in the first hours.


Hey guys, it was a great OSW. I even made it to the shutdown this time. I have to say that I especially liked the Book Horse attack in the end. Good times. Anyway, hope to see you all on the next OSW (I'm Shoking Realitee).


It was quite an enjoyable experience, I hope we can get more open server weekends in the future.  I am very eager to see how this project develops.


Thank you for fixing the major problem and giving everypony yet another great OSW, I look forward to the next one and new areas to explore, items to buy, quests to do, and monsters to fight. Thank you all.

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It was incredible!

Had a little problem in the beginning, but in the end, everything went pretty well. One big notice is that there isn't much of server disconnections like before, so that is excellent for the team. I like the inclusion of the Crystal Empire. It looks beautiful.

Had an amazing adventure, played with my friends, and for sure the first-timers had a great deal of fun this weekend. Can't wait for the next OSW to come around the corner.

Ya guys are doing good. Just keep it up and continue to improve the game and our fun. Always have surprises.

Thanks LoE Team!!!
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little sad I was around and didnt get on the closing i missed by 20 mins though im central time been nice if it didnt close an hour early my time which was only 11 I wanted to be there hope more updates can come and testing can open sooner and Im hoping for the time when its all finished and stable to finally pass testing and go live as I loved playing hide and seek with scoots and snowdrop and talking to derpy. Now I have friends here. bonded friendship is the one that brought me here months ago


I had a great time.  Thank you very much for the great weekend, and for creating something so amazing.

I'm sad it's over, but I'm looking forward to the next time!


I had an even better time this time around than my first OSW!

Goodbye, my pony friends. We will meet again!  :D
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O my goodness...I had the time of my life!  :D

Day 1: Cloudopolis Screenshots.
Day 2: Intercity exploration, plus my first real role-playing session in Cloudopolis.
Day 3: End of the world (servers) party at the Crystal Kingdom!

I've been following this project for nearly a year, and it has improved quite a bit. I took over 100 screenshots, and made some friends along the way. Even in it's early state, this game is truly a work of art! Thank you to all the team members and other players for giving me a great time. And with that, I'll be waiting for next time!  ^-^
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It was a lot of fun! I very much enjoyed the revamped Ponyville as well as the Crystal Empire!  ;)

Zoning issues became non-existent.


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I had the best time of my life. I met Golden gates,StormFX3,Littleshy an the real fluffle. When the servers ended i srsly Started to cry  >A<   i miss u everypony and hope to see you soon *hugs everyone*  <3

Hash Myth

Epic OSW  O:

Had everything from DDos, major network issues, ghost ponys, pony taking over other ponys during log in, even Fluffle Puff rage quit when the clone fluffle army showed up.

Looking forward to the next OSW!

Only can it be a friday-sunday? please? ^-^


had so much fun! sadly, didn't have too much time to play it.
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Can't wait till next time. So much fun.  O:

krono Angelo whooves

first osw ever and all I can say it was a rollercoaster of emotions for me, hopefully something better comes my way in the future ^-^

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Here are my 5cents about this oswe:
Apart from the DDoS attack day1 was unplayable until you decided to add 2 more server.
On day2 the new instance manager bugged out most of the time.
Day3 was finally playable, but I still kept loosing sight of friends when changing mpas, e.g. entering buildings. I also kept being pushed around between instances every 15minutes or so which often resulted in skill hotkeys breaking and forced me to restart the client.

I see no point in this instancing. You'll need at least one server per continent anyway, so just make more server and scrap instancing. I spent most of my time keeping the group together by telling others in skype and steam
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I had fun, just like every OSW. It never ceases to amaze me how fun this pony game is.

There is something I'd like to comment on, though...

The quests. Specifically, Midnight Breeze's missing package quest. It's really... Long.

I understand you want it to be something that you have to work for, but come on. You have to go back and forth between areas at least twenty times. It took me an hour to finish it even though I knew the locations of most of the NPCs mentioned in the quest.

Also, the quest seems very... Hatred-based. It's like we're meant to hate characters like Astral and Pyrite <xD

Apart from that frustrating quest, I had a lot of fun during this OSW. And the DDOS protection added in after this is neat, too!

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Let's see, how my first 3 days in Legends of Equestria came out...

-Being a Pegasus
-My first friend in LoE
-My first pet gifted to me whilst I was away from the keyboard, THX whoever (probably Momo Minty?).
-Fighting Monsters, even with teamwork (JUST LIKE IN THE LoE Trailers).
-The many locations across Equestria.
-Golden Oaks Library (True it may have been incinerated by Lord Tirek, but sure is nice to bring it back).
-90-100% Accurate location designs based off Friendship Is Magic.
-Respawns from faints or from off-bound terrain (I'M TALKING TO YOU, CLOUDSDALE).

-Location names throughout Equestria (Not being based off the TV show, I can see why these names were altered, but I still prefer them by their TV show counterparts.) However, where's Heartland in Friendship Is Magic...?
-Golden Oaks Library (gotta keep with the times that the library was incinerated by Tirek & was replaced by Twilight's Rainbow Castle)
-No Crystal Heart in the Crystal Empire (Crystal Kingdom) o.O, but then again, the MMO chronologically sets after the events of Season 2 (leading up to the concurrent stories in Ideas & Design Work's Friendship Is Magic & or Penstorke's Past Sins), therefore the Crystal Heart was still not retrieved yet. However, how the Crystal Empire is still in the MMO & not hidden away before it's time of revival was the fact of (from Tiger of LoE Forums), "Well, the point in time when they mentioned that it was around Season 2 was quite a long time ago, before the Crystal Kingdom was even confirmed yet. I'm not sure if they've changed the timeline since then or something." Some potential plot-holes could be noticed from how this continuity works...

-Buggy Chat (with brief time to read what everypony else are saying)
-Inventory Interface (a full inventory notice would've been nice; if somepony hands you a quest item, you either unable to take it or misplace & never get it back.)  >A<
-Failing to complete a quest for the 3 day period. DD:
-Stalling, Delays, Connection Timeouts / Probably also Distributed-Denial-of-Service
-Unresponsive NPC's
-How the Trading Interface works.
-Day 1 kept me mostly in Cloudsdale (Cloudopolis). ovO
-Day 2 with constant war with opening to a open server stallings. >:O
-Day 3 with failing to finish 2 unfinished quests (I'd like a do-over please on all unfinished quests, especially the Midnight Breeze Quest). D:
-Fainting from powerful enemies (THAT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYPONY, I just hated to lose to such monsters.)
-More locations that should've been explored (Mines, more of Everfree/Evershade, Appleoosa, Golden Oaks, etc.) :I
-No Customizable Cutie Mark Interface / Import your Cutie Mark from you Computer.
-More Mane styles please?

I can say is that there were more bad than good, but it was nice to join the herd in many places across Equestria. Let there be more improvements on the next open server, ESPECIALLY LESS CONNECTION TIMEOUTS PLEASE, so it doesn't bomb like SimCity 2013 (I never played that one, but never will...). There were some charming people, whether NPC's or real people, graphics may be leaving much to be desired, however it looks simple, vibrant, & luscious (like it's supposed to). Though 'tis still on many update improvements.

On that note, I give my first 3-Day Period a D+ out 100. Sorry (if the game wasn't bombarding me with constant timeouts, I would've raised the grade rank up to a C-), though the full version should be a much better experience in the future...

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