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Hello, I was liking to suggest adding emotes to the forum. Hopefully if it isn't too much to ask, but I can provide you what i have so you can use em for the site. Here is what I have drawn.

Flutteryay emote:

Boop emote:

Twilight boop emote:

Hope these are good enough for use. I am open for questions if you need.
Welcome to Horror Wing Palace...

There is a being by the name of Darkstalker who is freed from his 2000 year prison and has chosen and captured some of the mightiest beings around. His intention is to see who is the most worthy opponent for his almighty power. He seals the captives in cages specifically built in their specifications to be impossible to break out by all means. He will only let them out, but in the form of a tournament, in which he will force each of the captives to fight their way to freedom. The winner of the tournament will be granted the freedom, but little will they know that they will have a 1 on 1 final battle against the one who started the tournament. If they captives refuse to battle, Darkstalker will strip the power out of the captive, along with being held captive for good. To keep the tournament active and without a hitch, he had captured a dragon by the name of Horror Wing, or by another name Queen Galaxia. She is captive in an island designed to prevent her escaping, and any attempts will threaten her health.

Darkstalker has taken the strongest of the super heroes and mighty beings without notice and in a flash, bring them into the hall of the Horror Wing Palace. There all of the captives will meet with the others who were deemed worthy to be captured and sent to the mysterious palace. The hall is a massive hall decorated in chiseled masonry, stained glass, and statues of ponies and dragons. Since the captures were so sudden and in a flash, it was impossible to check around to see what has happened, and at their most vulnerable to be able to capture without hassle.
Welcome everybody to Escape to the Future. Here we explore the adventures of ponies going through time. If you are interested in joining the RP, there is a sign-up thread here in this link:

*Note to give that newcomers to the RP will be entered in one section of the list. Nothing to worry about though. Its just an easier way to assign RPers.

We also have an OOC for this RP located in this link here:

*The OOC can be used for anything. Planning things in the RP, other talk about the RP, or just to have a friendly talk with each other. Feel free to use it.

Alright, so now that we have all that settled out, we can now begin to bring forth the RP. Remember to follow the rules, follow up on the RP, and have fun!


Previously on Escape to the Future...
     A small group of ponies accidentally traveled back in time 1300 years to the past in an age before Heartswarming Eve. Learning to cope with the situation and settling in the time, they meet with mysterious allies to assist in finding their way back in time. Discovering the situations among the race, soon they, too are in a predicament with the kingdom of Canterlot of Unicornia, thrown into the dungeon for many moons, while they have succeeded in getting Princess Platinum to help find the solution to time travel back. With every day they stay in the past, they further increase risk of altering their timeline. 60 days later, all the ponies were released and ready to return to their time. 2 months of careful travels and searches for hope, they finally return to their timeline, probablility of offset within hours. Around their area, things seem to look as if nothing has changed and 2 brothers check out to finally see their own world again. Nothing seems changed in Canterlot until they see the town of Ponyville, something that was not suppose to be there. A city built with walls in and out of its town. It is from this sight that their fear has come true. Their timeline has been altered. What will they do then?...

     The world of Equestria in this new world has altered in ways that is yet to be discovered. In this new world, the design of the walls are built for a purpose: Separation. It is certain there is segregation, and events in between the 1300 years has also changed to cause the addition of the walls. In this new altered future, segregation and hatred is still the norm. Heartswarming Eve may not have happened, and something in the past has caused it. So how is Equestria not frozen, but not friendly? How are they still flourishing to this time? The key must hold among this new altered past. If the ponies of this time must know, they will have to search high and low. Luckily, there is no fear to cause further alterations in their new time. However, there is new dangers that is unforeseen. The new altered present will be their new settlement until they can find answers  to the new world. Their adventure continues on here...
Hello and welcome to the Holiday Cruise Line RP sign-up. Here you input your character's information to which you will be using in this RP. All required for this RP is character name, species/race, gender, and appearance. Though not a requirement, adding extra information about your character does help learn more about the character. Here is a format that should work well to fill your character's information.

*Personality/short bio:

*: optional information.

There isn't much of a limit to the kind of characters that can be accepted. Characters that are too extraordinary or exaggerated to fit in this type of RP cannot be accepted. Since this RP is intended for a vacation type RP, there is no need for supervillains or viceous beasts of some sorts. Other than that, nearly any character can be entered.

Hope to see you in the RP.


Update: RP is closed. I am no longer taking requests/applications.
Hello and welcome to the Holiday Cruise Ship RP, where everypony comes to relax and take a break from the everyday life. This RP revolves just ponies and other characters relaxing in a cruise ship. It is a sign in, which means if you would like to enter in this RP you must sign up to enter to play. I will link the sign-up thread. Alright. General rules for this RP is, of course, all forum rules apply. Also this is suppose to be a vacation cruise, so lets not get crazy in the RP with villains, disasters, and other wild stuff. So with some of that said let us continue with our setting.

Sign-uo thread here:

Hope all of you have fun.


Welcome to Equestria Ocean Line, Equestria's best vacation cruise line ((Overused "best of all" slogan)). This cruise line has all the essential entertainment and relaxation every pony needs to feel like home but better. There are endless possibilities to make you happy in this cruise. Our cruise have 5 floors and a below-deck area. To help out with what each floor contains, We have categorized each floor to help you learn our areas of the ship. Here is the set:

5th Floor - Control/Command
4th Floor - Rooms (Males)
3rd Floor - Rooms (Females)
2nd Floor - Entertainment
1st Floor - Shops, restaurant, pool
Below Deck - Cargo, engine, and work rooms

Each floor is accessible. However the control/command floor and the Below Deck are limited areas and are often off-limits. Only by permission is when you can access these areas. There are outside decks you can look out and see the the ocean or just get the breath of fresh air, or to just get under the sun. So come on in and enjoy the cruise. Please enjoy your vacation and we thank you for cruising with Equestria Ocean Line.
Canterlot Archives / Hoof Camp RP OOC
2016 Mar 16, 20:22:49
Welcome to the Hoof Camp RP OOC.

Here we can discuss stuff  about the RP, have fun chatting, sharing info, or just to do whatever.

:P Wow that was a quick setup
Welcome to Love is in the Air RP. This RP is for the tradition of love for Valentines day or Hearts and Hooves Day. It is also open so you can jump in at any time. I believe it will be best to add the OC info in the OOC so that it doesn't get buried here in the RP x3 .

