Started by Ramisha, 2013 Nov 09, 12:32:48

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Clearly we need a big red "THE GAME IS INACCESSIBLE AT THIS MOMENT" on the site and on the front page of the forum. There are new people every day who don't bother reading and spam "when will the game be open I can't open the game" on the chat box.


I know it can be bothersome at times because everyone is asking the same questions
but we cant get people to read the information somewhere when it is easier to just ask in the chatbox
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Well, you're right...I should probably copy an answer and just paste it when somepony asks again.

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You can make an extra page at the sign up with that message and a link to the FAQ underneath it. Be sure to be in big, underlined, red and flashing...just to be sure. :D

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I hope everypony reads it.


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