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Exellent! ^-^
I would love to! lol

Heaven Knows :D
I also linked it in a pmv.Lyrics not good at all.
My favorite is the Lucky Block Mod
Its basicly what the name says:It makes you get stuff either Super Lucky,Normal Luck,or Non Lucky Blocks.  lol
Quote from: abdekrim on 2015 Jun 11, 06:46:03
1- although I do not know much in programing?
2- It means I can or not? X3
If your really good you can.But you said you don't know much.Which tell them,you don't know much on programing.
Quote from: KrissyG05 on 2015 Jun 05, 19:04:08
When will there be another OSW?
Hmm.....Who know?
I actally heard there was in june or 2014  X3