We've gone alpha! New trailer!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Oct 01, 18:28:32

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Awesome! Glad to see just how far this game has gone! Last open server I only crashed out twice and was so impressed with the sudden server strengthening. I can't wait to see what all comes next
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 That's good news I can bear with...! *-*

Looking forward to the next build! Great work, Legends of Equestria!


 ^-^congrats for making it into alpha  when is the next open server weekend i don't think we had one since august ^-^


Yes, August was the last one we held.  We'll announce any upcoming events well ahead of time so remember to keep checking back for updates :D

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Will be Twilight's castle in Ponyville in the future? (Just asking xD)


Quote from: Tiger Eye on 2015 Oct 11, 14:58:54
Will be Twilight's castle in Ponyville in the future? (Just asking xD)

I honestly don't know if Hasbrow would stand for that.
Personally I'm fine with the map as it is, all I could ask for is maybe some rooms in Cantermore Castle. (...and maybe less derpy jumping animations.)


Yay, what an awesome achievement you guys! :D

Unfortunately I had to miss the August OSW due to classes starting, but I eagerly look forward to the next one! :nod:

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I missed that August OSW so I can't wait for the next one! :3 <3


It's mostly true X3 But I'm not brave :l                        

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Cant wait! But when will it be released?  :3


Quote from: Snickers Warrior on 2015 Oct 15, 22:15:38
Cant wait! But when will it be released?  :3

Sorry but the game isn't ready yet! So we don't actually know for sure when it will be released.

It's coming for sure! But since we're just a group of volunteers, most of us still have to work or go to school or otherwise live lives outside of LoE :nod:

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Can't wait for the game to be done! Amazing game!  :P :)
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Congrats to your progress! I'm still excited about next OSW and I'm still holding you hooves...


 Any idea when the next open server event will be?  :D


Quote from: OliverFlutie on 2015 Oct 25, 13:58:58
Any idea when the next open server event will be?  :D

When we have an idea as to a date we'll make an announcement here on the forums.  Please remember to keep an eye out for any announcements :D


I wonder if they can release it Next Saturday which is.. Of course, Halloween. If they can, that would be great!  ^-^ ^-^

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I'm sure whenever it is, it will be awesome. I don't mind waiting longer if it means they can do more with the game.  ^-^



Quote from: Tiger Eye on 2015 Oct 28, 12:04:33
I want osw in november :/
in november? i want it naow  ono

whynot a little osw for the halloween week end? ovO

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