How fast can you type?

Started by Midnight Breeze, 2014 Jul 15, 00:40:08

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Midnight Breeze

You can use to quickly test your typing speed and accuracy.

Show your results!

Princess Darcy

without my glasses with no light on my second monitor

also apparently that's what I get with glasses in a lit room on my main monitor....

Little Star

I'd say that's really good for my age.

Billow Pillow

2014 Jul 15, 12:44:06 #3 Last Edit: 2014 Jul 15, 13:24:38 by Billow Theory
I did better at these kinds of test when I was younger.  Now days I feel like my brain isn't responding like it used to, and everything is becoming more difficult especially learning, my memory, and just focusing in general.  ovO

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I must try this when I get back to the laptop.
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I guess I've sort of lost my touch
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Sea Foam

I tried my hardest, mama.
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2014 Jul 16, 04:55:34 #8 Last Edit: 2014 Jul 16, 05:07:09 by Julius

I wonder if I can do this from my iPhone... I'm certain I'd be faster. :P

Well, this is disappointing. I was certain I'd be faster from my phone... :l


I wanted 100 :O this is close enough right?


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I've done better than this. Ah well.


I'd like to show my results, but isn't showing up for me! ono



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My hands hurt now.  ovO This topic is pretty old though. My friend once asked me to find a typing place.


 lol I remember this. Used to be a ton of fun competing with people doing this.

Itty Bit

I remember seeing this back in high school as well!

I think I could have done a bit better, considering I gots a funky W key.

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Not bad considering I only use about 7 fingers: my entire left hand and my pointer on my right hand (plus my right ring finger for backspace). It's good enough I guess.

I think I've had a few too many blueberry pies...

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Mine could be a bit better  :c

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