Basically this RP is about love. Any kind of love can be used here such as romantic love, chase love, or love spells of any kind. There is no set story to this, though if you l like to elaborate in a story of your own or something everyone can enjoy, we can discuss it in the OOC.
The OOC is here:

Now, of course the rules. Forum rules do apply. Now, how far is too far in love? What stuff are restricted in love? Here are a list of rules:
-Kisses on head or around face are acceptable. Kissing on mouth is borderline acceptable/unacceptable. Anywhere around the body is forbidden except for the front hoofs (since it is similar to kissing the top of the hand, it is safe)
-Keep the jokes clean. I know there may be some funny pick-up lines or love jokes. Adult jokes are completely forbidden!
-Romantic playaround should also be kept clean.

Now... there may be disputes where some will pull a canon character to use in this RP and cause problems. I would recommend to refrain from using any canon characters unless you and the people agree on the idea. If things do get out of hand I may have to take action on the situation.

Okay, finally done with the set stuff. Now... let's begin the RP!

The love is in the air. The ponies finding their special somepony, while others are in the search for their true love, and others... well still on the mission to get the mare or stallion of their life. Here we enter the lives of ponies in Equestria who are in the mood for loving. Each with very interesting stories to tell.

((Such introduction. Very short. Much small. Wow))
-----------------------------------RP STARTS HERE---------------------------------------
Canterlot Archives / Love is in the Air OOC
2016 Feb 09, 04:28:03
Welcome to the Love is in the Air OOC. Here you can discuss about the RP and plan things out with others, or just come here to hang out to talk about stuff.

Hope all of you have fun.
Also, You can post your OC info here for reference for others to read.
Welcome to Stranded, an RP of adventure and survival.

The plot of this story is to find a way out of the island and also trying to survive while doing so. There will be new places to explore, things to discover, and perhaps some history that may be learned while on the island. Of course in a survival it is nothing without its dangers. The dangerous missions and tasks will not be horrendously violent as to violate the LoE forum rules. Also this RP should last a good while to play around so we won't end it too soon unless until the appropriate time comes in.

Now... This is indeed a sign-up RP which means you will in fact need to sign up and with my permission of acceptance before you can enter roleplaying here. I am not too harsh with jumping in without signing up. Mistakes happen and it is understandable. However continuation of roleplaying without signing up and without permission can have consequences. I do advise signing up first.

The sign-up thread is located in this link here:
Rules are also located in the link.

There is also an OOC thread here as well:
Any OOC should be posted there. Can be used for RPing discussions or just a hang-out chat thread.

Alright... now that all of that is out of the way, let's get to the RP. Hope all of you enjoy your fun.
This RP will open when we have enough to start.
----------------------------------------------------The Prologue-----------------------------------------------------------------------


Summer morning. It is a day with sunny skies as clear as a glass vase. A beautiful morning to start an adventures out at sea. Waters glimmering of the sun's rays like glitter. Waves crashing to the shores a distance from the docks where other ponies enjoy their beach time and to save a spot to have a fun time. Ponies with surf boards taming the rolling waters to have their fun in the water. Wonder how ponies are able to ride on boards? Oh well, lets just keep their fun without breaking physics stuff. From a radio, news feed comes through the speakers about current events. Princess Celestia visiting Manehattan, The Las Pegasus Dodgers playing against the New Yearling Yankees, and a weather of a cold front moving in for some rain. Might not seem like it will rain from so much sky, but the rain will come in eventually.
A large group of ponies and other guests arrive at the dock to an expedition to the sea for a recreational vacation. The group reveal their tickets and are boarded onto the boat. As everyone got on board the captain finally can set sail towards the sea. The land seems to shrink as the boat travels ever deeper into the vast ocean. Time passes by and the land is now unable to be seen over the horizon. Once more the clouds can be seen on the opposite horizon. Perhaps the cold front that was suppose to bring rain. What was failed to expect is the increasing strength of the rain that will develop into a strong storm. Worries grew among the guests and crew that are on board as they now noticed a small increase in turbulence in the water with waves beginning to increases in size gradually. They notice how much the clouds tower to the sky. Clouds as high as the tallest mountains can intimidate even the fiercest and bravest weatherpony. The captain attempts to turn the boat around to escape the storm but the storm is too fast to flee from. Added to the inability to escape, the waves become stronger and almost halts the boat still. Soon clouds roll over and rain and wind begin to hit hard on the boat. Rocking and shacking the crew and guests try hard to hold balance while the captain valiantly maneuvers the treacherous waves. Unfortunately a wave hits directly on the boat and springs a leak on the boat. Frantically the captain advises to run to life capsules. Basically very light capsules seated for a good amount of members at a time that is capable of being unsinkable even if it was filled with water. The capsules were design to withstand many impacts and always floats upright. There were 7 capsules on the boat and every crew and guest entered in the capsules. From the Plexiglas window they can see how ferocious the waves are as they are rocked inside the capsules. They brace for themselves for the storm.
Hours passed by and after riding the horrendous waves for that time it has died down. The rides in the capsules are now calm and the groups inside are now resting asleep from the disaster. It is now dusk with the sun lowering on the horizon. Clouds have moved on to the east seeing red towering clouds and some lightning. The captain and some crew how appear out of the capsules locate each other from blinkers. They each follow the blinkers using paddles to draw closer. Was about a half-hour of work before they can now bring together and tether each capsule together. However, not all capsules are found. 1 remains missing out at sea and was undetectable to the others. The captain uses a flair in hopes the lone capsule can see and follow it. Unfortunately, inside the lone capsule all the members are asleep soundly, never seeing the flair. The captain tries hard even using binoculars but with no luck finding them. He sighs in defeat and sadness of the fate of the lost capsule. He decides to turn on the main capsule's engines and tows the rest of the capsules behind it in a line. The captain plans to send emergency help to find the last capsule tomorrow. Each capsule also came equipped with a signal where a special radio is capable of receiving the signal. The loudness of the signal determines the distance of the source. However it only lasts about 3 days before the battery runs out.
The next day, the skies are clear and the sun is about half way up to the center of the sky. The group were still asleep in the lost capsule. However, interesting it ends up at a shore. One pony by the name of Cheveyo wakes up and rubs his eyes. He sees through the window and sees the shore. He is rejoiced to be alive and opens the capsule. Such an enjoyable time to be to finally be back on land, but his happiness suddenly turns into confusion. The shore looks very different, practically no sign of civilization. He gets up and sees the jungle-like trees near the shore and to see a large hill ahead. Something he never seen before they left to the sea. He now begins to be worried as he looks around and not a sign of other capsules from the boat. Oh so quiet does it sound, only the sound of waves, birds chirping and trees rustling are making the majority of the volume of sound. Questions boggle his mind. Where are they? Where are the others? How do we get back home? How long will we be lost before anyone finds us? Are we ever gonna return home?

