Why Internet people are like Minecraft mobs

Started by Dream Bolt, 2014 Aug 14, 16:12:33

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Dream Bolt

So, I was bored and silly, ( I get really silly sometimes when I'm bored,) and it suddenly came to me: Internet people are like Minecraft mobs! We can put most internet people into the categories of various Minecraft mobs based on their personal traits! Here is my list on what people are which mob. And like in Minecraft, the nasty mobs do tend to come out at night.
(This is just meant to be silly. I do not mean to offend any Minecraft mobs by associating them with Internet trolls and the like.)

The Steves These are the people who are rare and special. They create new and wonderful things, and make all sorts of stuff that bring joy, or information, or what have you. People like Mandopony, (or our ever-talented LoE team,) fall into this category.

The Villagers These are the people who try to sell things, like OCs or comissions, for far more than the product is worth. (Gimme three emeralds, and I'll give you a pony I made by pressing the random button in GeneralZoi's pony creator, even though you could easily do the same yourself for free!) Still, they're a sight better than the others....

The Endermen These are the internet pirates. Zip in, grab some stuff, and disappear before they can get caught.

The Creepers These are those people who wander about in forums and Youtube and such until they find something they dislike and blow up angrily! (Someone says Luna is not best princess? Ssssss.... KABOOM!!!)

The Zombies These are the people who mindlessly follow the group opinion and attack the Steves based on the comments others have made, rather than judging for themselves. (Muhhh... gahhhh... that movie was funny. I liked it. But look! Rotten Tomatoes hated it! So obviously it must not have been funny! Must... criticize... now!)

The Skeletons These people are just here to play games so they can spam attacks and "pwn noobs".

Spiders These are the people who's mood changes with the circumstances. Talk to them when the mods are looking, and they're friendly. But once the mods look away, they will jump at you when you least expect it with their venomous posts!

Zombie Pigmen These are the people who are usually peaceful... but a bit unstable. Say something they disagree with, and you become their sworn enemy for life! You have to watch what you say around them, or you may end up with a golden sword in your nose!

Ghasts These are the cowardly trolls of the internet. They like to attack from afar with destructive criticism, but when you actually confront them, they easily back down.

Blazes These are the people who start flame wars, continuously blasting away relentlessly until the whole forum is burning.

... yes, there are far more variety of people in real life, but like I said this was just for fun.
So before you go browsing... get your diamond sword. It's dangerous out there....


You forgot the Silver Fish! O:

Silver Fish They hide in your walls and when you brake them open they eat everything including you! :-3
(I am such a derp...)


I never thought of it that way, that's actually pretty cool XD

What would the passive mobs be, I wonder?

A link to my tumblr above!
Tiger's OC page. Should re-do it...


The Slimes Those trolls that when you try to confront, several more appear out of nowhere to back them up.
Derp race!
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Now with the whole 1.8 beta and allllll....

Ender turd..er...I mean Ender mite
Uhhh...I dunno...ideas you pones?


Quote from: MrEmu on 2014 Sep 01, 03:31:28
Now with the whole 1.8 beta and allllll....

Ender turd..er...I mean Ender mite
Uhhh...I dunno...ideas you pones?

SJW gonna bash everything into dust just because no matter what is true
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Wow, this is very creative and clever. I love it!
[Avatar drawn by Dusky Hues; Thank you!]


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Quote from: MrEmu on 2014 Sep 01, 03:31:28
Now with the whole 1.8 beta and allllll....

Ender turd..er...I mean Ender mite
Uhhh...I dunno...ideas you pones?

These are the people who sit around and pretend to be protectors or warriors fighting for the good of mankind, but don't actually do any work.
But when they're standing with others of their kind?  They're an unmovable wall of stubbornness and condescension.

Ender Mites
These are small but LOUD people who always seem to bring their favorite fandom into EVERYTHING they do.
Be it Doctor Who, Adventure Time, MLP, what have you.  Eventually you'll get sick of them, but since they're not technically doing anything wrong, you can't do anything about it.

They often use OC's that are carbon copies of characters from other media. (See: All the Doctor Who clones and copies that are always being toted around in the RP sections)

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[B]Zombie Villagers[/b]
These once peaceful Internet dwellers have fallen from grace, intoxicated by the sense of anonymity and freedom the Internet so freely offers.
They clamor for any anarchy they can cause, and eventually devolve into either a Ghast, or a Blaze.


What about EnderDragons and Withers? o.O
(Please put those in a spoiler tab, I happen to know the author of his post has not reached The End yet)

White Shimmer

Spoiler: show
Enderdragons and Withers are the hidden bosses of the internet.

Enderdragons build their own little realm, like a chat, a server or a thread, and whoever enters it and tries to build up something, will get it destroyed in a instant. Not to mention what happens if somebody releases them into the casual realms...

Withers on the other side are extremely cruel haters. They contact people and ask them to add them to somthing, and when they are added... BOOM!. They bring chaos and swearing, and when they are finally removed, the person who was so foolish to summon them is doomed too.
Like that.  ^-^

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