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Started by Ellowee, 2014 Apr 21, 00:01:36

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3rd Server Test for me is done! Yay!
It was quite fun! Although my home Capriole server went derpy last hours :U
And... DRAGONS! In Ponydale, in Cantermore, in the forests!
And new items, hah. Got to work like an earthpony to get them :D
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The dragon and the bees made me an Allergic, thanks, Croupade.

otherwise, it was fun, can't wait to see that happen again X3333
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At the end when the dragons showed up in Cantermore it was intense. Then, just when you think the server is gonna shut down: BONUS ROUND! O:

It was like watching a zergling rush of dragons, except those dragons are ultralisks, and you are an unfortunate pending casualty...

In short. IT. WAS. AWESOME! :3


the Croupade had Spawn Camping dragons, made me laugh just watching the chat getting spammed with "<name> has fainted."
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Crap i not see the end..  ovO


This was my first open server and I enjoyed every second of it! Thank you so much LoE team  :D it was awesome!


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The server was very very fun.  I just wish the Dragon attack didn't happen in the last hour.. It kept me frozen in Cantermore for the entire hour when I was trying to show my friend Cloudopolis.  ;-;

Guess it's another signal to get a better computer, though.  I had a grand time, just like last time; and was able to make a couple new friends. :3

Note:  I saw Mizuki faint at least three times on Levade to the Dragon Apocalypse.  I will remember it forever.  Muahaha.

Edit:  Something I remembered to ask... Why does the Mezair server never work?  It always says "Game access too low" or something whenever I tried entering it.


So does anyone know when the servers will be open again?  Also what exactly do you do on this? :]


Quote from: CloudDancer21 on 2014 Apr 21, 03:46:52
So does anyone know when the servers will be open again?  Also what exactly do you do on this? :]

There is no solid time that can be said when the servers will be open again -- they seem to open at certain times of conventions.  Just keep checking back on the forums semi-frequently, and you should get a solid answer eventually.

As per what you do in the game, it's similar to really any other MMORPG, just with ponies.  As per the last open server weekend, or OSW, you could talk with other ponies, embark on quests they NPCs give you, or fight enemies such as the Timber, Dragon, and Cocatrise.


I enjoyed it this time around, like how we had more creatures in it and specially how a dragon would pop up in the middle of Ponyville and had to battle it.

Also wondering when you will add the race track in Ponyville next time around. I saw every other place part from that.


I -JUST- missed it!  ono  :c  D: DD: >A< >.<


Quote from: ScurflesTheCat12 on 2014 Apr 21, 04:07:48
I -JUST- missed it!  ono  :c  D: DD: >A< >.<

This isn't going to be the only one, you know.. c:


That was sooooo awesome!!
Really, I open the server would be soonly open again! I can't wait!!

Keep working hard, your work is awesome!!  :D

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The weekend was pretty good! The servers could have done with less crashing, though.

And the last hour, Attack on Cantermore. I led the charge from Ponydale in Levade and spent the next hour beating up dragons to the Attack on Titan theme. It was wonderful. I'll always remember it as a blaze of glory that ended the weekend.

I'm looking forward to the next weekend. Hopefully it comes soon!


Awww, too bad i missed the Dragons, I looooooove dragons >A<

I didn't play that often...and it was my first weekend, but I had so much fun  ^-^
Can't wait for the next Server Open Weekend  :D


This was quite fun. Lost a bet and had to play this, but you know what? I enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks for the open servers, hope to see them up again soon.

On a side-note; think maybe we can add mouselook?
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My second favorite part was seeing the end! I was playing as my OC Paint Palette. My FAVORITE part was roleplaying with Scootaloo. This Open Server Weekend was so fun!  :D Next time I will get a better screen recorder so I can record it all next time!

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Many manly tears were shed over a pony game. Sleep well LoE, return to me swiftly.


I didn't play as much as I wanted, since I has strange login issues for a while (which, as it turned out, were easily resolved), but at least I saw more than the last OSW. I certainly enjoyed it, although I didn't exactly do many quests and could have interacted more with others. The pony singularity (which I were a part of) in front of Sugarcube Corner on Croupade was certainly glorious.


The Pone Singularity was the best thing xD
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