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"The title says it all! basically your stuck in a life simulation virtual reality game. You are able to do whatever you want, be whatever, and create whatever, but that doesn't mean you can be OP-ish and God-ish. :3

So the goal of this rp is to find your way back to the real world. But sometimes you might prefer the fake world than the real one... ovO

Of course I'm not going to start, so have fun!

P.S. this might be related to Stuck in the system, but it's not. This rp has  a villain who tricked you into playing a game, but that villain is actually trying to create a new world, which is the fake world. I should have told you that in the beginning lol the villain is one of my OCs, no not Relic. Other than that have fun again!"

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And hello everyone! Since there's no OOC thread for it, I made the thread by myself!
Feel free to post your ideas of what you will do in the RP here!

Link to the RP:

And, I hope it's not too much a problem to make a OOC of your RP, @GlassMirror . x3
Out of Character / Dinosaurs Land OOC
2015 Jun 06, 16:11:49
This is the OOC for the RP "Dinosaurs Land"! You can discuss anything related, or not related, to the RP here! This is made if you had a large question or some comment that maybe too be added into the RP. Small ones are okay, and they are okay in the main RP as long as you can still RP in it. For those who are looking for the main RP, Here it is!

Also, you could just talk whatever you like here, whatever you got in your mind, just make sure it stays within the forum rules!
Introductions Archive / Hello !
2015 Feb 23, 06:48:26
Hello ! I'm new here and I don't know what to say more because I'm (a little) shy. X3

Sorry for the bad English because I especialy speak French. >.< J'ai vraiment un problème. lol

Lucky I played the game before the Open Server are closed (February 2015). ^-^

Well, hope to see you all later !