Funny/embarrassing things that happened to you?

Started by Rissian, 2012 Sep 23, 01:19:01

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As a result of boredom I decided to open a random topic. ovO  What are some of the funny/embarrassing things that happened to you?

I have one that I forgot about for awhile, I was home schooled pretty much my entire life except kindergarten in kindergarten I was in a private school but after kindergarten we couldn't afford it anymore so I was switched to home schooling. Anyways at the end of the kindergarten school year everyone in the class had to take part in a school play.

I can't remember all of the details of the play but I can remember the characters we had to be, the main character was a hen and the rest of the class had to play baby chicks my role was one of the baby chicks. The school was pretty big so I had to stand on stage with the rest of the class in front of a huge audience. I was actually too scared to even stand in front so I tried to hide behind my other class members when I had the chance. Needless to say that was not fun.  X3


I was playing on an Urban Terror server as Pinkie! one day night.  I accidentally hit my bind that automatically changes my name to my official clan name(/eVo/Capt.McKay), and someone recognized me.  I don't think he knew who I was aliased as.

Not one day later I jump in a server with a clanmate in ts3 with me, forgetting what my name was(still Pinkie!).  He told me he will change his name to "The Brain" to match up with mine...I don't think he got it either,
or they're playing oblivious.

I don't think they can play dumb anymore as because of that I don't care if they find out i'm a brony.  I play as Pinkie! all the time now, I have a Pinkie Pie avatar in ts3 and on the website and I may even officially change my name to /eVo/Pinkie! just cause I don't care.
(This was embarrassing at first, hence why i'm posting it :D)


Another embarrassing moment I had was when I was converting an acting project me my sister and my cousin did, I was getting ready to convert the video to a different format for editing my converter decided to remember my last folder I used while my cousin was watching and next thing you know my little pony episodes pop up, since I had recently converted them for use on my phone.

I was like "You see nothing." and his reply was "You watch my little pony?" then he started laughing a bit. and I tried to explain why I watch it and he said. "You're not getting me to watch the show." and I replied "I'm not trying to get you to watch the show I'm trying to explain why I watch it."


I had a close call to that regard today.  I was at my niece's birthday party, and my mom's camera wasn't working so I let her use my phone.  She recorded a video and started going through my phone to find what she just recorded, but luckily I caught her, passed her the "the file's in a really weird spot, let me get it for you" line, and took the phone away before she found the 4 or so MLP shows in the same folder, or worse yet, my pony karaoke  ovO

She was also sitting next to my dad, I would have loved to explain that to him.

I cringe at the thought of the one day someone with a key to my apartment comes in to see a pinkie pie toy on top of my monitor...and my desktop background(the pic in the cute image thread of Pinkie's face caught in a glass of chocolate milk  :D.

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fell asleep in class... ended up yelling something from my dream in class... not.. a good... day...

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