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Started by Howitzer, 2015 Sep 10, 22:54:47

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Ever had a game from your youth that you played but because it was too hard to beat you put it down and forgot about it for years?
             I recently finally beat Spyro 2, and it took over 10 years to complete.

             Post your game and total time if it also took you a ridiculous amount of time to complete.
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In Final Fantasy IX I got stuck on Tiamat when I first played it. Back when it was the most recent final fantasy game and the PS2 hadn't been released. I finally beat it a year or two ago when I secured a copy and replayed through the entire game.

On a similar note I started Ocarina of Time shortly before the Gamecube and never made it past the forest temple as a kid. I later tried to complete the Master Quest version but didn't make it there either. Maybe three years ago now I used a friend's copy I was living with, but I had some difficulty (for the first time in that run) with Volvagia and never got back to it. So I still haven't beaten that.


My very first playthrough of Grandia II.

120+ Hours. Not including all the times I failed against the final boss.

Now, my Grandia II runs have been shortened to a total run time of 30-40 Hours.

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