Congratulations Travius Trott! Notable User Nomination - June 2012!

Started by Liska, 2012 Jun 13, 01:25:27

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Congratulations, Travius Trott! :D

Thank you for being a kind and respectful pony on the Legends of Equestria Forums!
For this, you deserve a fancy badge along with a title every pony dreams of!

We hope you enjoy! ^-^

Hello, everypony!
Are you having a good start off to your summer?
Well since the "Good Samaritan" badge idea got so many likes, we're going to implement it! yay!
One lucky user will be getting an *extra-special* badge for their notable contributions of friendship.
How is this going to work? I've set up a discussion on Google Moderator where you can view here:
You don't need to add your location, and you may write your name as anonymous if you wish. Do this once and you shouldn't have to do it again for future nominations.
Simply go to the category marked "Nominations - June 2012" and write who you think deserves the badge and why. You cannot vote for yourself, sorry! ;)
Hope everyone has fun voting for their favorite pony!
P.S. You cannot nominate any staff members.
This contest is for the users, you guys deserve something. :P

Also let me point out that we do take into consideration more than just vote counts, so having a high vote count doesn't count as much as the reasons behind the nomination. ^-^

How to Vote
» Click on this in the left sidebar:

» Then this:

» Then do this:

» Submit.

Lord of Madness

Time for the amazing to begin  ^-^ its nice there are going to be nominations

Book Smarts

I find google moderator to be way too complicating  :x


Quote from: Book Smarts on 2012 Jun 13, 01:35:21
I find google moderator to be way too complicating  :x

Ah, yes we do kind of understand. :o But at the moment, it's the best program we could find that allows us to let you guys write in any name you wish instead of just picking from a limited range.
If you have any suggestions for a better program, just tell me!


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Lord of Madness

2012 Jun 13, 02:10:29 #5 Last Edit: 2012 Jun 13, 02:20:52 by Lord of Madness
its fun how.. more than just my name is in there... LOL

and your welcome anon guy!... girl... something...  ^-^


wandering magus! all hands down! done, lets move on! :D

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I can't pick between swebow/Anya/Bloomberg.


Nominations... This is easily going to turn into a popularity contest.
Could've been something great. But ya' blew it... Ya' blew it.

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Des Monty

Little Judas

Quote from: SweBow on 2012 Jun 13, 08:55:08
Spoiler: show
Quote from: Blues-Music on 2012 Jun 13, 08:07:33
I can't pick between swebow/Anya/Bloomberg.

(Thanks Kit)

What font is that?
If your answer is helpful, I might even vote for you.
Thanks to Julius for my OC. (see the avatar)

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Book Smarts

2012 Jun 13, 10:21:47 #14 Last Edit: 2012 Jun 13, 11:13:10 by Book Smarts
Administers shouldn't able to be nominated for notable users since they are not technically users.

They are administration which is already notable for making this game possible  :D

um... If that's okay

Des Monty

Quote from: Book Smarts on 2012 Jun 13, 10:21:47
Administers shouldn't able to be nominated for notable users since they are not technically users.

um... If that's okay

Le gasp!

Travius Trott

Umm, I just noticed that I was added twice to the thingie.
It seems that it was two different users, but it might lead to me getting more votes than I should.
I would ask that the newest one is removed as so that I do not gain an unfair advantage.

Oh, it would appear that I got some fancy title, Notable pony, now that's something that I had not expected to gain.
Thanks everypony, for this most brilliant thing.

Xeno Aura

Haha, I'm not sure how 'fair' this might be... depends on how honest people are here, I'm seeing a lot of down marking on people. And noone actually puts forth a reason (Other than the initial one), they just vote whether or not that person should deserve it.

Book Smarts

Overall, just being nominated makes me feel like a winner  x3

Thanks to the three who voted for me  ^-^


I have a question. You've said you cannot vote for yourself, and that you can set your name as anonymous.
I hope you see where I'm going with this.
How do you know if someone voted for themselves if he put his name as anonymous?
We've reached the Eye of the Storm.

Has it ever occurred to you that the best thing for us to do would be simply to walk out of here before it's too late?

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