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Little Star

Does anypony else LOVE VOCALOIDS? Who's your favorite?

Rin and Len or Hatsune Miku for me.


don't make me choose a favorite it's too hard ono

one of my favorite composer is Akuno-p
now let's all agree to never be creative again thank you Sugercup
RP idea give me feedback


Mine would probably have to be Nekomura Iroha.

Her voice is great to me, and can work with many songs  ^-^


I like Megurine Luka's voice,but my favourite is Neru.I don't know why  :s


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My favorite song is the 'Disappearence of Hatsune Miku' anyway. (This version of it http://youtu.be/RoOwgnHgoeQ?t=2h43m27s )
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Fluffy Ribbon

I really like vocaloids, but I don't know how to find their music or much about them. :c
My favorite has to be Rin and Len though, I like the electric song that I forgot the name of! ^_^
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Quote from: Fluffy Ribbon on 2014 May 04, 10:57:24
I like the electric song that I forgot the name of! ^_^

Electric angel? That song was originaly made for Hatsune Mikue, but Len and Rin's versions are better, you can find much about them on youtube, just search vocaloid, or watch this
for many different songs ;3
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YES YES YES I LOVE VOCALOIDS! :3 I have so many favorites... but my favorite voice is probably Teto Kasane (Yes I know she's technically an Utau)

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Oh, and also: LEN KAGAMINE YES LEN IS MY WAIFU *ahem* Sorry  X3


Aoki Lapis! She has a cute voice!


V3: Cul Maika Kaito [He's been remade in v3]
V2: Luka Big Al Tonio [His voice is funny]
V1: Kaito Leon Miriam

Fluffy Cloud

Oh my gosh, I love Vocaloids!  <3 Rin and Len are absolutely my favorite. My two favorite songs sung by them are Death Should Not Have Taken Thee and Childish War. My favorite composers are Wonderful Opportunity and Giga-P.


Rin & Len <3 'cause Kawaii, mostly :3


I love Rin and Len Kagamine there are so Cute !!  <3 :D
And I like Megpoid Gumi  <3


My favourite Japanese vocaloids are Kagamine Len and Megurine Luka. My favourite Engloids are Oliver and Avanna. But I like almost all of them (I kinda dislike Miku and Rin though... their voices are too sharp in most songs...)

Lync Volan

Rin & Len Kagamine!  :3
Favorite Song:Discotheque★Love


<3 <3 <3

Snow Crystals

these are my favorite vocaloids

Sakine Meiko, Kaito, Rin, Len, Neru Akita, Seeu, Hatsune Miku, Megrine Luka,
Megpoid Gumi, Lily, Nekomura Iroha, and Kasane teto.

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