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Started by Princess Darcy, 2013 Jan 26, 21:44:51

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Princess Darcy

2014 Mar 30, 17:16:49 #40 Last Edit: 2014 Mar 30, 21:27:08 by Pipkin
Well thanks for the feedback, I really do appreciate it!

If you do start streaming post in one of the groups i'm in(Or add me, lol) on skype and lemme know and if i'm available i'll check it out :)

Princess Darcy

Quote from: super_chris85 on 2014 Apr 02, 16:54:59
I really like the names you draw.

Thanks, I like drawing the names the most.......

you and your typos :P

have a random picture that requires absolutely no context whatsoever

Shadow Mare

That picture reminds me of Happy Wars.


Quote from: Pipkin on 2014 Apr 10, 23:36:07have a random picture that requires absolutely no context whatsoever

This is officially my favorite drawing from you ever. :D

Princess Darcy

2014 Apr 13, 23:30:09 #45 Last Edit: 2014 Apr 13, 23:32:02 by Pipkin
lol, thanks man X3

Ok, more pixel art!

super_chris85 helped me by filling in the mane and part of the tale, rest was all me :)

Spoiler: and in the default pack • show

based off
Spoiler: show

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so.....i'm in a DnD campaign which is where my moogle cleric came from.......well I guess i fell in love on the first day and now have a wife......so meet Mindy  :P
Spoiler: show

So this was my first non-sonicesque human attempt ever.......didnt even use a base or nothing.....


daww, thats cute. And the picture is good too. I dont like drawing humans, i just cant do it XD.
The most common accident is the one noone expects.

Princess Darcy

Thank you :)

I don't normally draw anything non-pony, but I got challenged to draw my DnD character, and then Mindy tonight.....who am I to pass up a challenge X3

Topaz Moon

Nice stuff. I liked that latest minecraft pixel art you did of your avatar.  ^-^
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Princess Darcy

Thanks :)

I like doing the pixel art, it's fun(Unless my outline is one pixel off what my schematic says like this one was.....lol)

Princess Darcy

Guess what I did!

I used CIRCLES AND LINES.....and watched Drawponies' art panel livestream from BC last year....so i'm working on a preliminary sketch.....which I MAY actually use pencil crayon to finish once I acquire some....

For the record.....if this looks good i'm posting it at work

No, it's not done yet....i'm hating how the legs look and the eyes are wonky as hay....


his left eye looks a little too small, should be bigger than the other one from this angle, otherwise its pretty good ^-^
The most common accident is the one noone expects.

Princess Darcy

Yep, that's what I meant by wonky lol.  I already fixed it....i think. Thanks for the feedback :)

i'll look into coloring it soon....i'm eating and I should be packing.....procrastination FTW

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Traditional cause yay.



Looks like you're starting to form your own sense of style. ;)

Princess Darcy

2014 Apr 25, 19:50:36 #54 Last Edit: 2014 Oct 16, 21:23:57 by LaptopBrony
Thanks :)

I'm really liking the pencils personally

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So I was asked to do a request by a friend on skype, superchris85
He wanted me to draw a ship of him and himself.....I think he was joking but I wasn't....
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The most common accident is the one noone expects.

Princess Darcy

2014 May 25, 22:32:50 #56 Last Edit: 2014 May 25, 22:35:03 by Pipkin
I'm not dead artwise.  RL, RL work and my new internet job has taken alot of my time, but i did do some art i'm rather surprised I didn't post here yet despite using it as my avatar....

This is part of a bigger picture i've been working on since Mother's day(I made the sketch on Mother's Day)
Spoiler: Sketch • show

I have to tweak the eyes, I dont like them

Princess Darcy

Project jumping FTW!

Yeah I was working on a double character picture(Where my current avvy came from) and i'm procrastinating on finishing that....but in 2 days I sketched, vectored coloured AND semi shaded a two character(one not even a pony o.O ) picture complete with BACKGROUND!


The most common accident is the one noone expects.

Princess Darcy

Thanks.  My free time is becoming less and less as the year progresses...Doing one drawing a month is challenging with work, soon school(online courses) and having to do errands for everyone under the sun on my days off, as well as moderation....but i'll draw when I can.

Have something completely 100% random I did on a whim as a filler.....

Yeah, that project I was working on,....still procrastinating....

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