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Started by Sweet Brew, 2016 Dec 26, 13:34:38

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Sweet Brew

2016 Dec 26, 13:34:38 Last Edit: 2016 Dec 29, 10:04:59 by Sweet Brew
I dunno, I thought this could be a cute thread.
Just tell us what you had/are having/ are making for breakfast and stuff.

I was going to eat an apple but it was all rotten so I might just make some tea.

This just seems like that perfect thread to go to in the morning while checking messages! lol

[Edit]:Didn't see the threatening spelling error. lol


Quote from: Sweet Brew on 2016 Dec 26, 13:34:38
This just seems like that perfect threat to go to in the morning while checking messages! lol

Yes, nothing is more threatening than the thought of drinking tea.

I might make bacon like 2 times a month but generally my morning (5pm-ish) consists of coffee.....yeah.

I don't really eat

Thunder Spin

I am a teenager, the thing I will be drinking every morning is milk -yuk!- but milk with condensed milk.

I rarely eat a few pieces of chocolate in the morning, or eat any fruit e.g orange.

One day, I remember, I was on a trip with my parents, in the hotel we ate eggs, sandwiches, fruit, toast with jam, corn flakes. Such as what a king could eat every morning XD

Sweet Brew

I'm currently eating toast after eating practically nothing for 24hours due to a 24 hour flu. lol

It's funny how vibrent the taste is after nothong bur water... Oh, and a cup of apple sauce.

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