Legends of Equestria Attending BronyCon 2014!

Started by Ellowee, 2014 May 30, 11:07:28

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Quote from: Naura on 2014 Jun 08, 12:17:36

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Quote from: Moonstar100 on 2014 Jun 03, 15:09:27
I was talking to this person called "Tiger"
That person is really annoying and I really want the game to be open  :c :( ;(

Ok so I will listen to you and I understand :D

Also 1 questions: How do I get a profile picture?

What? Why would you do that Moonstar?

Don't worry about it Naura, I kinda did do something a little rude, but trust me, I soon realised it was wrong and I've apologised to Moonstar in PMs.X3

A link to my tumblr above!
Tiger's OC page. Should re-do it...

Pegasister Rena

Darn it! I'm already dieing to try the game on the next free play weekend thing and i can't even go to a con of any kind since I'm gonna be spending all my money on preparing for the baby girl i will be having this October! :'(

I wish I got to go to Bronycon and Glitchcon to go see Vic Mignogna <--my all time favorite anime voice actor. :'(
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Omg! please Open servers~ i've never played the game...   so plz  And when are you opening them again! i wanna play ! 

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I Cant Wait! Please Open servers for a day! 

Verdant Tome

I'd love to stop by, seeing as the city BronyCon's in isn't 50 miles from the house I grew up in, but I'll be 2,000 miles away then, doing college-y things at a college.
Oh, well. Better luck next time, I suppose.

Pegasister Rena

Found out they are opening the servers from August 8th-10th!!!! I cant wait to try the game finally!! XD
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Tick tick tock This mod will be off the clock at bronycon

All seriousnes please keep this topic to the bronycon anouncement not the Osw anouncment there is a thread for that

oh and I will be around at Bronycon but not for the team


Quote from: Ryo_D_Disk on 2014 Jun 15, 15:10:28
Tick tick tock This mod will be off the clock at bronycon

You'll be dealing with the group of us, do you honestly think you'll be "off the clock?"

lol, jk.  Can't wait !  45 days and closing!!

Itty Bit

I'll be seeing you all there! And I can't wait B)
Better make sure to answer my dumb hand so I can ask you guys an equally dumb question

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