Equestrian's OCs {Vaeinceurth Completed (Setrid)}

Started by Equestrian, 2012 May 06, 18:28:58

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I have a plan, and it's to finish this by the end of the year

Spoiler: Isterdyul {Equestrian}|RP Pony| • show

Name: Isterdyul (goes by Equestrian) -- Real Name: Shimmering Light
Gender: Stallion
Height: 4'2"
Age: 20
Species: Unicorn
Voice: Regularly speaks through telepathy. His voice is deeper than average but soft and clear.
Pelt: Switches between Dartmouth Green
Mane/Tail: Steel blue with occasional teal hairs
Distinguishing Features: --
Eye Color: Blue
Cutie Mark: Spiral Vortex - changes color almost randomly
Physique: Tall, lean, strong-build
Origin: Wilderness
Occupation: Takes jobs here and there.
Likes: Fine with everything
Family: ---
Friends: Likes to think everypony is his friend
Enemies: Nopony yet
Isterdyul is quiet and a pony of few words. He's not shy, but he's not really the talking-type. He's very cooperative and cares about everypony. He'll ignore his own problems for others. Isterdyul trains to overcome his weaknesses, but they are just too numerous and some with take years of dedication strictly to them to fix it.
[center]Character Summary[/center]
Isterdyul was born to a nomadic nation until he was 9 then settled in Ponyville by himself. Throughout his travels he's met with many different empires and some of their Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses. He's made friends with some of them, others waved him off as vermin, and others have barred off his entry into their empire. The nation itself is welcomed, honored, and respected by all empires and creatures alike.
Spoiler: Map of Foreign Relations and Hostility Levels {1.5MB} • show

He was born in an unforgiving terrain, the desert, and because of this, his family had high expectations that he would become a strong, fierce, courageous warrior, and become the leader of his traveling nation. Isterdyul studied with the greatest teachers through the connections of his nation, but most of his studies were left unfinished due to travels. Though, every time he re-enters the area, he makes it his highest priority to meet with his teachers. His future was promising.
One day, after the peaceful years of travel, the nation entered the Griffin Kingdoms and Isterdyul dashed off to the master of knowledge in the land. During the night, mountains were destroyed and left the capital in ruins. The ruler of the Kingdoms blamed Isterdyul for the desctruction. The current King of Isterdyul's nation was able to calm the Griffins' heart toward the nation, but he couldn't do anything about their hatred toward Isterdyul. Because of this, Isterdyul is prohibited to enter some of the cities and towns, and the areas that he can enter, the population hate him.
The day after, the nation left in order to protect --- To Be Continued

Spoiler: Vaeinceurth {Setrid} |RP Pony| • show

[center]-No Picture-[/center]
Name: Vaeinceurth - Setrid
Gender: Male
Height: WIP
Age: Unknown
Species: Unicorn
Voice: Deafening
Pelt: WIP
Mane/Tail: WIP
Distinguishing Features: ---
Eye Color: Crimson
Cutie Mark: None (or same color as pelt)
Physique: WIP
Origin: Everfree Isle
Occupation: Destruction and Mayhem
Likes: Destruction and Mayhem
Family: Lost Royal Family of Everfree
Friends: ---
Enemies: The Celestial Empire
Incredibly hostile with those it hates
Fond of the innocent
Violent towards intruders
He's demented. You can't grasp a mind that isn't there.

[center]Character Summary[/center]
A record from the early days of Equestria's existence. A small filly traveled into the forest and got lost. No one had seen her for 4 days but she returned without harm with a speech engraved in her memory and objects floating around her.
Why hast ye stumbled upon mine domain? I cast ye out before destruction falls upon thine eyes. Earming bearn, return to thine sanctuary to wherest thou can rest after seeing mine face. Warn ríce of the impending danger. Friþhengestas will not believe this encounter for bring this with ye and assure them of mine existence. Elements of Harmony. I formed them from the horns of mine rihtgebroðru whilst I was grieving. Maybe ye shall stop me when I haveth overrun æðel.
Goodbye unlucky child.

Spoiler: Sage |Not RP Pony| • show

Name: Unknown
Gender: Stallion
Height: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Species: Earth Pony
Voice: Uses telepathy to speak. His voice is neither low nor high, loud nor soft; however, it is crisp.
Pelt: Gray
Mane/Tail: White with gray strands
Distinguishing Features:
Eye Color: Gray
Cutie Mark: None
Physique: Skinny
Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Monk/Ascetic
Likes: Too numerous to type
Family: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Too complex to understand
[center]Character Summary[/center]

Spoiler: Draukinrauv |RP Pony| • show

Name: Draukinrauv
Gender: Stallion
Height: 4'
Age: 19
Species: Pegasus
Voice: He has a welcoming voice, though it is a bit higher pitched than the normal pony. When he's serious, that pitch drops significantly.
Pelt: Silver Pelt
Mane/Tail: White, it can and will change at the most random of times.
Distinguishing Features: --
Eye Color: The same color as the mane
Cutie Mark: Bits and pieces are shown at a time, but it's difficult to tell what the actual Cutie Mark is
Physique: Tall, lean, strong-build
Origin: --
Occupation: Apprentice
Likes: Everything
Family: --
Friends: Isterdyul
Enemies: --
Drakinrauv is a very active, friendly pony with a curious nature. He's charming and chivalrous. He speaks his mind and he speaks the truth, but he avoids rudeness as best he can. Drakinrauv doesn't seek the attention of others in his actions. When time calls for it, he will drop his usually curiosity and his outgoing nature and will instead be strong and firm like a true knight. (As in, he'll stand up instead of turning tail and run away. He's not strong, but he is persistent.)
[center]Character Summary[/center]


Thanks to LarryMcLie! :3

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Sage? Really?

I hope you're talking about the flower. No stealin my title! >:O


Quote from: Dr. Krest on 2012 May 07, 10:45:10
Sage? Really?

I hope you're talking about the flower. No stealin my title! >:O

Didn't mean to. I made that character over 5 months ago. Posted it on the last forum and everything. Nopony complained. I'm sorry, please don't be mad >A<
Can you link me to yours?

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lol I was just teasing. I call myself "the sage" as in "the wise guy" when I make my introductions. Has nothing to do with my character :P


Quote from: Dr. Krest on 2012 May 07, 12:47:20
lol I was just teasing. I call myself "the sage" as in "the wise guy" when I make my introductions. Has nothing to do with my character :P

phew :I
That's not my dude's name anyways... more like a... job description... maybe

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lol Hey, go to Roleplaying and check out the Elements of Nobility thread. I'd like your input.


I... have... updated... everything >:(

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Looks cool, but I want pics! =P

I've almost finished my main OC pic ^-^ ((It's something I could've done with the pony generator, but I'm using my masterful photoshop skills ovO -- I suck at drawing DD:))

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It's been like... 10 ten days but I finally finished my second RP Pony >:(
I haven't finished any backgrounds or summaries yet --- GAH!! >:O

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