Subtitles for Season 5's Episode 9: "Slice of Life" (The 100'th Episode)

Started by Onion Sing, 2015 Jun 15, 22:55:13

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Onion Sing

Here ya'll go!

Ya might have to tweak the synching a bit?
I wasn't able to test it on an iTunes version of the episode, but I will, as soon as I get it.

I made this using a HDTV 1080p Recording of the episode, that a friend recorded with her Cable TV.

I edited out the commercials myself, before making the above subtitle file... So, it might lose a bit of sync with other versions/recordings of the episode, depending on where we decided to start and end the cuts for commercial breaks. Hopefully, it won't be noticeable.  X3

At the very least, you can use my subtitle file as a kind of transcript, and it could save you some time, if you have need of that, or something...?


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