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Started by Blizzard_Frost, 2015 May 07, 21:41:03

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In seasons 1-5, what is your favorite episode centered around who you think is "Best Pony?" You can name more than one if you like!

My personal favorite: Pinkie Pride :D


Too Many Pinkie Pies. That's honestly one of the funniest episodes I've seen  ^-^
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Tough choice. Partly because I'm not sure who I'd call Best Pony. So one for each of my favourites:

A Canterlot Wedding for Queen Chrysalis
Princess Twilight Sparkle for Nightmare Moon
Luna Eclipsed for Princess Luna

I'll stop there before I get carried away. X3
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Chishio Kunrin

Hmmmm. Considering that I voted for Applejack in The Hub's Best Pony Contest...
Well, Applejack hasn't gotten very many spotlight episodes. :s I guess I'd say The Last Roundup.

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Misty Morning Dew

I agree, I think 'Pinkie Pride' was the best character building episode for her.
And personally, that is my favorite episode of the series so far. :D

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Icy Shield

2015 Aug 22, 12:05:16 #6 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 22, 12:08:53 by Icy Shield
That would be "Hurricane Fluttershy". This hit me on personal level since I have same issues. I can relate so much from this episode and it become very special to me. The feels was so real :(

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Quote from: Misty Morning Dew on 2015 Aug 21, 21:26:29
I agree, I think 'Pinkie Pride' was the best character building episode for her.

Same here. I really liked how they put her in a similar situation as in Party of One and she was able to get over it on her own that time.

But for my favorite Rarity episode, I would have to say Simple Ways. It was just a really fun episode all the way through with a bunch of little jokes. There seems to be a good chance of that changing pretty soon, though.

Moon Pearl

2015 Aug 24, 14:39:36 #8 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 24, 14:49:13 by Moon Pearl
So far, I have now one favotire "Best Pony" episode.
It's fun, I have a favorite episode in every Season, and obviously "Slice of Life" is my BEST-EPISODE-EVER (So much PONY!!) but lately, one episode hit me in a personal level, made me cry even more than "Flight to the Finish", and it's named "Amending Fences". It was shown to us the possible outcome if Twilight had never embraced Friendship as he did.

But I have one fav Episode in every season:

S2-Luna Eclipsed.
S3-Keep Calm and Flutter on
S4-Castle Mane-I-a
S5- This one has three in order of importance; best episode EVER: "Slice of life". Best episode of this Season: "Amending fences". Honorific mention: "Make new friends but Keep Discord".

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My favorite would have to be S02E04 "Luna Eclipsed"

While the "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep" episode was one of my all time favorite episodes so far, I really like the character building of Luna in the Luna Eclipsed episode, and essentially created the Luna we know.
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