The Servers are now Closed!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Aug 17, 00:22:11

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2015 Aug 17, 00:22:11 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 18, 12:52:46 by Ellowee

Hello, everypony!

The Open Server Event has finished, and the servers are now closed. Thank you to everyone who played the game this weekend, we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did! Stay tuned for information on future Open Server Events, and for other Legends of Equestria news.

If you have any feedback on the game, such as things that can be fixed or suggestions for new content, please feel free to send it to us at [email protected], or on our feedback thread located at We can't wait to hear from you!

Until next time, see you later!


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This was probably my 5th or so time on LoE OSW, but it was still great because something a bit different happens every time. It was awesome to see some new rooms pop up, and improvement over ones that were already there. Yet no matter how many changes, it always seems like the chat with others ends up being the most memorable.  ^-^ I loved it in the end at SCC when the DJ took random requests for the last 20 minutes or so, we got some Dr. Who and Bill Nye in there. Also, I can't forget all of the -Message Filtered- jokes, no matter how bad they were. Overall, great OSW, and as always, I will be looking forward to the next one.

-Shoking Realitee

P.s. The Great Sit actually happened this time.


 :c I was only  on for five minutes.
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Nuuu.. The Server is closed. i want to thank you for playing LoE with me including BN_King (The Brony Network) (Finally I found BN_King)
but the sad news. I can't find the picnic area.  i will see ya next time. until then....

IT WAS FUN! BYE~NI!!!!!  ^-^

Moon princess

2015 Aug 17, 00:52:25 #4 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 17, 11:25:19 by Moon princess
That was so much fun, got to hang out with a bunch of awesome ponies, got to try the new leveling system, play with a few glitches, lead a pony platoon into the forests and kick some scale tail, Party with everyone, and enjoy the final with so many friends ^-^ I had a blast


Definitely the best, and the only Open Server Weekend I've ever been on. I loved the game, despite the issues. And I understand that the game will take a while to complete, but the wait will be worth it.



2015 Aug 17, 01:00:56 #6 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 17, 01:03:01 by MidnightLunaRose
I had so much fun. Especially at the end. :P  There were so many ponies. I can't believe a record was broken.  lol

-Message Filtered-   -Pony Filtered-    -LOE Filtered-


Congratulations on being the only MMO that pulls this nonsense.
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Patchouli Knowledge

How long will reopen the server'm already feeling homesick  :'(
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Quote from: patchouli knowlegde on 2015 Aug 17, 01:13:09
How long will reopen the server'm already feeling homesick  :'(

It's usually 4 months apart for each osw but, changes can occur if something doesn't go right.

Patchouli Knowledge

If the server and getting better worth the wait 4 months   :D

Ps: My English and the translator google is not 100% more hope I'm communicating well  X3
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Proudy Hooves

We need to post memories from that test too :D
Especially the dance party at SCC with  lots of ponies XD
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Patchouli Knowledge

That was the last time an optimal server opening tava giving leg and bad bug my friends could not enter ever more better for us to play more and more ^-^
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I wonder why the server doesn't stay open just like any other online games would be. Can't they just open the server and update it just like other games usually would do cause this game has been around for like 3 years. 


So how long before the forum chat comes back?
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2015 Aug 17, 07:53:31 #15 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 17, 07:59:00 by TohjW
Dang. I didn't even get a chance because something was wrong with the login. I saw this was made exactly 5 minutes before I had tried to log in. Now I gotta wait again </3


My first time on there and had a pretty decent time. Butt scootin' fun for all.


I had fun...ALOT OF FUN....But why are you still keeping up the servers when I cant log in? Because your closed! And why didn't you take down the server listing? Because somepony forgot to take it down! Now that's just temping me to play!
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I didn't do much apart from explore. I couldn't find the first place to star fighting stuff though. Still, I had a load of fun :)
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This was the most powerful OSW ever for me. All had been beyond amazing, but this... with the music in SCC being back, and LIVE DJ performances... It just hit my soul the most. Music is everything for me! Ludivan/Kill Screen's mix just before the closing party brought me to tears... and more. Also how it ended with the Smile Song followed by the MLP Theme Song... <3 Wonderful. The "important things" are right here.

THANK YOU so much for making this a reality, everypony in the team!! I love you all!

Also special mention to everypony for the 230+ ponies party at Equus on saturday! Me and a few friends were actually the very first ponies who started dancing on the dance floor! It has been an amazing experience to see that party growing from 0!!
Congrats again for the record!
And everypony you're the best! <3

Oh and we actually found something interesting and cute, landswimming!
Video :
That swimming animation... Those hooves... it's so dang cute!! >.<

See you all next OSW and in our spiritual Equestria, keep feeling powerful things, keep believing, and stand strong in this world. You're all family to me, and you're always in my heart!
Love you all!

PS: Now on to sort 353 screenshots and 5GB of video footage...
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