About Minecraft Mods (and Ponies, Too!)

Started by Dream Bolt, 2015 Feb 13, 23:23:40

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Dream Bolt

Okay, considering that Minecraft is one of my all-time favorite games,I thought I should discuss it. Also I am always on the lookout for cool new mods, since my attention span is kind of like Pinkie Pie's and I need los of content to keep my attention. :D
Anyhoo, since I have been working on an MLP resourcepack (128-128 with photorealistic textures, but still keeping the classic MLP appearance,) I have been thinking how we could use some more pony mods for Minecraft.

So the question is twofold:

What are your favorite Minecraft mods, and what do they do?

If you could make a mod to add MLP content into Minecraft, what would it be?

Keep in mind that pony models and pony racial traits are both available in mods, so try and come up with something other than those.

Some of my favorite mods include:

The Twilight Forest (another dimension with some of the most amazing structures and mobs,not to mention scenery. Bosses galore, special treasures and weapons that you can only find in dungeons, and an entirely new eries of dangers for those of you who feel like you want more of a challenge.)

Biomes-O-Plenty (Seriously, if you use mods, you at least know of this mod. Over 80 new biomes means you never get bored of looking at the scenery. And besides, it has an Orchard biome! :] Sure, Better Biomes changes rock types, and that is totally awesome, but BoP has cooler biomes, in my opinion.)

Ars Magica 2 (Crafting your own custom spells? It's every unicorn's dream!)

Elemental Creepers (Keeping your enemy list fresh, this mod sticks in lots of awesome new creepers! Cookie creepers which explode harmlessly into cookies, topsy-turvy creepers which completely flip their surroundings upside-down, and the dreaded hydrogen creeper, which is sort of like a creeper nuke.)

Pam's Harvestcraft (Over a hundred different delicious dishes you can cook! Also, with my resource pack, I use photos of real food, making the entire mod seem deliciously wonderful!)

Geostrata (All the new rock types and patterns they can be crafted into can be a bit annoying for you, but if you take the time to make a resource pack for them, [or if I ever finish mine,] then you have so many awesome new designs to add to your structures!)

Dooglamoo's Painter Mod (Or something like that. I know the guy's name is Dooglamoo. Anywhoo,this mod enables you to paint all types of amazing wallpaper designs. Goodbye boring wood walls, hello colorful decor!)

Witchery (Making potions is such fun! And besides, it's cool to see something which works using rituals and odd, quirky methods instead of simple craft item-use item style mods.)

There are more, but I don't want to bore you. Just go browsing! And leave some ideas for the rest of us!


I usually just use modpacks (FTB Monster is my fav 'cause I love to build in creative), I never really was able to figure out how to add mods correctly.  :I 

My favorites though are Tinker's Construct (where you can make tools out of stuff like cactus and paper), Mo' Creatures (adds lots of animals, including Unicorns and Pegasi!) Bibliocraft (it adds lots of furniture and stuff mostly made out of wood), Openblocks (adds lots of random stuff, like rope ladders and tanks), Chisel (adds a chisel that can be used to make lots of really cool designs on certain blocks) and Redpower 2 (just for the microblocks, I have no idea what the rest is/does).

I haven't really played with MLP mods for a while, but then again, I haven't kept up with the new mods.  Any good MLP mods you know about?

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My favourite mod is only one, and it's upcoming and it looks awesome.
Doctor Who client mod.
Bigger on the inside tardis, where you can see the interior from the outside, and so much more.
My 2nd favourite is probably the Dalek Mod, which has a functioning tardis and all that.
If I could make a mod, it would probably allow you to become a cat god, with your own realm of cats.
I love cats.  <3


Essentials. Call me basic, but it has everything I could ever want.


My favorite is the Lucky Block Mod
Its basicly what the name says:It makes you get stuff either Super Lucky,Normal Luck,or Non Lucky Blocks.  lol


Sorry for the necro, but I have changed my mind.
I've strayed from being a Doctor Who fan, and now I'm all about Shaders.
Although I do get a huge performance loss when losing them ;-;

Sweet Brew

Quote from: FruffyWuffy on 2015 Dec 03, 03:48:48
Sorry for the necro, but I have changed my mind.
I've strayed from being a Doctor Who fan, and now I'm all about Shaders.
Although I do get a huge performance loss when losing them ;-;
Shaders are costly of RAM, but worth it.

Thaumcraft, Thaumcraft is best mod!
Once you finish it you have swarms of ad-ons as well!


I'd have to say Thermal Expansion and extra utils, Also Simply Jetpacks, And Natura, And Tinkers' Construct, and openblocks, and computercraft and so on :3
Computercraft is cool.
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There's mine little pony which is mlp like, and I know alot of mlp resource packs that I use sometimes when playing on mlp servers. There's a modpack that you simply download and use called bronymodpack which has mine little pony and plenty of other mods with it.

I'm sure I helped you here xD

I also like mo' creatures which is different (Not mlp related)

Look kitty, a wizard

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