*Each capsule was also equipped with survival kits that can last a group of 6 ponies about 2 weeks with rations, portable shelter, some recreational activities, emergency med kit, a flair gun, a large reflective sheet, a radio transmitter, and a water neutralizer.

---------RP STARTS HERE--------

Canterlot Archives / STRANDED (OOC Thread)
2015 Dec 16, 00:10:07
Welcome to the Stranded OOC thread.

Here you can talk about stuff about the RP or just want to hang out and chat here.

Basically that is it for what goes here. Let the OOC commense.
Welcome to the Equestria Games OOC thread. This is where you can talk about stuff within the RP, got questions, or just feel chatty about stuff and just have fun.

If you happen to want to find the actual RP, it is located here below:

However, if you want to be a competitor, you need to sign up here:

If you are not part of the RP, its alright. You don't need actually be part of the RP to come here. Feel at home here.
Let the intermission begin!
Welcome to the Escape to the Future RP. This RP is pretty much self explanitory, it is a group of ponies looking for a way to return back to the future. I have created another earlier, but this is a refresh from the original, but may lead to different scenarios, which is nothing bad at all. The RP did had more potential, so I feel like bringing it back and do over again so that we can get a better thorough storyline, and perhaps last a bit more to bring out more stories to it and make it well.

This is a sign-up RP, which means if you will need to sign up in order to join. However, there will be a limited spaces for the RPers.
I will make a list of RPers and the OCs they play as and include their race by (E)Earth, (U)Unicorn, and (P)Pegasus (Other races can be used except alicorn). reason not alicorn is because it can throw off the setting, situation and behavior of the past ponies for having appendages of more than one race. The limit is 2 OCs per RPer.
Here is the sign-up here:

You can also discuss things in the RP in the OOC here:
Make sure to put this in good us well on plans so we don't end up with conflicting results.

Da Rules:
1) All Forum rules apply
2) Let us assume that you can only see from your perspective. I know we can read each other's posts, but let's not get too coincidental on knowing other's plans or locations. It is similar to "No Screenwatching" in splitscreen games.
3) If you are playing as one of the past ponies, you can be either the ponies who support unity, or those who are against trusting other tribes.
4) Have fun
*5)(Forgot about this)Limit the amount of posts so that others can catch up to the story.

Spoiler: The list of RPers • show

Color indicators on OC names: Pink (Female)/ Blue (Male)
Forum name - OC(s)
Time-traveled OCs
-Peace Keeper - Peacekeeper (P)/Peacemaker (U)
-Maplewood - Maplewood (E/Cyborg)
-Blizzard_Frost (Retired) - Blizzard Frost (P)
-Misty Fly - Marble Star (U)

OCs of the past
-Julien999 - Unknown Mare (U/Bat at night) / Sweet Vanilla (U)
-Jcfraven - Raven Star (U)

-----------The story starts as bellow------------

Peacekeeper and his brother Peacemaker go to a library to see books they like to see... mostly I spy books. It is a child book, but they like to play around and find things. Then they stumbled upon a Hearts Warming Eve book. They were fascinated by the story and illustrations. They both checked out the book. They read through quite a few chapters while walking in the park. Then there happens to be a strange writing in the book. Peacekeeper tried reading through it since he can pronounce the words well, but he was confused on the meaning. Peacemaker preceeded to read the passage again. After reading it the second time, a light grew bright on Peacemaker's horn. It grew brighter and some other ponies around were in astonishment and awe on the spell that was being made. After a few seconds of shining light, a flash was made, but the Peaces were gone, along with a couple others around who were too close and are caught in the spell.
               The group wake up, to realize they aren't in the park they recognize. What they see is a small village in a distance, and they were standing on open land with a small trail. They are in total shock and fear as to where they have been. What they have noticed is a flag at a distance that look similar to the book, and realized, they just went back 1300 years in time, the period before Hearts Warming Eve. Knowing that the tribes and pony races do not get along and trust each other well, the group is in peril of being together. It is a chance they can get caught for treason and be punished. So they have to keep a low profile and be careful to not run into different pony races. The best hope is to find a way to return back into their time. It will be very dangerous, and survival is not guarantee. Will they ever return to their time?

The adventure begins...
This is the OOC for the RP Escape from the Past. Feel free to discuss things in or out of the RP. You can plan certain things in the RP, or just have a friendly talk. Only rule is the forum rules. Enjoy your stay.
This is a sign-up RP, which means if you will need to sign up in order to join. However, there will be a limited spaces for the RPers.
I will make a list of RPers and the OCs they play as and include their race by (E)Earth, (U)Unicorn, and (P)Pegasus (Other races can be used except alicorn). reason not alicorn is because it can throw off the setting, situation and behavior of the past ponies for having appendages of more than one race. The limit is 2 OCs per RPer.
Here is the sign-up here:
*NOTE: List is full!

You can also discuss things in the RP in the OOC here:
Make sure to put this in good us well on plans so we don't end up with conflicting results.

Da Rules:
1) All Forum rules apply
2) Let us assume that you can only see from your perspective. I know we can read each other's posts, but let's not get too coincidental on knowing other's plans or locations. It is similar to "No Screenwatching" in splitscreen games.
3) If you are playing as one of the past ponies, you can be either the ponies who support unity, or those who are against trusting other tribes.
4) Have fun
*5)(Forgot about this)Limit the amount of posts so that others can catch up to the story.

