Don't Mine at Night (Pony Parody)

Started by Rikaria, 2013 Dec 06, 20:26:26

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2013 Dec 06, 20:26:26 Last Edit: 2013 Dec 06, 20:29:03 by Rikaria

It's an arrangement of a parody, so... what does that make this? o.O Anyway, enjoy~
Love this person's pony's work~
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I originally watched the unfinished version of that and still loved it then and still love it now.  ovO

The animation is pretty amazing as well.


It's really awesome (as well as his other animations ;) )!


Okay, that was adorable.

Best part is when Buttonmash grabbed Sweetie Bell's hoof and she blushed.

Cotton Ball

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I loved that song, his animations are very good, almost identical to the show and stuff.
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This is for you, guys:
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Watched it multiple times a day since running across it approximately a week ago and keep singing it to myself. I'm gonna watch it again now  :D



This was released on my Birthday.
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