Legends of Equestria Attending BronyDays!

Started by Ellowee, 2013 Sep 12, 18:53:56

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Legends of Equestria will be attending the European convention BronyDays, which takes place from October 26th to 27th. There will be a one-hour Q&A where our team members will discuss and show off the game! As a bonus, our 3D modelers will appear on an additional panel afterwards to talk about 3D modelling.

The team members who will be attending BronyDays in Paris, France, are the 3D Modelers SteveLynx and HaponyHanzo. They will be discussing the game as well as well as showing off their skills on a 3D modelling panel! For more information about BronyDays feel free to visit their website at http://www.bronydays.org/en/.

For any of you attending BronyDays, be sure to say hello to our very skilled 3D modelers and enjoy the convention!

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mooom buy me a plane ticket for France I wanna.......umm see the Eiffel Tower!  ;)
I wish I was in France.



um is there a way to play the game like a alpha or something?


Quote from: super722 on 2013 Sep 13, 21:56:19
um is there a way to play the game like a alpha or something?

It has not been released for public yet.

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 I wish i can play it so i'm waiting to i can play it :P


I wish i could play too it is going to be lots of fun so i hope it comes soon... ^-^

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