Spoiler: The list of RPers • show

Forum name - OC(s)
Time-traveled OCs
-Peace Keeper - Peacekeeper(P) / Peacemaker(U)
-Lightspeed_Flash - Mystic Bliss(U)
-Gracie Sky - Gracie Sky(P)
-Maplewood - Maplewood (E)

OCs of the past
-Stryder221 - Grand Illusion(U) / Spell-Breaker(U)
-Radiovoid - Still Nights (Bat)
-Nocturna - Nocturna (P/Vampony)

-----------The story starts as bellow------------

Peacekeeper and his brother Peacemaker go to a library to see books they like to see... mostly I spy books. It is a child book, but they like to play around and find things. Then they stumbled upon a Hearts Warming Eve book. They were fascinated by the story and illustrations. They both checked out the book. They read through quite a few chapters while walking in the park. Then there happens to be a strange writing in the book. Peacekeeper tried reading through it since he can pronounce the words well, but he was confused on the meaning. Peacemaker preceeded to read the passage again. After reading it the second time, a light grew bright on Peacemaker's horn. It grew brighter and some other ponies around were in astonishment and awe on the spell that was being made. After a few seconds of shining light, a flash was made, but the Peaces were gone, along with a couple others around who were too close and are caught in them.
               The group wake up, to realize they aren't in the park they recognize. What they see is a small village in a distance, and they were standing on open land with a small trail. They are in total shock and fear as to where they have been. What they have noticed is a flag at a distance that look similar to the book, and realized, they just went back 1300 years in time, the period before Hearts Warming Eve. Knowing that the tribes and pony races do not get along and trust each other well, the group is in peril of being together. It is a chance they can get caught for treason and be punished. So they have to keep a low profile and be careful to not run into different pony races. It is decided to go to the castle of the two sisters and search for a spell to be able to return to the future. It will be very dangerous, and survival is not guarantee.

The adventure begins...
*-This RP is a private RP, which means only invited players can reply to this RP.

*-The rules also apply here.

-----------The story begins here-----------------

My name is Peace Keeper, and I have just finished my classes for my college. I decided to take a vacation to a place called Ponyville so I can see the changes it has made. I heard of Ponyville being a very friendly place, so I planned my trip. i am right now in my motel after a day in Ponyville. It has quite a few things to find here, and I finally got to visit Canterlot, which looks so much beautiful up close. I had a good trip around and do plan to visit more of Ponyville.

*Waking up and checks watch* Oh it is 10 AM.
Peace rubs his eyes and walks to the bathroom to wash up then walks to the kitchen to find something to eat.

After eating his cereal, he walks out the door looking around to see what to do next
Hmm... what to do next?
This is the Out of Character thread for the RP "My crazy adventures in Ponyville". You can discuss anything related, or not related, to the RP here. This is made if you had a large question or some comment that may be too be added into the RP. Small ones are okay, and they are okay in the main RP as long as you can still RP in it. For those who are looking for the main RP, Here it is. Click here to go to the RP.

Also, you could just talk whatever you like here, whatever you got in your mind, just make sure it stays within the forum rules.
I was thinking of adding the flutter-yay icon to the list if it is not too much.
It is time to share what you have recieved for Christmas this year.

To begin, I recieved a sweater, a wallet, and $50.
*-This is my first RP, so I hope anyone and everyone joining in will have fun. It is open to everyone and anyone can jump in at anytime. OCs of all types and ages can be used.

Remember. All forum rules apply, so let's hope everyone knows the rules so we don't get into any trouble.

So... uh... I guess that is it then. Let's have some fun.

-------------------- RP time ----------------------

This is the GO! Fitness and Sports class. My name is Arco Iris, and I will be your coach. I am a retired Equestra Games athlete with a 28-year record of competing. My life is to compete and encorage young athletes to be the best. I now dedicate myself to teaching others to train to be healthy and stronger. This program is to maintain your fitness, enhance your skills, or just to exercise around if you feel like moving. It is designed for everypony of any kind, any age, and every level of fitness, so nopony is left out. I thank you for joining me on this course and I wish you well all the way through. Hope you have fun!
The object of this game is to tell the pony above what to do. It can be anything.

Do not take it too seriously, and stay within forum rules.

Thread Games / Corrupt a wish (Reactivated)
2014 Oct 21, 01:00:32
The purpose of this game is to grant the wish of the person above, but corrupted. Then you come up with a wish.

I'll start

Granted, now your post is deleted.

I wish for an MLP plushie.
The Retirement Home / DO YOUR CHORES!
2014 Oct 01, 17:07:02
The purpose in this game is to tell the pony above you what to do. It can be anything. Have fun!
Hello All! Welcome to my OC thread. Here I keep a collection of the OCs I have created. Well... it perhaps serve as a memory bank for the ideas of my OC, and also serves for the info that is used for RPing so that other can know what to expect or know about my OC. Perhaps it is here so that people can curiously see what OCs I have created. I know, it isn't the greatest, but it can't hurt trying to be creative, can it?

Well... here are my OCs, and enjoy.

My Ponysona:
Spoiler: Peacekeeper • show

Name: Peacekeeper
Age: 23
Gender: Male (Stallion)
Pony type: Pegasus
Coat color: Blue
Mane/Tail color: Primary black; Mane secondary: eggshell white stripe down the middle/ Tail secondary: Blue
Eye Color: Brown
Other: Black shirt (3 types: w/o wing holes, w/ wing holes, plaid sweater w/ flaps), black cape
Residency: Las Pegasus
Strengths: Good pulling strength, positive attitude, very kind and generous, and intelligence in math
Weaknesses: Gullible, cannot stand up for own self, fears conflict, and not-so-strong lifting strength

Spoiler: Peacekeeper Images • show

Spoiler: Peacekeeper art by LarryMcLie (Painty Tailbrush)  • show

Spoiler: Peacekeeper art by Gingineer • show

Spoiler: Peacekeeper Secret Santa art by Chrisgotjar (Finally knew who drew it) • show

Spoiler: Peacekeeper & Peacemaker (anthro) art by Reginald27 • show

Peacekeeper is on the top

A little "interview" of him.
Spoiler: The Questionnaire • show
1:What's your OCs favorite color?
-Black and Blue

2:Where does your OC work?
-Unemployed, but willing to work anywhere

3:What's your OCs favorite food?
-Fruits; mostly cantaloupe, banana, and apples. Nature's candy!

4:Does your OC have a favorite drink?
Smoothies.. I love fruits.

5:How old is your OC?
-21 years old

6:Does your OC have any supernatural powers?
No, but I believe I can do magic

7:Is your OC in a relationship?

8:What are some of your OCs strengths?
-Can pull large carts (Strong hind legs), Usually happy (emotionally strong, hard to anger, depress, or cry)

9:What are some of your OCs weaknesses?
-Can't lift, bro (Not-so-strong forelegs), gullible, and very hot weather

10:What is your OCs favorite outfit?
-Usually a shirt and sometimes a cape

11:What is your OCs spirit animal?
-The monkey (Chinese Zodiac)

12:Is your OC currently in school?
-Yes. Currently in college

13:What is your OCs earliest memory?
-Looking out the window of the train at age 2

14:Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind?

