Panxen, the traveling monk

Started by The Traveling Monk, 2012 Jun 18, 10:33:04

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The Traveling Monk

2012 Jun 18, 10:33:04 Last Edit: 2012 Jun 25, 17:04:29 by The Traveling Monk
Name: Panxen

Species: Unicorn

Age: Unknown.

Description: He is a white unicorn with a black tail and mane, with green eyes. He is shorter, yet a little bulkier than the average unicorn.

Cutie Mark: A round leaf, representing his skills in herbal medicine and his love of tea.

Likes: Tea, traveling, making friends while on the road.

Dislikes: Illusion magic, coffee, the fact that he lost his memory, and the idiot bandits that keep trying to catch him off guard.

Occupation: None. He doesn't stay in one place long enough to have a job.

Personality: He is a very calm pony, very likely to give advice even when it is unwanted. Though he tries to maintain his composure at all times he is visibly more nervous around illusion magic, even if one of his friends uses it. He is very slow to anger, but when he does he has been known to crush whatever he is angry at with a combination of magic and a unique form of hoof to hoof combat.

Back story: Panxen awoke one morning in an unfamiliar land with no memory of how he got there. In fact he had no memory at all. He visited a small town nearby only to see it being attacked by diamond dogs. Quickly leaping into action to aid the ponies, he attacked the diamond dogs with magic of light and ice, and a strange fighting style. After they retreated Panxen began traveling in order to find his lost homeland and his memories, helping those in need along the way.
In one of his travels he wandered into a small cafe and tried coffee, which he now thinks of as a vile substance. He has met many other ponies, and for a reason he believes to be linked to his memory loss, he always shudders a little when illusion magic is used. 

And of course I shall update as needed.
The path of life is a winding one. It is best to remain hopeful down it, and to bring a few good friends and snacks for the trip.   -Panxen, the traveling monk.

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