[Herd] Knights of the Dawn

Started by DawnsEmbrace, 2014 Jun 13, 15:09:59

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I will try to be more active


hmm 15 months


I'm on these forums around 3 to 20 times a week so I think I'm active enough x3
Feel free to check out my [URL=http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=11982.0]Oc page[/URL]!


I'd say I'm active when I can be here.  Done moving, so I should be able to be back here.


Quote from: Checkmate on 2015 Feb 03, 21:14:21
I'd say I'm active when I can be here.  Done moving, so I should be able to be back here.

You're alive again! *glomps*
'Cause sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind.


Since the ball's been idle for a while, I think now is a safe time to post this.

I won't be very active, as I've demonstrated lately.  It's safe to assume that if you're looking for me, you won't find me for at least a week, and we just can't have that.
Starting today, I'm moving the title of Dawn Captain to PlatinumJoystick, as he was the popular choice in the Herd while I was gone a few months ago.  If he wishes to promote someone else to the position later for any reason, he is fully allowed to as he sees fit.  I'll be cutting a few people from the system, the few I know won't be coming back, and PM-ing the original post to Platinum, who can either create a new page that he has control of, or promote whoever he wishes to the position and PM them the original post.
If another post is made, the Dawn Captain can contact a moderator to have this one locked and moved to the retirement home.

I bid you all goodbye, and more importantly, good luck.

Hereby listed are the two ponies who are replacing the cuts I made.
They're put into the system correctly on the post I'm PM-ing Platinum, along with a few other changes.

Checkmate: Unicorn Admiral
Brave-Dash: Pegasus General


Since we have an open server today, what servers will everyone be on? Griffinilia (or whatever it was) seems the most stable.


Equiss (think that's what it's called) seems to work the best for me, so I'll be sticking to that.


I am so active right now you don't even know, I'm SO active I caused binary overflow and was gone for 2 months


Be on the lookout for a new Knights Of The Dawn thread this week.
Hail to the Knights Of The Dawn.

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