15:What makes your OC angry?
-Not getting an answer, bullies, and backstabbers (those who betray or break promises)

16:When is your OCs favorite time of year?
-Winter (Nice and cool)

17:How long can your OC hold their breath?
-2 minutes usually (record was 3 minutes)

18:What is your OCs favorite holiday?
*Not sure if it's named like that in Equestria

19:What usually bums your OC out?
-Very hot weather, literally nothing else to do, and long-term tasks

20:What's your OCs favorite kind of pizza?
-Pepperoni and cheese, and sometimes with pineapple

21:Who is your OCs best friend?
-I know how they look, I just can't remember their names. I haven't seen them since my childhood.

22:Has your OC ever been arrested?
-Eenope, and hopefully never

23:Whats your OCs biggest secret?
-Um... I would like to keep that a secret. Well... just this one. I want to do magic really badly like my brother. I know I'm a pegasus, but I believe it is possible. I will try to the very end to learn and understand how magic works. Others see me crazy, and called me an idiot, but I don't mind. It does seem pretty dumb, but I still believe.

24:What does your OC smell like?
-I'm a bit embarrassed. I just smell clear, but sometimes I smell like sweat because of the heat or the exercise.

25:What time of year does your OC prefer?
-Again? Ok then. The winter, and a bit early spring.

26:What race is your OC?

27:What languages does your OC speak?
-English and Spanish

28:Does your OC like anime? Western Cartoons?
-regular cartoons, yes. Anime... somewhat.

29:Can your OC swim?
-*nervously* Eenope!

30:What would be your OCs favorite movie?
-Good question. I guess it is between Toy Story, Twister, or The Wizard of Oz.

31:Does your OC believe in fairies?

32:Did your OC go to college? What did they major in?
-Currently attending college. Majoring in meteorology (weather). I'm gonna be a math major and a minor in physics.

33:How many family members does your OC have?
-4 sisters, 2 brothers, an uncle of 12, and a soon-to-be granduncle (I have a huge family, and that's not counting the family from the south)

34:Is your OC a huge fan boy/girl over anything?
-Eenope, but I am a fan of some sports teams.

35:How flexible is your OC?
-About average.

36:What if they were gender bent?
-*Reads dictionary* I would do my best to help them understand that we all have ambitions in our lives. If they still feel gender bent, I just hope they don't get extreme.

37:What was your OCs first word?
-Not really sure, but it may possibly be in Spanish

38:Does your OC have any pets?

39:Who is your OCs biggest enemy?
-I would never have an enemies list, nor I don't feel I have an enemy. I am a respectful pony

40:What is the craziest thing your OC has done?
Well... *sigh* there was a time I was exercising and ended hurting myself very badly. I can still feel the pain from that day. It was a very depressing 2 weeks of my life.

41:What is your OCs motto about life?
-This quote I have in my personal message:
"Respect, Trust, Support. The three steps to friendship."

42:Does your OC drink coffee or tea?

43:Who is your OCs biggest hero?
-Everyone who have influenced and changed my life for the better: My parents, my good friends, and my teachers

44:What color eyes does your OC have?

45:Does your OC like reading?
-Usually short stories. I like stories of real-life accounts, or first-person fics (something like an everyday pony lives their lives)

46:Is your OC loyal?
-Definitely. I live by the respect my family has lived through thanks to my parents. It's respect that starts many friendships.

47:Does your OC tolerate violence?
-If its fake, acted, motion picture or cartoon violence, it's ok. Real violence I do not. I would try to break up fights or prevent a fight from happening. I keep peace that way (it's my talent)

48:What social class is your OC?
-Working class (I still live in an apartment)

49:What country was your OC born in?

50:Does your OC cry easily?
-I hardly even cry at all, even at a funeral, but it doesn't mean I don't love and miss them so much ( My heart sank to the deep trenches of the ocean)

51:What is your OCs favorite genre of music?
-I listen to about anything. My favorite would be rock.

52:How does your OC feel about insects?
-I don't mind insects, but the spiders with a large back body gives me the willies *shivers*

53:What are your OCs hobbies?
-playing games, looking at the sky (the sunlight makes it look more beautiful, and at night see the cosmos), and daydreaming.

54:Does your OC use any medication?

55:What gender is your OC?
-Male (Stallion)

56:What kind of clothes or accessories does your OC wear?
-Ah, this again. *Drinks chocolate milk*. Well the shirt and cape. However, I do have three shirts. 1) a shirt with no wing holes (It was made for earth/unis, but it's so comfortable) 2) a shirt WITH wing holes (for when I know I'll be flying frequently) 3) a cross-pattern shirt with a flap (thicker shirt for the cold. Wings are under flap to keep them warm, but in case of flight, flaps open when I unfurl them)

57:Would you call your OC adventurous?
-Kind of. I would like to see nature, but not be out in nature for longer than 4 days (I get homesick because I feel all alone)

58:Is your OC social?
-Um... not really. I'm kind of shy to new ponies.

59:What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?
-The clothes. Most OC's don't usually wear clothing

60:Does your OC enjoy nature?
-EEYUP. Been on a trip to one of the best national parks and would visit again some day in the future.

