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What are your thoughts/comments for Season 5? What have been your favorite scenes so far? What Do you hope to see in future episodes? :D
Music Archive / Hooked Song/s??
2015 Apr 03, 21:47:56
I am trying to get more in the community so I actually posted a topic... :s I love music sooo.... I am hooked on three songs at the moment. Right now I am still hooked on Medicine by daughter even though its 2015, Also Hide Sqag Heddy & Anna Yvette [Dupstep]... XD my last song is Caprisun by Maxx Bear GRMM remix.. What are the songs hooked on??
Off-Topic Archive / What are your dreams?
2015 Apr 01, 19:58:08
I really want to do voice overs for cartoons... I hope maybe someday I can be on mlp maybe gen 5 XD What r ure dreams?? Plz be respectful to each other I hate fighting... I know im not a mod. but still plz
I would be a shy pony... What would you be??

Why am I posting this  >.<
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Best MLP Villian
2015 Mar 25, 16:56:00
 No fighting plz!! thx!! Have fun :D :o 0:)
BTW star song is also a G3 pony...  I want that glow rainbow dash :3
Spoiler: Season 5 spoiler • show
Also am I the only one who noticed the wall of cutie marks that you see in the season 5 trailer?? :)
I want to know why everyone is obsessing over her so far we have only seen her say about 4 lines.....  :facehoof: I just dont understand....  :o
MLP: FiM SD Archive / Re: favoret s1 song
2015 Feb 22, 12:34:01
 MINE would have to be at the gala  ;)
Personaly I think yes, I am getting board with watching them trying to get there cutie marks but never succeeding... What DO you think... Plz be respectful.. :D :P
Quote from: Ellowee on 2015 Feb 22, 00:09:10

This was fun   :P it was my first time ever playing to game There was a glitch and my pony got stuck in all white so i had to use my other ponies.... I meet alot of new people and had fun cant wait for the next sever test....  :D Hopefully it will get better!  X3
Quote from: Tiger on 2014 Jan 31, 19:21:29
Doesn't that mean when season 5 begins, you'll have to revive this thread from the bottom of the forums?  :I (since there likely won't be much posts on it until then)
LOL YA am I the only one who thinks the cutie mark crusaders should get there cutie marks??? 0:)