Coffee or Tea?

Started by bobbykill201, 2015 Apr 06, 11:11:31

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Which do you like better Coffee or Tea

16 (36.4%)
Tea (Best beverage) :)
21 (47.7%)
7 (15.9%)

Total Members Voted: 40

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Tea vs. Coffee the battle of the beverages?


For Chat-O-Landia!


Tea. Coffee's way too strong.
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They're both nasty.


*looks at results*

What the... soda barbarians :<

I like both.
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Whoa whoa whoa, who is wanting to start a war with me?

I actually have somewhere I have to be but I had to stop in my tracks and put out this fire when I was made aware of it's existence!




your all wrong hot chocolate revolution via la Marshmellows

Chishio Kunrin

Mostly coffee, but I love the sweet tea at McAllister's restaurant. I love that their sweet tea is so popular that they sell it by the gallon.

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Coffee FTW, there's nothing like a hot steaming cup of black coffee in the morning to start the day, then at least 6+ more throughout the day  ovO.
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Cowboy Coffee:

Extra stout, black, and no sugar with just a couple ice cubes because I hate waiting.

Once and a while I like to put a teaspoon or two of honey or maybe throw down some cloves or other spices. Sometimes I add whipped cream.


Quote from: Ryo_D_Disk on 2015 Apr 07, 08:09:23
your all wrong hot chocolate revolution via la Marshmellows

No marshmallows in my hot chocolate.

Hot oolong in the morning between breakfast and lunch. Iced (decaf) black during the day and evening. Occasionally green, sweet, chai, mint, etc. for variety.

Coffee always tasted burnt to me.
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Quote from: Ryo_D_Disk on 2015 Apr 07, 08:09:23
your all wrong hot chocolate revolution via la Marshmellows

... Yes. Venezuelan and without marshmallows that is, but yes.

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Really depends on what mood im in. Although I love hot chocolate better than either of the two. I like sweet coffee flavored things like those ice cream stuffs.


made my coffee a little strong today.

Sweet Brew

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It's obvious: Coffee. But ONLY with milk.

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Drinking some tea right now


I don't like either.... but between the two, I'd go with coffee because it makes as a good flavor for ice cream and caramel frappuccinos ^^ Plus, I really like the coffee shop smell~

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