Any suggestions on GD books or courses?

Started by Rivet_Rose, 2016 Jul 09, 00:19:10

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Hi, I'm looking to learn some more about game development and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for any kind of books/online courses that could help me. More specifically right now I am wanting to look into level design principles/application preferably using the unity3d engine, Thanks!
Taking courses online and hope to be able to help out some day soon!


I don't know any books but i'm sure there are plenty guides online.

Of course you can also experiment to see what turns out well.  Thats how I do my game work.


You made a great choice starting with Unity first. There should be at least 10 or so tutorials on how to make various different game types based on your experiences, as well as tons of free assets to use in your game.

I recommend you start on something simple like this:
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