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Coffee Rush

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My main OC for now!

Name : Aquae "Aqua" Petra
Species : Pony, Unicorn
Gender : Mare
Age : 26 ( She'd like to believe she's 22 )
Appearance :
Spoiler: show

Cutie Mark : A Lone Boulder
Talent : Understanding Rocks
Description : Aqua stands as an average height unicorn mare with a silver mane, steelblue coat, and clear, yet stormy grey eyes. She possesses an average build, practically your normal mare.

Personality : Reserved, friendly, and peaceful. Aqua is not tactile, and doesn't like ponies invading her own personal space. Though, sometimes, she can't help but get mad and frustrated. This has lead her to do things she has, and still regrets.
Hobbies : Fishing, understanding rocks, picnicking, gardening, and cooking. Primarily nature related things.
Likes : Oddly enough, spies, mornings, obviously rocks, rivers, and nature.
Dislikes : Gems ( as she has yet to finally like them ), lemonade, her own mistakes, discomfort, extreme temperatures, and extreme sports. Ridiculous, I tell you!
Fears : Natural monsters, ghosts, loss of her loved ones, nightmares, and major change.
Strengths : The unicorn is a relatively friendly, social pony who enjoys culinary arts. She's made good friendships, and has several ponies to back her up in times of need.
Weaknesses : Aqua is a docile pony, who fears the paranormal. She rarely holds grudges, but when she does they're bad ones that are bound to end badly.
Love Interests : Farsight ( Seriack ), Clover Charm ( Fiction Melody

Family : Glowing Cinder ( Mother, Deceased ), Oleander ( Father, Deceased ), Oakwood Ichor ( Brother, 31 )
Birthplace : Hollow Shades, Equestria
Residence : Whitetail Woods, Equestria
Bio : Now disguised as somepony named 'Scarlet' living in Los Pegasus.
Backstory :
Spoiler: Prepare for a wall of text! • show
    Aqua was born as Aquae Petra to her two parents, Oleander, and Glowing Cinder in Hollow Shades, Equestria. As a young foal, she had kind parents and an overall kind life. Her brother was anything but mean, and he was one of her guiding figures. She was pampered, loved, and spoiled by her overprotective parents. As she grew up, and went to school, Aqua grew a fascination, and became slightly obsessed with spies. She would play a game of pretend with her friends, and stuff that was not so imaginative like tag, or just lazing around talking and discussing things with her friends.
    When she hit the age of nine, a rather peculiar interest in rocks had taken over her train of thought. They gave her ideas whenever she was around them, made her generally loud personality more shushed, and she even grew a crush on a colt that was son of two prospectors.
    One dark, glum evening in Hollow Shades, her friends came up with a rabid idea. To track and hunt down a local legend; the headless horse! Aqua honestly thought they'd lost their minds, hearing all of the frightening legends about it, and was reluctant to go. Of course, she went, staying in the middle of the group of five. As it rolled into midnight, their parents were asleep with the thought that their children were also asleep. That assumption was obviously wrong at this point. The group of five did return with something. A story to tell, or not to tell, and a very frightening experience and lesson for all of them. Aqua is even reluctant to speak about anything haunted due to that.
    Her cutie mark came to her in an odd fashion. One sunny, and not so glum day in the town, she took a catnap next to a rock. In her dreams that day, she had visions of... Herself? It was from the rocks perspective, and when she woke up, didn't believe it. This wouldn't stop her from napping, though, so she lay back down, having a dream that was from the rocks perspective, but different.
    This proved her thoughts, and when she woke up, it was late night. The next day, she returned to the rock, and tried every possible way to try and 'read' it again. After minutes of trying, she finally got it, but the vision was blurry and unfocused. When she told her parents, they thought she was playing make believe, and when she told her friends, they thought that she had taken something she should not have taken. ( One, frankly, raised the option of putting her in a mental hospital. ) Ultimately, she had to prove herself to her friends and family that she was not nuts, and that she didn't take any 'magic mushrooms'. Her cutiemark came to her weeks afterwards when the visions became clearer, and she could hear the sounds smoothly. From then, she grew up without incident... Until, of course, she went blind.
    Aqua was fourteen, and she was foolish and naive. When she turned thirteen a year earlier, her mother had given her a necklace, with a sapphire as the pendant. Thinking she was practically invincible, she tried to read the gem, thinking that it would be readable like a rock. But, then of course, something terrible happened. The gem made her temporarily deaf, and permanently blinded, overloading her senses. The unicorn was taught a good lesson, and her attitude had a major shift. She was left bedridden for a week or so, and she regained her hearing within a few days of the incident. Aqua didn't go to school for weeks, which was a setback, and she struggled to even know where she was going.
    When she finally returned to her school, rumors started spreading that she was doing stuff that she shouldn't do, 'magic mushrooms' and such. These accusations were of course lies spread by some students. One of them was bold enough to openly accuse her of it. Of course, Aqua was sick of this, and consequences followed. After nearly suffocating the other student with her own magic, she was taken out of school for a week.
    Later on, at the age of seventeen, she had grown a much better reputation at her school, and in the town overall, and she even had her own small home. That was the quieter times of her life, yet they were the better times. At the age of twenty, she made the decision to move to the larger town of Ponyville, or at least the outskirts. She bought, and built her own little cottage in Whitetail Woods with some help, and finally was comfortable with her lack of sight.
-Point of Roleplaying-
    At the age of twenty-five, Aqua visited Ponyville more and more. She made several good friends, found herself to be more lively than expected, and overall became more social. She had her work as a contracted informer for rich ponies, and even the guard. Her skill with rocks made her have a nice income. Her job was her dream job, as she was practically a spy. Of course, she didn't need to have much athletic skill at all, as she just sold information. This all changed, of course, when she did something she'd regret for a long time. A pony was wreaking havoc on the town, and, of course, it got to her nerves. Conspiring with a group of friends and acquaintances, they kidnapped the pony... Of course, they were caught, and it made her career go to Tartarus.
    Her friendship with her lover-to-be was not cut, but instead, she was invited to a dinner that would change her views. It was a nightmare, as the group of ponies was trapped in a demented world, which caused every single one of them to mentally break. It was hellish, but they all escaped. Aqua settled down shortly thereafter, having an overall better life now that she was in love. Now, she continues to stay and live in Ponyville, with a taste for nice picnics on sunny days.
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Is this a new OC? Because there's no comments. I like this pony.
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Coffee Rush

Thank you! But no, this pony isn't very new.
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Hello I am new here and I actually like your pony, but I also have a question. I am trying to get the Image of my OC character onto my new post that explains about my OC. I am still going at it. How do I get my photo on there? Sorry sort of a noob at these things  :P

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QuoteTalent : Understanding Rocks

Walks back slowly... o_O


Quote from: Shadow Mare on 2013 Jul 22, 12:40:01
QuoteTalent : Understanding Rocks

Walks back slowly... o_O

lol. Well, it's a unique talent.


Chisel? Chipped Chisel?
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I need to make a page on her, too. Not at the moment, of course.
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*Clears throat* Understanding rocks as in they are sentient, or understanding them as in Geology?
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As in sentient! It's a bit odd, but this is Equestria we're talking about.
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Quote from: warrior4828 on 2013 Jul 22, 12:29:27
Hello I am new here and I actually like your pony, but I also have a question. I am trying to get the Image of my OC character onto my new post that explains about my OC. I am still going at it. How do I get my photo on there? Sorry sort of a noob at these things  :P

Me too, please help!

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