Spoiler: Bio • show

          Born in Las Pegasus, Peacekeeper is the youngest of 6 siblings; 4 sisters and 2 brothers. His parents once lived in another country south of Equestria known as Mexicolt, and after marraige moved to Las Pegasus for a new start on life. During his time as a colt, growing up in a community outside of downtown Las Pegasus, Peacekeeper was somewhat mischievous, sometimes not realizing his actions. He is kind of a playful pony, and an innocent pony who just want to fit in and play with the neighborhood foals. When he is not outside running around, he is inside his apartment, where he can play with is brother, who is 3 years older, and his niece and nephew, who are 1 and 2 years younger respectively. Though he is biologically an uncle, he is more like a best friend to his niece and nephew.
           Peacekeeper's oldest sister and youngest brother are unicorns, and would usually see them use their magic. However, there are special magic tricks his brother would show to him and will want to do magic as well. Peacekeeper then thought about wanting to become a unicorn, but his parents were confused of his decision. At first, Peacekeeper was upset because he learned that he is a pegasus and he can't do magic like unicorns can, but later, his parents would convinced him in 2 ways that 1) It's impossible for a pony to change type and 2) That he is a special pegasus and to stay the way he is, because they love him very much. Peacekeeper finally took the pride of being a pegasus and being proud of who he is. Still, he can't look away from the magic unicorns are capable of doing.
            Peacekeeper's time in school is where some of his life-changing experiences happen. He was usually lazy in school; he didn't like doing homework and prefer to play games. Though he does learn what his teachers taught him  in class, he doesn't feel the need to do homework. Astonishingly, he is very good in math. However, his lack of work in school is what alarms his parents, and sometimes got punished. In high school, one of his teachers had changed his life completely around. Well, for keeping him in detention and making parent conferences, his teacher gave him a good talk on a perspective on life, how life after high school is both critical and precious. He made Peacekeeper realize the bigger world out there and his role that he has to play later on after graduation. After that, Peacekeeper finally realize the great importance of education, and has been completing more tasks on his own. After graduation, he now focuses on taking on the responsibility of his role in life.
            His cutie mark resembles a rainbow firework. However, it represents the spreading of peace. The story started in elementary school, his childhood friend was having a hard time with another foal and both were about to fight. Peacekeeper always runs away from danger, but it was his best friend who was in the conflict. He came in to try to stop the fight, asking what problems they were having. It all started with a friendly game of checkers which his friend was winning, and the other foal didn't like losing, and stared with a verbal backlash. So Peacekeeper helped them calm down and relax and realize that fighting is pointless. The two apologized and continued the game. On that day, he finally gained his cutie mark.
            Today, Peacekeeper is now a stallion who attends college to become a meteorologist; he will study the weather patterns for predicting and scheduling weather, and also understand the mechanics of clouds for producing better weather for crops and prevent storm build-ups. He currently resides in Las Pegasus, but would travel to Ponyville to meet his friends during his free time. Having friends over there, he learns and teaches a bit of respect and friendship, and play around with them as well before returning to his apartment back in Las Pegasus. Since being a colt, he still always wants to learn to do magic. It may be foolish for a pegasus to learn unicorn magic, but he feels... scratch that... he believes it is possible. He curiously reads scrolls and books about magic, and would soon find help from somepony to understand how magic works. Though learning to manipulate pegasus magic to do other magic abilities like levitating objects may be difficult if not impossible, it can be very dangerous, as it is considered doing dark magic. He understands the risks behind it, and will try to learn under supervision. He would want to be the first pegasus to perform magic unassisted.

My second OC (ponysona) :
Spoiler: Peacemaker • show

Name: Peacemaker
Age: 26
Gender: Male (Stallion)
Pony type: Unicorn
Coat color: Red
Mane/Tail color: Primary black
Eye Color: Brown/ (Sharingan activated: red. 3 dots (basic); specific sharingans have various patterns)
Residency: Las Pegasus
Strengths: Very flexible, caring, responsible, can stand his own ground, and an upper-level unicorn
Weaknesses: The sound of his voice (Sounds too serious sometimes), somewhat anger-prone, and a permanently damaged ankle.

Spoiler: Peacemaker Images • show

Spoiler: Peacemaker (Pony Creator) • show

Spoiler: Peacemaker art by fairymaid • show

With Sharingan

Spoiler: Peacemaker art by -ReiMar- • show

Without Sharingan

Spoiler: Peacemaker art by GlassMirror • show

With Sharingan

Spoiler: Peacemaker & Peacekeeper (anthro) art by Reginald27 • show

Peacemaker is on the bottom. (Without Sharingan)

Spoiler: Bio • show

   Born in Las Pegasus, Peacemaker is the second youngest sibling of the seven, and the older brother of Peacekeeper. Both him and Peacekeeper shared similar childhoods in the house; They played with each other, and sometimes argue with each other. He sometimes felt overshadowed by his little brother because he is the baby of the family, which made him kind of jealous. He made good friends with the neighborhood foals and would play games involving many ponies such as tag and hide-and-seek. He was kind of an average student throughout school and later graduated high school.
   His cutie mark is a rainbow triangle. The triangle signifies the three elements of peace: understanding, respect, and forgiveness; The rainbow represents the many ponies that roam Equestria. His cutie mark came a bit late, but at least earned it. In his high school, there was a conflict between two community groups with a few of his friends in the action. Him, and a few other ponies, attempted to stop the fighting from happening. Though somewhat hurt from this action, he helped stop the fight and aided in making peace (Well, not completely) between two unstable groups. He helped them understand the wrongful hate these groups had and forgave each other. On that day, he finally earned his cutie mark.
   Today, he resides in an apartment in Las Pegasus. He works at the produce market to support the family, while gaining the money to make himself happy. After some time working, he wasn't the selfish pony that he used to be, and now better understand the world more clearly. His goal is to go to school like his little brother and become a technician. Though he is a unicorn, he wanted to become a pegasus like is older and younger brother, but later realized being a unicorn has its benefits, and unlike Peacekeeper, he never had an obsession of becoming one. The biggest reason was that throughout time, he understood his magic more and more throughout time and later started to become a prodigy of magic, and later was able to levitate himself off the ground and fly, not needing wings. He has even created his own techniques such as the instant transmission, where he locks into a pony's magic, another technique he learned by feeling magic from ponies, and teleports to their location. It is his outstanding magical abilities that brought his little pegasus brother Peacekeeper into wanting to do magic as well. In his generosity, he will sometimes teach Peacekeeper to do magic and lend him some of his own magic to help him understand how magic works.
   What makes him very unique is a birth mark that has a very unique magic of his own. It is a special mark in his eye known as a sharingan; It has a red iris with three dots around the pupil. His eyes are normally brown, but can change it to a sharingan, and even from there can change into different patterns, each with a unique  ability. He rarely uses it because it's magic is unknown and may cause harm to others. When he is angered to an extent, he will threaten to use the sharingan. He hopes to understand it more so he can use it more effectively and safely.

