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Started by Rad Thunder, 2013 Apr 02, 09:38:34

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Rad Thunder

2013 Apr 02, 09:38:34 Last Edit: 2015 Jan 17, 19:21:46 by Rad Thunder
Rad Thunder
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Colt
Age: 23
Coat Color: Dark Red
Mane: Blonde with black streaks
Clothes: Sleeveless jacket with short cape, watch on front left hoof, blue elastic bands on back legs knees. And wears shades.
Cutie Mark: Twin bright red lightning bolts
Personality: Brash, confident, but comical and friendly

Backstory: Rad Thunder like most Pegasi, come from Cloudsdale. Even at a young age, he's been a fantastic flier and was always trying to show off at every flight camp he was a part of, but was always shown up by another. One incident was the last straw (3 guesses which one that was), and he finally left Cloudsdale for good to train himself and to hone his flying skills solo.

Cutie Mark and shades story: Rad Thunder got his cutie mark during a dangerous stunt he tried just months after leaving Cloudsdale. He attempted to fly through an active thunderhead. He blazed through the cloud with clear ease, but when he was about to exit the cloud, disaster struck, literally. A lightning bolt hit right in front of his face, blinding him and causing him to crash. When he awoke, his eyes were damaged so much that he was just short of blindness and any form of light was intense to him. But luckily, he bought a pair of sunglasses to wear, and it balanced out his sight somewhat. And it was when he got his sight back that he noticed that he had received his Cutie Mark, a pair of red lightning bolts crossing each other.

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Really love your OC!

One question, though: What's his wing power?


Man... That messes up sooo much for others... Poor Flame is single again!  X3
Thanks Soriku for the Pixel Poneh!
My OC's((Only one so far))
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Rad Thunder

Yeah I know. Sorry Flame. x3
And he doesn't know his wingpower. He's never tested it.

Gracie Sky

 :I If he got hit in the face with a lightning bolt... I think he would have no face left.

I mean... just... ouch. lol
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Rad Thunder

Well, he's fine so... :P


My goodness... I like the 5th picture!

Rad thunder is cool, and he sounds like he's from a tv show! keep it up! :3

Rad Thunder

I know. It's one of my fav's. I'm using it as my pony con badge when I go to Bronycon. :D

Lusterless Nova

So all your other OC's are gone?
That's a little sad. You put a lot of effort into their stories after all.
Ah well. Can't be helped i guess.

Rad Thunder

Yeah. A little too much effort. I couldn't take it really. :c

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