Kingdom Hearts

Started by VaelAraragi, 2015 Jan 30, 19:53:53

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So far, I've seen no one who likes the game. Please tell me I'm not alone as a fan of the game?  ono


I've played:
  • 1 and 2 on PS2

  • Chain of Memories on GBA

  • Both DS games

  • Dream Drop Distance on 3DS

I really wanna play the ones on PSP and PS3 (and eventually 3 on PS4), but... well... money...
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I've played pretty much all of the games. Except Birth By Sleep, which I just watched a Let's Play of on YouTube.

I eagerly await the third game.

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I've played 1 and 2 and Chain of memories on GBA and PS2.
My favorite is Kingdom Hearts 2.


Well, Kingdom Hearts IS my favourite game seires of all time (besides Final Fantasy), so...yeah ^-^
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My favourite game is Birth By Sleep.
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I've played through every single Kingdom Hearts game, got a bunch of KH collectibles in my room, and am currently writing a KH fanfiction. Yeah, Kingdom Hearts is my second all time favorite video game franchise, with the Persona franchise coming in at number one on my favorites list! ovO
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pretty much the same as Dark I have issues when it comes to Kingdom hearts even to the point I bought 1.5 and 2.5 just to get the final mixes even though I owned the originals X3
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Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game series aside from Final Fantasy! I own and wear a replica of Sora's necklace every day, and I even got my own keyblade! Of course, I've played all of them (To 100% completion I might add). 0:)

I am now waiting for 3... And holding off on buying a PS4, hoping they release a special edition based off of KH3 or FFXV! :D


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Well i'm not play yet only 3D, KHIII and KH[chi] :<
And yes, I absolutely fan of that game series! ^-^ It's just gold for me, everything in this game! *-*
Also, is much harder find fan of that game in Russia -.- Well, a least here i'm not alone as a fan of that game series xD

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