Non-ponysona OCs:
Spoiler: Arco Iris • show

Name: Arco Iris
Age: 53
Gender: Stallion
Pony type: Pegasus
Coat color: White
Mane/Tail color: Rainbow
Eye color: Blue
Residency: Las Pegasus
Talent: Athletics
Strengths: Social, calm, friendly, competitive, shows good sports-stallion-ship
Weakness: Age(minor), remembering his retirement (sadness), sometimes show-off

Spoiler: Arco Iris Images • show

Spoiler: Pony Creator w/ edit • show

Spoiler: By Bakasan • show

Spoiler: By SparklestheUnicorn337 • show

Spoiler: Bio • show

          Born in Las Pegasus, Arco Iris is an active pony, always wanting to fly fast. He earned his cutie mark after winning a race in his elementary school race. Being a fast pony, other ponies would like to offer him to join track and field. He accept, and had a good challenge against other fast flyers. Not just fast, he was also very good in other track and field events and winning first in his division. He would later join the Equestria games. At age 18, he entered his first games. Though not succeeding in winning medals in most of his events, he did win silver in the 200m flight sprint. In his 3rd appearance, he did what only a couple ponies were able to do. He created a sonic rainboom during a sprint race, which was a very rare and special achievement. For the next 4 events, a total of 7 events or 28 years, he was beginning to show his age, and would eventually fail to qualify in the quarterfinals. At that point, he knew this was the end, and would retire when the event was over. Though saddened, he can't help but smile at the many medals he earned, and the photo of his sonic rainboom feat next to them. He looks at them to remember not just the events, but the friends he made around the world. Today, He is living a happy life. He would train to keep his health in top shape. He is a good role model for young athletes, and would likely coach other ponies and foals who love to exercise. Though old, he can still compete with others, and perhaps maybe show them a sonic rainboom, if possible.

Spoiler: Cheveyo • show

Name: Cheveyo
Age: 28
Gender: Stallion
Pony type: Earth
Coat color: Metallic Black
Mane/Tail color: Silver gray primary, white secondary
Eye color: Gold
Other: Red mask (tribal tradition)
Residency: Meadow land in an unnamed forest
Talent: Guardian
Strengths: Outstanding fight skills, honorable, stays on tasks
Weakness: Somewhat overprotective, gullible in civilized areas

Spoiler: Cheveyo Images • show

Spoiler: Pony Creator w/ edits • show

Spoiler: By Keldeluxe • show

Spoiler: Bio • show

          He is a pony from the Alatzima tribe. He thrives to protect and serve his people, but protecting the leader is always his biggest honor, and is the champion of his tribe. Growing up, he always had a sense for adventure and courage. He grew wondering nature traveling, but at times he wrestled with creatures, defending himself and others. His cutie mark came to be when he enters in his tribe's warrior tower, where the colts of his tribe compete to being the strongest of the tribe. When he became champion, he not only gained the mark of honor by his chief, he also gained his cutie mark. His mark is a golden pickaxe. Later in life he grows to hone his honor as a guardian for his chief. He has conqured the warrior tower again for the stallion warriors, and after many intense battles, he has become champion, and has gained this time a permanent mark next to his cutie mark to show his champion status.
      For his continuing service to his tribe, and gaining the blessing from the chief, the witchcrafters of the tribe has constructed a special ax for him. The ax, though small,  has special properties that allows him to not only speak to the spirits, but to also inherit the traits of the spirit he comes in contact with. Cheveyo has shown that he goes into the woods and listen to the wild and the winds, where he says he listens to the spirits. The ax has been enchanted to also become durable to nearly all enviornments, combats, and used as unintended tools. The tool also is enchanted to be magically connected to Cheveyo, in which only he can use its abilities. Cheveyo always carries his axe wherever he goes, becoming his vital tool in time of need. He has used in times of bear attacks when using his ax to call upon a spirit to inherit animal taming techniques to calm the bear. Such abilities of the ax has helped save his life.
      In his life, Vheveyo is also former henchpony for Ahuizotl. His tribe once honored Ahuizotl as a great leader and Cheveyo would follow along to protect him on his quests. Only once he has ever faced against Daring Do and proved to be a tough opponent, being near equal in fighting skills before having to evacuate the crumbling temple to save himself. When he figured out Ahuizotl's true evil goal, Cheveyo would want to leave his control. Though this means losing his honor to protect a leader, he felt that the harmony of life has more worth to protect. In the best opportunity during another quest, he decided to fake his fate and leave his control, not wanting to take part of his evil plans any more.
           Today, his tribe is relocated after learning their former leader's goals. Living in a meadowland inside a forest a few miles away from civilization, He continues to train keep in top shape for any danger that comes into his village and to maintain his title as the champion. His tribe hears local tales of the princesses and the elements. Cheveyo heard of this, and wishes to protect the princesses, who are very important in maintaining peace and order to the lands, but would also wants to watch over his tribe, the ponies that he knows and loves. He still wanders of the pegasus who he fought in the past. Being his most worthy opponent, he wishes to spar against her again to finally answer the question, "Who is the stronger warrior?"

New OC:
Spoiler: *unknown name* • show

For the sake of being used in the RP, assume that most of the info is unknown. Areas marked with '***' are the knowns and can be used in the RP
Name: *Unknown*
Age: 30
Gender: Stallion
Pony type: Earth
Coat color: Brown
Mane/Tail color: Semi-long black with purple stripe.
Eye color: Black grayish
***Other: Always in armor that covers his entire body.
***Residency: Anywhere around Equestria, constant movement
***Talent: Guardian/fighter
Strengths: Outstanding fight skills and stamina, incredible knowledge in learning events and opponents minds/talents, strong, and flexible (even in armor)
Weakness: Too large of a military and innocent ponies in the midst of a battle.

