ask a question and and get silly answers~

Started by Kelvin, 2014 Oct 21, 01:28:13

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Aqua Fire

Hey, look. I have a deviantart. Come check it out. My DeviantArt


Aqua Fire

Um.. They grew first?

Why do we cook bacon and bake cookies?
Hey, look. I have a deviantart. Come check it out. My DeviantArt


Because cookies cannot escape from the oven :P !

Why am I cyan?


Because ayan is already taken and byan sounds silly.

Why has no one used any counterspells in mlp?
What is the strongest weapon of ponykind? The Elements of Harmony? No! The Princesses? No! The cannon? The spear? The horn? Not at all! Courage and courage alone stands above them all!


Because J. K. Rowling already bought them all and used them in Harry Potter.

Where am I?

"Oh, somewhere deep inside of these bones
An emptiness began to grow
There's something out there, far from my home
A longing that I've never known"
- "Jack's Lament", Danny Elfman


Home.  Because home is where the heart is, and yours is always inside of you (I hope). :I

Is it a bad thing if I have no pulse?


[Granny Smith]: what's that?  You have no purse?  Well why would that be a problem?

sorry, somehow a pony came into the real world and got onto my computer.  I hope you fix your purse problem soon.

So we know what happens if a tree falls in the forest no we don't, but what happens if a BUSH falls in the forest?  Does THAT make a sound?

yes it does.

Super sayian pony

It makes the sound The Great Tiger Warrior makes when intimidating his foes "Rawr"

Wut happens if u divide 0 by a black hole?


Nightshade Star


Why is light so bright?


Nightshade Star

Depends if your a molecule or a pony.
What is a question?


The true question is "What do you get when you multiply six by nine?"  This is my question to you.

Nightshade Star


Nightshade Star

I does, but is your name Lilly-eye?

Why is pi pie tasty?


Because it is a pie. All pies are tasty!

Why is it raining?


You must've made the sky sad somehow.  Stop making it cry!

Why did Thundergirl make the sky cry?

Nightshade Star

Because she did.

Why am I using my DO YOUR CHORES! base?


Because I haven's done my chores yet.

What are my chores?

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