The most WERIDEST thing you ever drank

Started by derpyhooves0, 2015 Apr 02, 19:33:54

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I drank pickle juice, and it was awesome, until it made my stomach upset. ovO

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Quote from: Julius on 2015 Apr 06, 11:11:19
A shot literally on fire. :P

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2015 May 27, 09:50:55 #7 Last Edit: 2015 Jun 12, 20:45:42 by MarshyMellow
Once I almost drank my mom's wine by accident.
It looked like water to me, but soon I realized that it WASN'T water..It tasted so weird.. DD:
Or did the wine scent just stay in the water? :s Either way, it tasted so weird.. DD:

EDIT NOTE: It looked like water because it was in a plastic bottle..

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coffee and green tea bubbletea with aloe vera, it tasted like paper

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This happened MANY years ago, and even then I didn't remember what was in it, I just remember two ingredients in it were water and dish soap.
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Some "cherry flavoured" potassium drink. It seriously tasted like I was drinking a bottle of liquid metal. Needless to say, I chucked it all up.
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