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Started by Ellowee, 2014 Apr 21, 00:01:36

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Hello, everyone!

The Open Server Weekend is now finished! We had a super-fun time, and we learned a lot. I hope you all had fun, and we will be sure to have another open server event soon.

We loved having you playing our game. If you still want to submit screenshots, videos or fanart, feel free to post in this thread here:

Thanks again, all!


This was a fun Open Server! :D Love how you ended it in an Ultimate Dragon War! =P  :nod:


It was SOOOOO much fun,and the end made me think that all was lost,and everyone was doomed.Sad their closed. :c  ono  <3


thank you so much hope to play again soon

Midnight Wisp

Rip Croupade <\3 ~ Princess Tia
Screen shots of LoE.


I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game  :D

Thanks for all the hard work you all put into this; it's amazing at all the effort you guys do to make this project a reality. Sure, yeah, I (and a lot of others) faced frequent DC's on some servers and whatnot, but to meet new people and to work together with them in this game was a very abundant experience for me.

I look forward to the next OSW if there is gonna be one, and keep up the AWESOME work.  0:)


It was soooooo fuuuuun to play LoE and i can't wait untill the other open server or the release of the game  :D
Go Croupade!

Pumpkin Seeds

I had a great time this open server, with friends and by myself, and was very much surprised by the attack on Cantermore. I can't wait until the next open server.

Thank you for the amazing game so far and this open server week end.

Spit Fire

was fun while it last  :c, looking forward to the next open server weekend
Go Croupade ~ Woona


I had such a blast this open server weekend! I met a lot of awesome people, and i can't wait to play with them again next time the servers open! So many funny/awesome moments, especially the dragon doomsday at the end! Still sad that croupade closed prematurely, but oh well, I still had fun.

Perry The Pony

Glad everyone had a great time!  Remember, the dragons are waiting.


Was tons of fun. Didn't make too many long time friends but hey, I had some interesting conversations and tons of fun beating up dragons (actually I was generally the one getting beaten up on).
Also, #remembercroupade from Natural Twenty
You're gonna carry that weight.

Viva Reverie

Oh whoops, completely missed the end, was asleep. Time zones makes things confusing.
Had a good neat time though.


I had a great time trying out LoE during this weekend!  Thanks for letting us help you test it.  I look forward to seeing this project move forward.   :P
Derpyy :P

Coffee Rush

That was definitely fun. The end, especially.
Man, it was fun being burned alive.
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Dangit, I just got the client!  D:

Oh, well. I hope there'll be more server up-time soon.  :c


So much fun! I can't wait when server opens again. Hope your project will grow farther. =)

Archaeopteryx Tipota

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Wow, that was the most fun I've had in a while. So much work has been done on the game since the previous builds and I'm so looking forward to the final product when it is finished. Lots of crazy stuff happened like the attack of Pinkie clones, all of the fun dance parties, and The Almighty PONE Singularity of Divinity that we forged outside of Sugarcube Corner. Lots of fun guys, things like this just remind me of how awesome this fandom is.  :D

~Captain Harrier


2014 Apr 21, 00:42:16 #18 Last Edit: 2014 Apr 21, 00:44:39 by cobalt_lightning
Personally, I'd call this stress test a meh. The lag spikes made it unbearable.

In comparison to the previous, which was a helluva lot better One of the things added seems to be breaking game stability, or the server internets were performing bellow expectation.
*insert clever shtuff here later*


Frickin' fantastic! It was a wonder and a delight to play! I had some good chats and good times ~

But holy crackers! That all out Dragon War was brutal mates! What a way to go out...
... in FIRE and BRIMSTONE!  *shakes head in awe*

All 'n all, a highly enjoyable experience. Looking forward to the finished product, for sure!

Well done ~ < 3

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