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Started by Soobel, 2015 Jan 12, 18:39:50

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I dont know, are that 3D art or goes it to this topic. First find a fingerprint on this pony:


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Ok, nobrony not find that fingerprint. It are on the right (left on the picture) ear. 4 ruts.
Here she stand with other ponies around a matchbox:

This i made for anatomy trial. 3hours:


Looks like nobroni interests those things :/


Anyway its good to trot around the buildings and objects in LoE game for looking, how they looks backside. It helps me to complete Golden Oak Library:

Clover Coffe, houses with bridge between him hear the market place and some other buildings waiting their time :)


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Wooa, I see that it looks to be a super job! it had to take a long time to build....
I really like these models very successful! !!!

I also like the library !!  :D

There will also Canterlot ?? :)
Eeeheh, one could make a small cartoon with all that !  :3

Super work !


Your dedication to these pieces really shows!! So intricate and lovely.

How long do you spend creating art in this way?
[Avatar drawn by Dusky Hues; Thank you!]


Hard to count time, i work some hours at evenings. That i remember, the temporary carcass of library's trunk stands on desk more than month. Then called me to an exhibition less than 2 weeks before event and i completed Library with 1 1/2 weeks.

Only telescope i completed later:

One pony i will to do from zero to complete in one evening with 3-4 hours:

Last week of sommer vacation i did every evening one pony:

Tont afraid of some imperfections, they are very small, only 17mm or 3/4 inches tall. Twist have less than 1cm / half inches tall:


So very beautiful and unique! Your talent is impressive.  ^-^
[Avatar drawn by Dusky Hues; Thank you!]


Some developments.

Ponyville Railway Station. Static grass and pink fence around the hut missing:

Familiar view:

Closer view. Luna are 20mm tall (4/5 inches) Scale 1/87 (H0)


These are beautiful, I am especially impressed with golden oaks libary!  :o


OC Cloudie Brilliant

Full Moon

Also some pics about fanfiction "Celestia" ( )


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