Art from my deviantART page. (How profound) [5/25/17]

Started by Sweet Brew, 2015 May 19, 02:50:45

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Sweet Brew

2015 May 19, 02:50:45 Last Edit: 2017 Jul 04, 18:26:10 by Sweet Brew
Welcome to my art page. :3

I do a lot of different art, and I have a headache so I'm just going to throw my stuff up here and stuff. lol

Digital art!
Spoiler: Digital art • show

Pencil art!
Spoiler: Pencil sketchs • show

Like what you see?
Go check out my deviantART!

Princess Darcy

Wow!  You have improved so much since last you were here!  I'm impressed.  I especially love the pencil drawings!

Sweet Brew

I change art style so much people think I steal art. lol


Quote from: Sweet Brew on 2015 May 19, 20:45:18
I change art style so much people think I steal art. lol

I change my style way too much as well. Though I haven't really been accused of... X3
Well, maybe one 'friend' of mine, who doesn't like me using other styles.

Lovely drawings~

Sweet Brew

Sweet Brew

Dang, I haven't updated this in almost two years, and by "almost" I mean it's 2 days away from being 2 years unupdated. lol
Either way, have an update, you awesome pones you! :3

Aqua Fire

Sweet Brew

Night Pony

The shading turned out pretty nice. I like it.

I want to thank all of the artist that have drawn my OCs.
Night Shine and Moon Violet

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