The Servers are now Closed!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Jan 27, 00:10:45

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The week was SUPER-COOL :D but i want to game again ovO . IS THE BEST GAME ! When is open server again? o.O :o
Please reply me.
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Probably the most enjoyable experience i had in years.
Im an adult stallion with some summers at my back in real life, this game, without levels, without a way to "be stronger" just with the objetive to have fun and enjoy... i don't have words to express how i've enjoyed the two days here, and i really hope it come back soon, i'll expect it.

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I loved it  I made tons of friends and earned headphones from a quest It was Fantastic!

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darn i missed it :( when they are open could somepony pop up on skype to tell me, its owen.perkins7. i really am annoyed i missed out. will ths game be out full time some day?

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When will the severs be back on again?

i only ask this because i just downloaded the game and i didnt get a chance to play the game!  : DD:

kind of a bummer if you ack me but i would just like to know when the severs would back.....


I had so much fun! :D I got to play for a few hours before i had to go to bed. The crystal empire was my favorite addition, it was so beautiful, and the stadium was plain awesome. One problem that i had was sugar cane corner.  O: It crashed my game every time i went in to buy a cupcake or something. I ended up getting two ponies stuck in there. Just a nitpick though. This OSW amazed me and i can't wait for the next one!


i had a blast! even though i think i accidentally broke the emote system near the end where they just ended up not working at all no matter what i did. the pickaxe quest with klondike never was able to finish, because everytime i tried to give him the pickaxe, he wouldnt take it. i know the game is still a work in progress and i love what you did so far, keep up the good work!  ^-^


I had a lot of fun with this open server weekend. Since I played a unicorn during the last OSW, this time around I tried out a pegasus and an Earth pony. Both were fun, but I felt like I was cheating when playing my pegasus since she could fly. I explored around a lot more this time. I really liked the Crystal Kingdom, although the one negative was that the crystal heart was absent. I took a lot of screenshots and even recorded some video with Fraps this time around.

I am eager to see what the future of this game holds once you get all the bugs worked out.
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Nya, I only could play yesterday. I didn't know about the server stuff... I wanted more LoE DD:

Still this was amazing, nice game!! U just need to fix some bugs but in general everything is AWESOME  :3

When can it be open again? Wanna fly around everywhere again  :P

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What??? Closed already? BUT BUT BUT I just got this game! I just started getting addicted to it!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY  >:O DD:


Well ok at least ya'll know that my outburst is out of the fact that this was indeed an enjoyable experience for me though I did have my frustrations with the game. Like going to NPC's like I was supposed to on a mission and they don't talk back to me for some odd reason therego I couldn't complete the task or other tasks attatched to it, and there were issues when my action buttons like "waving" or "sitting" would just stop working.

But I know this is a game in developement and the whole point to these severs is for us to give you the proper feedback! So there's my feedback, it's buggy but I still had tons of fun with it and look forward to your next opening!


I didn't get to play AT ALL.

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Nooooooo! I was almost done the cookie quest....
Oh well, great work people; servers were brilliant.
Until next time!  <3


WHAT? But I only just started playing the game 2 days ago! Please open the servers again soon. D:


Wow! I gotta say that was the BEST week I've ever played! Can any staff member tell me when the next server weekend is on? Also, I'm doing this quest to get a pet rabbit from a pony named Frizzy in PonyDale next to the school so I finished the steps and I came back to him, I clicked "I'm ready for my next lesson!" but he said that he doesn't have the next lesson until the next week is up, so can you add that lesson so I can get a pet rabbit? Thanks! You did a great job LoE! I had fun with my friend Luke and being a pony is the best. Everything went perfectly fine and the server "Levade" is the BEST I swear you have to try it next time I used it ALL the time. Keep up the good work LoE! :3 :D :] <3
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it was unforgettable

Find yourpony in the crowd!

Look, i've just seen double Dimon Bro pony twins :D


i never finished the quest with the packet. There was no end...

But it is a very nice game, nice quests very funny and the style 3D and 2D ponys as quest element is great.
I love it  ;)

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The server will most likely be wiped out, At least it's the most reasonable step considering it's an alpha in a very early state. You won't be able to continue your quest from the point you leaved it, but the good thing is that we'll get more quest (hope so) and less bugs the next weekend (maby some security measures to prevent duping, fixing the trade and i hope they consider to implement an EAC to prevent future .dll injections (because right now it's very easy to manipulate the .dll clien sided with efects server sided) nothing confirmed, just thinking about it, could be good that a moderator confirm something but don't expect nothing this month and stay tunned  as i'll be :D


This was a great OSW, thank you LoE team for letting us play this game, while unfinished, is still amazing.
I hope you have another OSW soon!
The ponies I will play as:
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It was the most awesomest time I ever had   <3 :P

there were a few things wrong, srry, but everything else was wonderful  :D

1) u can walk through some buildings
2) the names of places r a bit off (ex: ponydale=ponyville)
3) the health bar is very laggy, I had a bunch of health but still fainted

There are a few more, but I don't want 2 make this 2 long, srry again.

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