Is King Sombra the intended ruler of Equestria?

Started by Bro1997, 2014 Aug 25, 19:56:09

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I've been looking up information about King Sombra, the former unicorn tyrant ruler that ruled over the Crystal Empire since he took over in 1012 A.D (Princess Celestia said that he took over a thousand years ago and I'm looking as if the episode took place in 2012 A.D) and he was banished to the far north later on. In the comics which I do know aren't canon to the show actually has him in a good form that he later turned evil. I believe it was issues #18-20, but I don't remember. I don't own any of the IDW comics so I don't exactly know the plots very well. Even though in this show, Kings and Queens are considered evil and Princes and Princesses are good do you really think that King Sombra (in his good form) is suppose to be the actual ruler of Equestria as the King of Equestria and not the two ruling princesses, Celestia and Luna? I don't know. I don't actually believe he does, but I need more background information or opinions from other members.


I had just assumed that King Sombra was a power-hungry weirdo who wanted to enslave the Crystal ponies. I'm guessing the kings of the past weren't evil but Sombra was probably corrupted by dark magic or something.

I don't think he was ever "meant" to rule Equestria though, as that seems more like Celestia & Luna's job.

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The rulers of Equestria probably needed to be able to control the sun and the moon respectively. That seems to be the main job of the rulers at the moment, anyway. Unless Sombra controlling shadowy stuff can count towards controlling the moon, I don't think he was supposed to be one of the rulers of Equestria.

Although right now all I can think of is which makes him a completely laughable weirdo.

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He's only legitimate when he deposes the princesses. Because if history has proved anything, legitimacy of a monarch doesn't matter if you win and remove the pretenders from life. You can poke through medieval European politics - and even Asian or Middle Eastern - and people pulling up their right to rule through claiming relation to a dead-ended part of their family that may not even be legally related anymore to depose the guy that the title drifted to by default through the succession laws.

Or the Chinese case the little rule called Mandate of Heaven which has been the justification that allowed a peasant to depose the Mongols and start a new dynastic line.



LOL, funny eough I waited all through S4 to see if King Sombra came back.
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the last that was shown of him was him being blasted to pieces at the end of season 2 i believe
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Well we know queens are not all evil in Equestria the crystal empire episode mentions that The Crystal Empire used to be ruled by a queen before Sombra basically took over. If I recall she was the original Crystal heart pony who helped the others power the heart and Cadence is likely her daughter or distant relative. Twilight mentions the old queen in the season 3 premiere. Also the journal of the two sisters covers a lot of your questions, and I'm pretty sure it's canon considering  Amy Keating Rogers wrote it and it doesn't conflict with the show in any way from what I can tell.


Perhaps he used to be Prince Sombra? XD

It's an interesting theory, anyway, that would make a good fic for someone~ Maybe its the same issue as the Nightmare Moon thing... except without a Celestia, he was able to get away with it longer.

I think the last comic I read was issue 13 D: I thought they were actually canon... initially anyway. Couldn't of lasted long XP

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