Spoiler: Bio • show

                He is from a small place on the outskirts of Ponyville. As a colt, he wasn't much of a bully, but he was a strong pony. He wasn't skilled in sports, but excelled in contact games. Growing up, he did develop skills in learning what his friends were thinking in games and in hide and seek. He also at couple points protected his friend in an arguement and in fights. Incredibly, he took on a group of bullies by himself and his friend owed him his life. It is at the games he played and protecting his friend that he earned his cutie mark in defending. The cutie mark resembles a shield with a pony on it.
               In his school years, he was mostly into Physical Education, but astonishingly is also interested in psychology classes. He learned how to know about other ponies, such as if they are lying, or what they are thinking by narrowing down on what he knows about the pony. At times he actually can snitch on others cause of his high sense of lie detecting. He once told the principle about a plan to throw pain at the school. He was never caught, luckily, but even then the group may not even know if they can win in a fight, or find him, since he is good at hiding.
               If it is one thing he perhaps is known for by his peers and friends is his humor and trash talk. He grew up with foals that do kinda like to tease other ponies. He was once teased, until he learned how to trash talk himself. He earned some kind of popularity, and even started to get creative and improvise on an insulting joke. Though he does kind of get in trouble with teachers and parents, he keeps it to only his peers and friends. He was nominated of being the funniest foal in school. Too bad he was first runner-up.
               After graduation, he attended to be a security guard. Since his talent is defending, he decided to guard a business. All has went well for his 3 years in service, until catastrophe happened. All of a sudden, the business exploded, making the building disappear in a fireball. Though all of the guards are okay, he was the only one missing. In the city, ponies declared him passed away and made a small shrine for him. However, he was actually about 2 kilometers away from the explosion site. Little that he know that he was declared gone at his hometown, he snapped out of his mind, almost going into madness to now try to figure out the criminals that tried to eliminate him.
               Near Canterlot, he however found out about ponies thinking he was gone for good. It was an excellent strategy to now conceal his identity so that there is no danger to find out about him and use the knowledge against him. He sneaks into a Royal Guard fort to try to train with the guards. Pretty sure, the guards did not recognize him being amongst the group. Later, he happened to sneak into the armory, where he stole a couple armor plates, and hid outside Canterlot. In the woods, he spent weeks and months to forge the armor to his body's speculations. In learning a bit on how armor works, he was able to engineer the armor to be incredibly durable and flexible, and at the same time breathable and sort of light weight. The armor was built  slightly thicker than his body so that once his body adjust to the added weight of the armor, his body grows thicker to were now he actually fits. He also added a horn and wing armor, so that nopony knows of his type.
***------Now this is the part where we can assume we know about him here--------
                During a battle against the changelings (separate from the canterlot Wed) The Royal Guards defended Equestria against them. However, the unnamed pony, now completely covered in his armor, jumps out to take on the group. Nopony from the royal guards knew who he was, but was worried he can get hurt. Fortunately, with his skills in fighting learned in the camp, and a few techniques from learning psychology and anatomy, he was able to take on many changlings by himself. In a time much faster than normal, they guards, including the unnamed pony, made the changelings surrender. The Royal Guard captain thanked the pony for the help and honored him to be in the group. The unnamed pony refused, but in a strange way. Instead of saying no, he instead said "It is a good compliment, but I am good going off myself. If you need me, just call me. I will try to hear the squeeky horn." A little humor and perhaps an insult, the captain took the gesture passively. The unnamed pony moves off to a road, in which it wasn't Ponyville, to now come across many cities.
               NOW, he roams across Equestria. He searches around, looking for trouble to be stopped. After his battle against changlings, he now had a war mind, now wanting more battles. Whenever he hears of a battle or war going on, he will outright jump into the action, battling changelings, dragons, timberwolves, and more. During a war near Crystal Empire, he was thanked blessfuly.
Spoiler: this part is unkown • show
He was given a crystal that had magical properties that allows him to levitate objects similar to a unicorn. The color aura is different from his eye color, which made it better to conceal his identity. He placed the crystal right inside the horn piece of armor.

As he came around, he has been called a hero, but at the same time, he is also infamous for it, and at times called crazy for jumping into action in which most of the time is life-risking even in armor. Through some royal guard troops and squads, he also gives motivation and insults, which made them laugh, and sometimes open them up to rage them. It works to his advantage to rage them, as he can take their rage against them as a weakness. Being incredible in psychology, he knows how to discover evil plans of leaders and hiding spots. It also helps for his identity a secret to not let the enemy know about any weakness in him. He has grown very fond of his hidden alter-ego it pretty much became almost his main persona.

I was curious around city puns and I found that originally the name called "Los" Pegasus (Los Angeles) until 2013 it was officially renamed to "Las" Pegasus (Las Vegas) by M.A. Larson. However, I looked at the maps from the original and the most recent, and both have another city called "Applewood", a pun from Hollywood, right next to it. I'm assuming that it would be Los Angeles since Las Vegas is nowhere near Hollywood and is west of the city. Also, the cities which names are punned like "Manehattan" "Fillydelphia", and "Vanhoover" are geographically similar to real-world North American cities.

So would the city resemble more of Las Vegas or Los Angeles?

Here is a map (current):

I ask this question because I was curious and for an OC.

I know this may be weird to some bronies/pegasisters in this forum or the fandom in general, but I was just wondering in your best guess, how long ago would G1 be from G4. Just think inside the box, like if you are looking back a historic equestria. Don't think real-world franchise history.

From what I know:
Princess Celestia has been ruling for God knows how long. She hardly changed after 1000 years, so it should take many millenniums to see some aging. but in G3, she wasn't even around, which means this was a really long time ago and Gen 1 must be way much longer then. Also, their body shape changes from Gen to Gen, which means they may have been evolving for maybe 5000-100000 years each. I also know that in G1 the EUP's abilities weren't as strong as today.

So in my guess, each gen would be about 25000 years each, which would sum up the start of the 1st gen to possibly be 100000 years from the present G4 time, or 100000 years before Luna's return. But this is my guess. I may be over exaggerating on this, and I may be way off on my guess, which is why I ask you. On your best guess, and if you want try to do some research, how many years was Gen1 from Gen 4.
This was one of my favorite game back in school where you can only choose a few from a large group to flee on a small boat to an island and wait for help. Since this is Equestria, things get a bit interesting.

Here is the scenario:

***Updated as of 7/28: Apparently, I would already know three of the choices will ALWAYS be selected so I have removed them, plus a couple I think would have little or no value.

You and 14 8 other ponies are on a cruise when suddenly the boat crashes into a reef. The boat is sinking and all of you must escape into a small escape boat, however, only 6 can fit into the boat. You have to decide who should go into the boat. Here are the list of ponies to choose from:
(There will be a mix of professions/talents, as well as earth's, uni's, and pega's, so keep in mind of their natural and magical abilities)

-You (Your type)
-The captain (Earth)
-The chef (Uni)
-The teacher (pega)
-The carpenter (uni)
-The [medical] doctor (earth)
-The soon-to-be mother (pega)
-The police/guard (earth)
-The tailor (uni)
-The athlete (pega)
-The traveler/hiker (uni)
-The retired (old) librarian (earth)
-The musician (pega)
-The filly/colt (earth)
-The sick father [to the filly/colt] (earth)

All of the ponies listed above (including you) know where an island is, but it is too far for any pegasi to fly there, or any unicorn to teleport there. No pony can cling on to the outside of the boat as the water is too cold to tolerate, and may be teeming with sharks and other creatures. Once at the island, no pegasi or unicorn are able to get off the island. When the boat crashed, it released an S.O.S. signal that can pinpoint the location of the crash and the small boat, and it can stay on for many years. Help will be on the way, but it is unsure when they will receive the signal and when will they get there. It may take hours, days, months, or years for help to arrive.

----end of scenario----

Think wisely who you would choose to escape.
List the ponies who will be on the boat.
Optional: for each pony, respond to why that pony is important. If you have more than one reason, you can list them.

*Note: if there is anything I should improve in this game, let me know.